7 Principles Of Purposeful Action Takers

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Naturpark Hotel Weilquelle

Limesstraße 16

61389 Schmitten


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Refund Policy

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7 principles - a journey to higher focus and energy, for more meaning, balance and connection in your professional ánd private life .

About this Event

Short description:

In this intra- and interactive workshop, participants will experience seven proven principles, to overcome the traps of non-action, losing track and negativity:

  1. Proactive thinking - being more self-driven and taking responsibility
  2. Discovering purpose - linking personal vision and company vision
  3. Focusing on what matters - balancing long-term and short-term priorities
  4. Renewing your energy - manage your personal energy sources
  5. Seeking mutual benefit – collaboration based on trust vs. competition
  6. Understanding current realities – listen deeper with openness and empathy
  7. Taking a stand for synergy – healthy friction through assertiveness and creativity

Inspired by the 7 habits of highly effective people from Steven Covey


After this training participants should be able to:

  • take proactive actions and be more self-drive
  • define their purpose based on talents, passion, personal values and visions
  • to sharpen their focus on importance vs. urgency
  • strengthen their willpower and resilience
  • strengthen their personal energy and mindful balance in life
  • influence key relationships in their life (business and private)
  • listen with empathy and understand the situation as it is
  • take a stand with assertiveness and deliver synergistic results
  • embody their learning in a somatic and mindful way

Target Group:

All people who want to re-energize and re-focus their work and their life to be more effective, to be more balanced and to feel more meaning and purpose in life.

Participants of the course ”7 habits" can get a refresher, a deeper more embodied experience and valuable additional content.


Lut Schops

is a clinical psychologist by education. Before she started her career in that area, she worked for several organizations as a teacher and later on as a designer and international seller of jewellery.

Being interested in what really helps people, brought her back to psychology, she discovered "Somatic Experience" and graduated as an SE practitioner in 2012/2013.

Since 2019 Lut started to combine Somatic Experience and her teaching background by joining Peter Gündling T&D as a personal coach and trainer.

Lut is an embodied leader for Soul Motion, conscious dancing.

Grounded - Present - Empathic

Pedro Gündling

is the founder of Peter Gündling T & D, an international supplier of training and development activities in the areas of sustainability, leadership, international management and self-development. 1989 Peter started his career at a global company called SKF, as a manufacturing engineer. With the introduction of Total Quality Management he started to shift in 1998 into a role as inhouse trainer and consultant for organizational and people development. In 2008 Pedro started to work as a freelancer and as an independent trainer and coach. Besides SKF he worked by now for many global players and different industries like GE, Rolls Royce, Siemens, 3M, ThyssenKrupp, Pepsico, Allianz, JTI, SAP, Vodaphone, ZF, TU Munich, National History Museum Berlin…

Pedro aquired a trainer license for the 7 habits, Search Inside Yourself TM and a number of different self-development programs as well as psychometric tools. He offers more than 25 years of truly global training experience as well as personal development like Vipassana, feelings as a source of power and sustainability initiatives.

In 2019 Pedro graduated as a teacher for Soul Motion, a conscious dance practice.

Passionate - Inspirational - Deep

The named trainers are confirmed at the time of publishing the event but may be different due to short term changes.

Method / Format:

The course will be conducted through a mix of presentations,self-reflection and a personal energy assessment. In addition, the program is highly interactive and practical as participants are given several opportunities to practice and receive feedback from their learning partners.

The course offers somatic experiences and mindfulness exercises to embody the learnings for longterm impact.

The trainers also offer a 30 min individual coaching session for the participants, on their personal energy assessment or other vibrant topics, stimulated by the training. Time for that will be offered either during the training days or after the course via Skype.

A follow up coaching session four weeks after the classroom training offers room for discussing challenges, answering questions and refreshing the course content.

Course language: English


  • “7 habits of highly effective people TM” by Stephen Covey
  • “A Bias for Action” by Heike Bruch and Sumantra Goshal
  • "The power of feelings" by Vivian Dittmar

Other requirements and comments:

  • Pre-work assignment: Personal energy assessment
  • Participants who experience a period of high levels of psychological disorder may postpone their participation. Please contact the trainers if you are in doubt.
  • Follow up online session 4 weeks after the training

Organizational information and logistics

Course fee includes:

  • 3,5 days training workshop
  • 30 minutes individual coaching session
  • Coffee breaks and 3 lunches
  • Follow up online session 4 weeks after the training
  • Course manual

Optional offerings:

  • Optional Yoga sessions in the morning on day 2 and 3, free of charge
  • Optional free evening activity - Soul Motion dancing
  • Optional additional coaching sessions via Skype, chargeable


  • The program days starts on all days at 09:00.
  • The program days end at 18:00, on the last day it finishes at 13:00.

Food & beverages

  • The Hotel serves vegetarian and organic food daily.
  • Coffee breaks and lunches are included in the course fee.
  • We prefer no alcohol consumption during the training hours
  • If you have special food restrictions, please contact the hotel directly.

Location & Accomodation

  • Naturparkhotel Weilquelle, Limesstraaße 16, 61389 Schmitten.
  • If you need a room, please organize it directly with Naturparkhotel Weilquelle Tel: +49 6082-9700, weilquelle@naturparkhotel.de
  • The hotel is about 45 minutes away from the Frankfurt airport

Reduced ticket price

  • If you book for a group of 3, one participant only pays 50 % of the course fee
  • We believe in generosity if you buy a ticket you support reduced tickets for NGO´s and students.
  • If former 7 habits participants attend or their partners they can get a ticket for 50% of the course fee.
  • Please ask at info@peterguendling.de to buy reduced tickets

Cancellation - If you really can not participate the following cancellation fees apply:

  • 30 days before the training, no cancellation fee
  • 29 days to 8 days before the training, 50% cancellation fee
  • 7 days before the training, full course fee will be charged
  • Eventbrite will refund your fee accordingly within 15 days of your cancellation
  • To rebook your participation for the next available course, if possible, until 14 days before the training.
  • Questions to info@peterguendling.de

Ticket Information

  • After buying a ticket you will receive a confirmation email from Eventbrite (our ticket partner), your ticket will be attached in that email.
  • Please check your SPAM file if you do not receive the confirmation email.
  • If you can not find it there either, please contact Eventbrite directly.

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Naturpark Hotel Weilquelle

Limesstraße 16

61389 Schmitten


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