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9th Annual Green Economics Institute, Green Economics Conference. Recovery- what recovery ? Whose Recovery- 9th Annual Green Economics Institute Green Economics Conference at Oxford University

The Green Economics Institute

Wednesday, 9 July 2014 at 10:00 - Friday, 11 July 2014 at 23:00 (BST)

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Ticket Type Sales End Price Fee Quantity
Conference Daily Ticket £100 early bird
Registration for 1 Day for 9th Annual Green Economics Institute, Green Economics Conference at Oxford University
Ended £100.00 £3.49
Two Day Registration July 2014 9th 10th 11th Ended £160.00 £4.99
£500 allows us to launch a new book and campaign Ended
Two Day Registration 9th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference July 9th 10th 11th 2014 with Membership Ended £200.00 £5.99
1 Day Registration 9th Annual Green Economics Conference July 9th 10th 11th 2014with Membership Ended £150.00 £4.74
Concessions for Conference Registration 9th Annual 9th 10th 11th July 2014 £50 per day Ended £50.00 £2.24
Membership for 2014 £65.00 Ended £60.00 £2.49
Concessions for Membership claiming benefits-registered Masters or Undergraduate students,over 65 years Ended £30.00 £1.74
Study Placement for 3 months including July 9th 10th 11th 2014conference attending Ended £500.00 £9.95
Conference Fee for My 2nd 2014 Climate and Philosophy and Flooding Conference 2nd May 2014 Ended £90.00 £3.24
Conference Registration for May 1st Philosophy and Methodology per day Ended £90.00 £3.24
Conference Fee forOlder People 14th November 2014 Ended £90.00 £3.24
Concessions for Older People Conference 14th November 2014 Ended £50.00 £2.24
Older People Registration Conference and Membership 14th November 2014 Ended £100.00 £3.49
Conference May 1st and May 2nd Philosophy and Climate and Green Economics Methodology Ended £160.00 £4.99
Green IT Conference Registration 28th November 2014 Ended £100.00 £3.49
Biodiversity, species extinction, animal protection, sentient beings - economics to benefit other species November 21st 2014 Ended £100.00 £3.49
Training Course Introduction to Green Economics 31st May 2014 at Trinity College University of Oxford Ended £120.00 £3.99
3 Day Registration 9th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference July 9th 10th 11th 2014 Oxford University including membership for 2014 Ended £280.00 £7.99
£1000 allows us to offer a student from a less wealthy or third world background a place on our study placement Ended
£1000 allows us to support a special needs students back to work or education Ended Free £0.00
£1000 allows us to support a special needs students back to work or education Ended
£500 allows us to support a student from Eastern Europe on one of our programmes Ended Free £0.00
£200 allows us to support speakers from less developed countries Ended £20.00 £1.49
10,000 allows us to support our team members in less developed countries to advocate for a reform of economics in their country Ended
£500 Allows us to spread the word around the Uk Ended
Early Bird ticket for 3 Days of July 2014 conference 9th Annual with membership Ended Free £0.00
Pays for us to run a side event at the COP Kyoto Conference Mexico Climate Reform Event in December 2014 Ended
Register interest in 9th Annual Green Economics Institute Conference July 9th 10th 11th 2014 at Oxford University: Sort out payment and registration later greenecononomicsinstitute@yahoo.com Ended Free £0.00

Share 9th Annual Green Economics Institute, Green Economics Conference. Recovery- what recovery ? Whose Recovery- 9th Annual Green Economics Institute Green Economics Conference at Oxford University

Event Details


9th Annual Green Economics Institute, Green Economics 3 Day Conference to be held at Oxford University

Economics and Earth Sciences Faculties

9th 10th 11th July 2014

Recovery- What recovery? A trickle up recovery!”

Exploring the social and environmental aspects of this “anaemic, unsustainable and Business as Usual Recovery.

Creating a lasting Spring and Summer of Economic Democracy

Pulling together to solve the crisis! Creating a recovery for the people! In the face of Privatisation, Globalisation and Massive Trade Blocks


Call For Papers 9th 10th 11th July 2014 to be held at the Science, Earth Science and Economics Faculties at the University of Oxford. 3 Days, Call for Speakers, Papers, workshops and participants.


