7 Steps to Sales Magic - Fast Track Coaching Programme

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7 Steps to Sales Magic - Fast Track Programme


You have started your own business and you are passionate about it, but you are not earning enough money and your business is not growing fast enough. You don’t have consistent cash-flow and clients are not coming as quickly as you would like. You sometimes wonder if you made the right decision to set up on your own, because you are getting pulled in all directions and you don’t seem to have enough time. You know you can’t keep on doing what you have been doing, because that isn’t working well enough and you are starting to lose confidence in your ability to achieve your dreams.


You don’t have a clear strategy to get this growth and work/life balance that you so desperately want, you are struggling to structure your day effectively and you lack formal processes and procedures to manage client growth. Due to gaps in your knowledge, you know you are losing potential clients and opportunities, but you are not sure what these gaps are. Worse, you are delivering inconsistent service – sometimes you are amazing, sometimes you are so pressurised that the service falls way below what it should and you are scared you might lose some of your existing customers. You are spending money on marketing without understanding whether it is working, but you still worry that perhaps you are not marketing enough or in the right way, because you don’t seem to generate the leads and sales that you expected. You know you should be working on your business and delegating or outsourcing, but you are stuck working “in” your business instead. You just feel like you are always firefighting and that the joy is starting to go from your life.


You want a clear, simple proven formula to follow – a detailed yet achievable sales and marketing strategy that will work for you, increase your sales and ultimately get more clients, who will not only pay you, but generate regular, guaranteed cash flow. You don’t want to mess around, because you need results quickly. You also want to ensure that your products and services are packaged and presented in such a way that you don’t get caught in a discounting trap so you can charge (and get) the right price. You want to set goals that work for you – and if someone could help you be accountable then that would be great too. The bottom line is that you need your business to start generating revenue quickly so that you can earn some money, regain your self-belief and start to enjoy your life again.

This is why we developed the "7 Steps to Sales Magic"

What exactly is the “7 Steps to Sales Magic” and what does it include?

It is a 6 month coaching programme, based around 7 key steps which are outlined below:

In order to sell, you need to gain the interest of your potential customers, demonstrate you understand what they want and offer them a solution which either solves their problem or helps them meet their objectives. Of course, a large part of this process is attracting their interest in the first place – if no one knows about you, how will you sell to them? This system will help you with this. It will also address any reluctance or nervousness around the whole issue of selling. Here is what it will do:

Module One – Strategise for success
You need to begin by focussing on why you are on this programme. What are your dreams, goals and aspirations? How can you prioritise all these new activities and ensure that the system will work for you? Here we will help you get organised, plan strategically and help you schedule activities so that you make the most of your precious time.

Module Two – Become Master of your own Mindset
So much of running a business is about mindset. Here we will help you to increase your confidence, maintain your motivation and help you to understand why some tasks are difficult. Sometimes, a change of perspective or trying things in a small way can lead to big breakthroughs in mindset. We also help you overcome fear or dislike of sales.

Module Three – Make sure your customers are hearing you – BIG TIME
You will start to become a marketing expert and that means using the best marketing methods for you and your business, but without spending loads of money. You will start to get out there into the big wide world and spread the message about what you do, so that you are coming into contact with your ideal clients on a regular basis.

Module Four – Be Price Confident every time
Here you will learn how to charge the right price for what you do and never have to discount again. You will create different versions of what you offer and find out how to add significant value, so that you get more premium and high value clients, earning you more, but with negligible extra effort.

Module Five – Master the sales process and closing
If you can’t close the sale, everything else is a waste of time. Using proven methods, you will learn the best ways of persuading clients to buy from you, but without being pushy. There is a simple process you can follow with any potential customer and we give you loads of tips and advice about selling in a convincing, ethical and effective way.

Module Six – Create simple and effective tools and systems
You won’t have time to reinvent the wheel – you are already too busy running your business, so in this module we share systems and tools that have already worked for other people, saving you time and mental energy. Instead of wasting time creating templates from scratch with, of course, no guarantee they will work, you will have a library of proven resources you can just adapt to your own situation.

Module Seven – Implement consistently for Long Term Results
In business, there is no such thing as a ‘magic bullet’. You will always have to keep on top of your marketing and sales in order to create a steady stream of clients. We will help you do this in the most effective way, so that it becomes second nature and give you resources to enhance the process, such as accountability tools and daily reminders.

This programme is for people who are in a hurry to get tangible results and who require assistance through strategic planning, collaboration and brainstorming sessions. There is built in accountability and timed assignments to be completed after each coaching session, for maximum results.

With this option you get 3 scheduled 50 minute calls per month, to get you moving quickly, stay on track and eliminate any obstacles that are currently in your way. The focus is on getting you more business than you would on your own.

What do you get?

  • Initial preparatory strategy session

  • 3 x 50 minute calls per month

  • 7 Steps to Sales Magic Workbook (downloadable and hard copy)

  • Closed Facebook Group for Peer Support

  • Regular Video Tutorials

  • 2 x half day workshops

  • 2 months membership of ProActive sales CRM (value £30)

If you wish to have a 'getting to know you' session with Janet Efere, to find out if this programme is for you, please book a phone appointment


Are there minimum age requirements?

You need to be 16 or over to enrol on this programme.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Call Janet Efere directly on 07748 994 334 or email jefere@tadpoletraining.com

Can I see some client case studies and/or testimonials?

Yes - these can be accessed here

For a full and detailed overview of commonly asked questions, please click on this link: FAQs which will take you directly to the website.

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