9 moon online Wings and Roses priestess spiral training

9 moon online Wings and Roses priestess spiral training

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You are Invited to my Priestess Training Programme to Remember and Empower your Sacred Gifts. Starting February 1st, 2022 we will begin the

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A Nine Moon Online Programme to…

The rose Priestess lineage is all around us As Venus orbits the Earth, her rotation culminating in an 8-year cycle, creating the image of a 5 petaled rose. Her cycle anchors in the Earthly experience of the Rose as she buds, blossoms, and dies, only to spread her seeds and be reborn again. Are you feeling called to rise into and fully embody the rose and take back all your past life gifts and Gain Confidence to Offer Your Sacred Gifts and Shine in your Sacred Leadership

Join Caroline Healey as your Guide & Mentor

You are Invited to my Priestess Training Programme to Remember and Empower your Sacred Gifts. Starting February 1st, 2022 we will begin the journey to dive deep into mastering the Art of Sacred Inner Union and the room to Facilitate Transformation and Spiritual Activation then on the 1st of each month we enter a new temple.

I have a vision of priestess’s all over the globe offering sacred temple gatherings, where they invite women and men to connect to the divinity within.

These Temples are devoted to the Goddess and are places of initiation and celebration. Places of spiritual awakening and soul-level healing.

These Temples are places where we gather to reveal the beauty of who we truly are, a place to embody sacred inner union, and to anchor so much LOVE and healing light into the earth that creates a ripple of love that heals our souls, our planet and every living thing that dwells upon it. Connected as a web of light. United we rise.

This Offering is my offering for You,

Now is the time to step into your own skin and be seen venus as made her rose transit so you are feeling ready for change.

This program has been created for all women who have been burnt by shame… in this life or any life.

This program is dedicated to she who stamps and says NO, ENOUGH!

Are You Ready to Become a Fearless Creator of Your Sacred Work?

Do you feel called to spiritually activate others and embody the path of your soul design?

Would you like to learn how to offer sacred temple spaces and dive deeper into the priestess arts?

Would you like some clear structure and practical maps, to assure you facilitate sacred containers that take people through a full circle transformational healing process that they can integrate?

I am dedicating 9 whole month to honour support and old space for you in my Priestess Training to helping you gain the sacred skills needed to lead transformational temples of the Goddess of the rose.

Come and be held in a transformational container to support you to transform whatever holds you back from stepping into your sacred feminine leadership.


The universe buries keys that open doors deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them… Behind every door is a Temple, In every temple, there is a jewel. Do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?

When You Enrol in Priestess Training, You’ll Receive:

1. The first temple of Wings and roses Initiation Programme on Feb 1st Then a new temple will be unlocked on the first day of each month in-person or live zoom session at 7.30pm UK time.

In each temple, you will be initiated through energy practices that come through channeled through me for the wings and Roses Lineage.

Through consistent spiritual practice, healing, and initiations with the Goddess Archetypes you will be taken on a deep journey of spiritual awakening, empowerment and transformation of the wounds that have held you back from embodying your sacred feminine leadership.

2. Goddess Transmissions

Each cycle you will be taken through initiation with one leading Goddess archetype. Isis, Magdalene, Mother Mary, Aphrodite, Hathor, Sekhmet, Kali. These powerful goddesses and an army of Archangels will be our main guides and allies. Through a series of meditations, embodiment practices, lectures, channelled writings and shamanic healing journeys you will lift your vibration and become an embodied vessel and voice for the Goddess.

3. Monthly Live live meetings

Each new month cycle, there is a potent zoom gathering. These group sessions are powerful and support you to embody the transmissions and to receive personal support.

4. Beautiful Online Course Portal

All the course content is available for you inside of a beautifully designed course portal. This is our online wings and roses mystery school, where everything is kept in a streamlined organized fashion for easy access and recordings of all circles will be placed so you can move at your own pace or go back through the material.