Link  http://www.greeneconomics.org.uk/images/confflyerpicsjuly201491sm1.pdf


Please email The Conference Manager Hilary Driver at


greeneconomicsinstitute@yahoo.com or greeneconomicsevents1@yahoo.co.uk ith your ideas or ring 07990 590463 or (0044) 7990 590463 to discuss your idea and/ or to participate in the conference and to request a booking form and to find out about accommodation and practical details for this summers conference





For registration, reservations, papers, fees etc please email greeneconomicsinstitute@yahoo.com


 We will have far more room and rooms than ever before so we can accommodate more speakers with longer sessions- so if you apply early you should be able to get the sessions you would like. Please email us as soon as possible to ensure you get your requests.


Recovery-What Recovery- ? This anaemic, unsustainable, trickle up recovery!

Ordinary people are more in debt than ever before and have a massive drop in living standards and security- whole swathes of young people have never had a paid job and are living at home with their parents till well into their 30s. The gap between rich and poor is becoming a massive chasm and people are talking about the creation of a new global elite who have everything and the rest of us who are reduced to serfdom, or homelessness or the biggest ever international slave trade! Is this really progress ? Specialist speaker panel- how to turn the “crisis and recovery” round to help everyone join in society and benefit from it together.


Ending Trickle Up Economics

The philosophical basis for current main stream thinking and how
green economics approaches can use the work of philosophers to show that
orthodox economics view are leading to a rise of neo feudal differences in economics well being. By considering that inequality is due to the “correct and ordained order of things, it allows a system which increasingly benefits the rich in society and trickles wealth upwards – not downwards. Green Economics and Progressive Economics regard this is gross inefficiency and cruelty and seeks to reverse this trend, which sees some people having to live on the streets and others receiving million pound bonuses. Surely we can do better in 2015.


Human Economic Development -The next 10,000 years

Will we make it ? What are the issues and feature so far and what can we expect, what do we need to do -as humanity is at a crossroads- the patterns of the last 10,000 years may not get us through. We probably need to change the way we do things drastically- and we discuss what this means for all of us and suggestions for how we can make those changes successfully?


Climate Change, Jet Stream, Flooding, whole communities under water

The costs of mismanagement of the environment, and the economy are now affecting every single person in the UK and are much much steeper than if the environment had been dealt with properly. Building on flood plains, over use of resources, lack of drainage, too much building for the natural resources, climate change, warming, mini ice age, increased precipitation, lack of regard for the carrying capacity of regions. Threats to towns and cities and the countryside, lack of awareness of the role of a flood plain, lack of basic geography- lack of investment in renewables. Wrong energy and transport subsidies, daft public finance policies.

We explore how to get the real economy back on track again! Green Economics predicted that this would happen and is built on firmer foundations of including the role of nature in its calculations. Building resilience into our economy.


Training Workshops: All participants will be sent a certificate suitable for CPD on completion of these workshops


Fundraising and running a green business workshops

Places for this workshop must be pre reserved as we expect this workshop to be popular


The Basics of Green Economics and how to use it in your work and your campaigning

Places for this workshop must be preserved so that we can book trainers for you


History of the worlds economy and economist from a Green Economics Perspective

Please prebook this workshop


Creating a body of Research in Green Economics with Professors in the field

Please prebook your place at this workshop


Field Trip observing issues of interest in and around Oxford

Please pre book this field trip -there may be an extra charge for this trip to cover transport costs.


Writing and publishing your ideas in Green Economics

Please pre book so we can ensure the timetable works for everyone

Most people coming to this workshop will be enabled to publish within the year

We give you the hidden insight into how publishing works and how to get your ideas in print


Sushilla Dall

Green Economics Policies in Practice from a recent councillor


Art, photography and poetry and creative writing workshop

With professional specialists



Ziggy Shipper Holocaust survivor with Marcia Perkin Educator

Ending hatred and creating hope


Recent and invited Speakers include:


Professor Dr Indira Dutta, from Gujerat in India, Dr Natalie West and Kanupriya Bhagat and Manam Jain

What the world can learn today from Ghandi's work in India,leads a Panel Debate from the BRICS -Brazil, India, China and Russia -latest updates


Dr Chidi Magnus Onahua and Sofia Amaral, London School of Economics

leads a Panel debate about the MINTS -Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey- latest predictions for the global economy


The Greening of Nigeria

Dr Stephen Adewale, Dr Grimot Nane and Dr Chidi Magnus


The lasting legacy of Mandela around the world

The Greening of South Africa- social and environmental justice


Dr Holger Schlor (Germany)

Green economy in the context of sustainable development



Marcia Perkin Educator and Imperial War Museum Fellow

Leads a Panel Debate about the Holocaust and its legacy

100 years from WW1- what lessons have we learnt and how do we stop todays genocides?

Specialist speakers and trainers about the Holocaust and Holocausts and the lessons for creating a world of human rights and social justice

The relevance for todays pressures. How we can avoid the mistakes of the past.


Music -how it helps us- The Greening of Music

Our resident musician Richard Collins plays on his traditional instruments.

He will lead and all participants are invited to participate in a musical evening during the conference in the venue. Our pianist Hilary Cornwell will play for us on the piano in the evening after much acclaim at our event two years ago. Hans Kare Flo will organise singing for those who would like to participate. We hope to have a dance workshop during the conference and will confirm shortly



Trade Blocks

The world is dividing itself up into the most massive trade blocks in history. Some argue that this will cut costs but others worry that this will be a way of dumping all the social and environmental gains made so far. People are really upset about this and are taking to the streets and risking their lives. Trade matters. We present the facts and the arguments with experts from both sides. Volker Heinemann and others.


The Japanese recovery and how Green issues have affected Japan



Growth, debt, austerity, stimulus- recovery, bubbles, investment, shadow markets, pensions, the markets,pawn shops have a heyday as people struggle

The latest buzz words from the world of economics- we share the latest ideas and keep you up to date and give you tools and information for making change. With Steven Mandel, Professor Chow Fah Ye (Malaysia) and others



Taxation: The Moral Obligation for large companies to participate in paying tax

How large companies have avoided tax and set up off shore or offer to create jobs and the repatriate all the profits elsewhere. Zero Hours contracts -the rise of neo feudalism!Banking corruption and decay!

We invite specialists to advise us about the issues and everyone to send in stories and papers about this.There will be a workshop pooling knowledge and experience


The Greening of Malaysia

Professor Chow Fah Ye and Norferanti Kamarudin


25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall: The Ukraine struggles between East and West

The legacy of Chernobyl and the wooing by Russia. The fight over trading blocks. East meets Western Europe.Civil unrest plays out. Green Solutions -can they help?

Dr Potapenko Ukraine



Latvian Eco Tourism

Professors Dr Sandra Gusta and Dr Dzintra Astaja

We are producing a book on Greening Tourism and there will be a discussion of the issues in Eco tourism generally.The greening of tourism and the leisure industry, a case study of Latvia


Professor Dr Dzintra Astaja

Aspects of Cultural Heritage in Latvia; The meaning of Riga being European Capital of Culture for 2014.



Dr Sarah Skinner

The Solar Century discusses the latest issues in solar


Oliver Tickell

Progress in Solar and Renewables


Dr Paul Mobbes

Black Swan Events and Risk -playing with our lives


Dr Jeff Turk PHD

A Social Europe using Biographical data and methodology


Miriam Kennet

takes a number of classes during the conference

Progress in Green Economics and its latest Developments

Introductory workshops in Green Economics with Michelle Gale de Oiveira

Intermediate workshops in Green Economics

Advanced workshops in Green Economics: Dilemmas and questions

Research in Green Economics and Methodology

Philosophy and ontology in Green Economics- with Miriam Kennet, Dr Jeff Turk and others


Alan Driver (UK) and Michelle Gale de Oliveira and Professor Maria Madi (Brazil)

Lead a debate about South America and Agentina and Brazil


NGOs and Campaign Groups

How they work and how they can develop a new more human scale narrative.How to get the messages and information across

Dr Michael Briguglio (Malta), Charles Secrett former Executive Director of Friends of the Earth and Henry Cox – campaigning for many years.Pamela Harling



What on earth has happened- does it release information we all need -and a basic human right- or an unpleasant and uninvited intrusion ?

Making the media work for us : how do we do it?

How does the social media revolution mature into something lasting and beneficial in the longer term?

Campaigners will have the opportunity for training and being filmed in a supportive environment and a small group


Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics for Green Ideas

We have just produced a book on this and we will launch it and also as last years conference, there will be a session in the House of Commons hopefully during the conference- (Being Confirmed)



Panel Debate and workshop Older People, Barbie goes Granny

The Rocking Chair Revolution, the Vintage Generation with Miriam Kennet and Birgit Meinhard Siebel (Austria)


Intergenerational Equity and Restitution

Dr Juanee Ciliers and Chit Chong


Population, Migration and Refugees and Diaspora Communities

As predicted once climate change started to really bite -huge numbers of people are on the move – initially as it gets harder to earn and living and then in desperation as there is chaos and civil unrest and to try to find enough resources and to find safety and shelter. This is 100% what was predicted by Green Economists – and its happened sooner than we imagined with one of the worst humanitarian crises ever in human history unfolding at the moment.