5. Meditations & Videos

Each week you will receive recorded guided practices in the form of videos. Caroline,s voice is deeply soothing and takes you into deep states of meditation. Caroline with support you to activate your light body & lift your vibration. The regular practice supports you to unlock the codes of your soul and awaken your divine mission.

6. Altar Cards, Affirmations & Pdf’s

Each moon cycle you receive a beautiful altar card with an image and invocation in dedication to the Goddess we are working with. You will be invited to print the altar card and place it on your altar to call through the energy of the Goddess to enhance your journey and activate her in you. Included in the program are pdf’s written teachings and inspirations to take you deeper with your exploration and empowerment.

7. Sisterhood Circle in what's app and Facebook Group

An important connective part of this training is our what's app sisterhood sharing circle where we meet in a shared dedication to evolutionary sisterhood, calling each other to rise. We hold ourselves when we fall, come out of competition & struggle and together, we return to the grace of the Divine Mother’s arms. Delicate and strong, vulnerable and real. Being yourself is the most natural thing in the world, all you need the right environment to flourish and bloom.

Wings and Roses Spiral schedule


Reclaim our Sexual Sovereignty

☥ Deepen our Self Love and Self Care

☥ Sacred Rest and Renewal

☥ Meet the Inner Beloved

☥ Heal Inner & Outer Masculine and Call in your Beloved


Empowerment as an Embodied Divine Creatrix

☥ Sanctify your Sovereign Womb

☥ Creation with the Divine Mother

☥ Activate your Shakti Power

☥ Ovarian balancing and Cleansing


The Power of Liberation and Transformation

☥ Embody Wild Courage

☥ Becoming an Unstoppable Creatrix

☥ Dissolve Ego & Birth the New

☥ Release Karmic Knots


embodying Fierce Compassion

☥ Enter the Cauldron of Healing and Transformation

☥ Stalk your Shadows

☥ Embody your Higher Self

☥ Allow Renewed Visions of your Sacred Purpose to Emerge


Embody the Alchemy of Love

☥ Embody Unconditional love and forgiveness

☥ Connect to your feelings

☥ Healing the Mother Wound

☥ Nurture and Heal the Inner Child

☥ Experience Emotional Healing & Inner Union

☥ Listening to the Hearts Voice


Empowering your Divine Feminine Leadership

☥ Divine Feminine Blood mysteries

☥ Consecrate heart and womb as a vessel for Divine Feminine

☥ The Art of Sacred Anointing

☥ Sacred Rites of the Rose


Reclaim Confidence in Your Voice

☥ Activate your Voice as an Instrument for Divine Feminine Consciousness

☥ Increase Vocal Confidence, Power, and Presence

☥ Activate Abundance Codes & Generate Wealth

☥ Move beyond Surviving to Thriving

☥ Receive Abundance for your Sacred Work

☥ The Art of Manifesting


Embodying your Sovereign Divinity

☥ Magnetic Leadership

☥ Self – Authority

☥ Sovereignty

☥ Benevolence

☥ Building Relationships

☥ Birthing the new

☥ Claiming your Divine Inheritance

In this final initiation, you embody the full spectrum of the Divine Feminine, as Mother, Lover, Leader, Creatrix, and Healer. The Shakti Queen is an embodied leader who has integrated all the divine qualities of the Goddess includes Grace, Compassion, Embodied Sensuality, Fierce Love, Sweetness, Kindness, Generosity, and Wisdom.

The Queen archetype activates empowerment, focused direction and powerful voice, broadening your leadership abilities and experiencing sovereignty in ways that serve the whole self.

Are You Ready to Shine in your Authentic Power and Bring your Creative Genius into your Soul Aligned Work?

Pay In Full Payment Plan 10 x Monthly Payments Weekly plan 36

£390.00 £50.00 £15.00

Don't hesitate to ask me any questions or about other payments options on 07486617214.

To fully rise in your authenticity you will be required to attend or catch up on Every one of the videos and live connection calls. When taking the payment plan option you will be required to keep up with your payments or be removed from the program.

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