We debate the issues with Dr Katherine Kennet and other specialists from around the world and invite papers on this subject



Consumption and the right to consume

How do we share a finite planet together- who gets what and how does current economics help us with these decisions?Does winner take all make sense in the 21st century and will we survive like that or do fundamental changes have to happen in lifestyle and assumptions.


Corruption and energy

How does the ownership of energy challenge the road to human rights?



Putting the “Green” into Green Economics: Welcoming Earth Sciences back in

The Earth Sciences issues are debated and papers, workshops and speakers of all levels from students to specialists are invited to submit ideas.



Putting the “Economics” Back into Green Economics

The Economics issues are debated and papers, workshops and speakers of all levels from students, practitioners to specialists are invited to submit ideas, papers and to speak with Professor Jack Reardon and Sofia Amaral London School of Economics


Sharing the Earth and Sharing the Commons

Citizens Income and many other ways of sharing. Please send in your requests to run a workshop on your own area of interest.



The Greening of Public and Private Health

How basic issues and solutions matter most. With Dr Katherine Kennet and others

Launching our new book on the Greening of Health and Care


John Ranken

Community based 3rd Age/4th Age Health Project whereby healthy and
active 3rd Age people would help train themselves to help care for and
support dependent 4th Agers, whilst at the same time preparing
themselves/ourselves for our own 4th Age.


Mental Health – the time bomb that worries specialists

How Green Ideas and practices can really help

Dr Arturo Herman (Italy) and Dr Katherine Kennet



Selling off the family jewels- our commons, our air our water -who owns it- who controls it?

The importance of control over our basic resources is vital and a quiet sell off of all our assets, to investors, is a dangerous step which we need to be aware of.

Water, transport etc are not there fundamentally for making a profit -they are human needs and need to be in the control of accountable communities.

The Water, rivers seas, flooding and drinking water vital and fundamental rights, issues are debated and papers, workshops and speakers of all levels from students, practitioners to specialists are invited to submit ideas, papers and to speak



Extreme Climate, Extreme Weather, extreme events. -Black Swan Events

Climate Change is upon us everywhere: What can be done about it ?

Can we turn the clock back?

The latest economics solutions and innovations.

Special panel debate about flooding, drought and the role of government agencies- containment, mitigation or prevention of worse developments?with Professor Graciela Chichilnisky


Climate Change, migration, poverty and food

Tensions are rising globally as predicted as the weather and climate change starts to disrupt 10,000 years of human evolution- throwing settlements into chaos and challenging every community and every government

Papers, speakers, workshops are invited to present ideas for change in this important area.


Workshops on funding and running a Green Business – How to make it work and how to apply for funding – what help is available ?

We run some workshops for participants

Please can you sign up for this workshop beforehand so we can anticipate numbers and ensure we have the right trainers?


Public Speaking workshops

We offer participants the chance to learn more about public speaking with our trainer Marlyn Lee




Papers are encouraged about any aspect of how to develop renewables faster in time for the imperatives we now face with climate change


Community Energy

with Councillor Andy Cooper


Forests, trees habitats

Their importance and their conservation, the economics of survival for all of us depends on improving this. We invite papers and experts and others to submit ideas and offers to speak on this subject



Women, the fourth wave of feminism, the forced marriages and slave trade

Women are under seige as never before. Treated as fodder literally in some countries, girls are dying in their thousands from basic lack of child birth care, they are kept from school and shot at in other countries, forced FGG, marriage as young as 9- all many of them want is to go to school and to live a normal life.

The Millenium Development goals seem a long way off – if half the human popultion is denied these very basic rights but are used as chattels for buying and selling.

We need to ensure that our Womens unequal pay and poverty Campaign is reenergised and produces results for women and children everywere-women are not a small minority- they are half of all people alive today and they deserve much better than this! We invite papers and speakers and we will have workshops and debates on this question with practitioners in the field.



One of the big CO2 guzzlers of this century is IT and we discuss the latest

developments in how to reduce our impact when using IT. We will be producing a

special issue of our academic journal this year on Green IT and a book and so we

invite papers for this session. With Anjikwi Mshelbwala from Abuja, Nigeria



The Greening of Transport

Richard Holcroft,Rose Bridger author of Plane Truth and John Stewart campaigner at Heathrow Airport.

Following on our highly successful event and launch in the House of Commons with leading campaigners, we continue our work in supporting and campaigning for more and better and cheaper public transport. Also the HS2 Train project and other transport projects around the world. Airport development – do we need it ? Where will it lead?



The Greening of Europe and ensuring its future

Green Jobs, Green Projects with Dr Enrico Tezza from the International Labour Organisation in Italy

All aspects of Europe and NGOs and the lead Europe has in some areas of Green Acitivity, A Report from our Project on Saving Europe, creating a social and environmental ethic for citizens to feel a sense of belonging


The Greening of China, Green Buildings and Communities and Architecture

with Councillor David Williams and Johnathan Essex and others

The Development of Eco cities, eco towns and eco villages.

We are working with teams in Tainjin, the third largest city in China to develop a greener city. Following our book – the Green Built Environment we now scroll into the detail of practical changes and input to new commmunities being developed around the world


The Americas- How is America coping with its new pressures?

Its economy is recovering but its place in the world is severely challenged

Michelle Gale de Oliveira and others


Democracy, openess and corruption

Police states, surveillance,torture hacking and interfering with people going about their business. In 2014 this is one of the most serious issues and will hold up the implementation of a green economy. Papers and information on this subject is encouraged.


The Greening of Greece and Cyprus

Greece and Cyprus suffered the brunt of the European slow down and had a major banking meltdown. The implementation of a green economy will help both countries and we lay down plans for how this can happen.

We have just produced a special issue of our Academic Journal- the International Journal of Green Economics on this subject and have received more papers

So we will be doing another special issue of the journal and also a book.

We are inviting ideas, papers and speakers.



The Greening of Indonesia

Following on from last years successful launch with the Indonesian Ambassador of our Book on the Greening of Indonesia and our special issue of our Journal we are continuing to work on Indonesia and how change can be achieved with Steven Marcellino and Tutik Ramawalla and the Indonesian Embassy



Economics Theories

Developing Economics theories to enable an economy of caring,sharing and supporting each other with Dr Michael Taylor


Greening of St Vincent and the Caribean

with Don O Neal and Carlos Vassalos



Heterodox Economics

Green Economics was developed under an Heterodox Umbrella

We discuss its role as a pluralist, heterodox school of economics


Research methodology

Aspects of research methodology will be debated in this stream of the conference which will take place in the Doctoral Tutorial area of Oxford University All are welcome to participate and also to send in ideas, comments and suggestions for this session. Quantative, qualitative, biographical methods, all sorts of methodological questions, what is data, ontology, reason – what are the foundations of truth and knowledge


Green Economics has developed as part of Geography – Human and Economic

This part of the conference will take place in the Geography department of the University of Oxford. Everyone is very welcome to come along and submit ideas, papers, and speakers.



Biodiversity with Anna Wainer and Animal Protection with Caroline Allen Vetenerary Surgeon and Tracy Marchioness of Worcester and Saving Species with Dr Susan Canney Oxford University

There is renewed realisation that animals have feelings and are sentient and intelligent.

We treat animals as we treat ourselves- brutalising them – only makes us less human. The food and farming business is responsible for cruelty on a global scale and its time to sort this out and address our fundamental clumsiness in this issue

There is also a need to protect animals from our worst excesses and so this session will include specialists from Compassion in World Farming and also specialist Vets and others and we invite participants and contributions of all kinds. We will be doing a book on this subject as an output of this event.



Food, Farming and Agriculture : The Organics Revolution , local and best practise

Following on from our very successful two books and events we are continuing our work on this theme to improve the global food supply chain and to make it more local and more human based- aiming to reduce the unpleasant surprises we have had recently, when we find out what really happens to our food. What are the principles of green food and farming? with Bianca Madison and Tracy Marchioness of Worcester and Rudolf Buhrer and Kristina Buhrer (Gemany) who have created a very exciting and innovative centre of Excellence in Schwabia Hall, near Sttutgart which is rapidly being adopted by others.



Education in Economics for the 21st Century

We invite educators and lecturers and others to create a new ethic for education

Professor Dr Sandra Gusta- The competition in Higher Education as a common value for efficiency and sustainability



Do you have questions about 9th Annual Green Economics Institute, Green Economics Conference. Recovery- what recovery ? Whose Recovery- 9th Annual Green Economics Institute Green Economics Conference at Oxford University? Contact The Green Economics Institute

When & Where

Earth Sciences Building,
University of Oxford
United Kingdom

Wednesday, 9 July 2014 at 10:00 - Friday, 11 July 2014 at 23:00 (BST)

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9th Annual Green Economics Institute, Green Economics Conference. Recovery- what recovery ? Whose Recovery- 9th Annual Green Economics Institute Green Economics Conference at Oxford University
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