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A Conversation On... Decision Making | 12 people | 5 hours | Central London

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94-99 High Holborn



United Kingdom

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We spend most of our time making decisions. But how much time do we spend thinking about how we make those decisions, and how much influence we have over them?

It's a constant challenge to make the right decisions, to understand the choices available to us, and to be able to create the right choices ourselves. Most decision-making workshops will focus on behaviours, models and tools, as opposed to the attitudes that drive our actions. This often leaves us frustrated by the lack of transformation in the way we experience life and the quality of the results we get.

A Conversation On... Decision Making is a 5-hour, intimate and interactive discussion workshop that will introduce you to the idea of DECISION MAPPING, and outline how we make decisions in simple terms. It will bring you immediate clarity on your desired results, and on the pathways available for you to get there.

You will experience a new perspective on three key areas:

- the Process of Decision Making
- the Creation of Choice
- the Equation for Progress

DISCLAIMER: This workshop is for those who take their development seriously, who believe they can be better, and who are ready to develop new perspectives. It is delivered in the Abstract and will require you to step outside your comfort zone. It is designed to challenge you to think differently about your reality - how you see the world - in order to explore and discover increased choice.

We have limited the workshop to 12 participants in order to enhance the experience. It is especially useful for entrepreneurs, co-founders, managers, team leaders, and professionals who are stuck in their careers.

The event starts at 13:00 and ends no earlier than 18:00, with 2 breaks every 90 minutes. Latecomers & early leavers may have their participation restricted.

Refund Policy: Should the event be canceled due to any unforeseen circumstances, a refund will be issued

Experience includes:

  • Charismatic Discussion Facilitator
  • Interactive Audience Participation
  • Exercises for Experiential Learning
  • Convenient Location in Central London
  • Hot & Cold Drinks served

Delivered to you in association with:
Choice Matters | A Moe Choice production


Tony: Moe's delivery as a speaker is excellent. His use of language is easy to understand, and he breaks down vert complicated ideas into a series of simple explanations - and all without having to consult his notes once!

Leila: Moe is an immensely passionate person - he lives and breathes self-exploration, growth, and dare I say, truth! His no-nonsense yet personable style is perfect for businesses as well as individuals. Whether you're curious about yourself and what makes you tick, or want to explore your decision-making drivers and how to be more effective in your business, Moe has something for everyone.

Jenna: Moe has an extremely innate way of working with people, of asking the right questions in the right way that explore your innermost workings as a human being. He is relaxed, personable and a joy to be around, meaning that I was immediately enthralled at the session.

Kelly: Moe is exceptional - he has such a creative way of asking questions to really dig deep to support allowing you to self-examine in a way that truly creates a personal sense of meaningful change. And the impact is lasting - a great person to work with.

Margarita: Very good session, Thank you, Moe!

Kate: The workshop was excellent and pushed my brain which I enjoyed. I learnt a lot and came away inspired, Moe’s way of training keeps you engaged throughout, as he makes it fun as well as informative. The group was great and just the right size, there were people from all different walks of life which kept it interesting. I came away with lots to think about and will definitely be attending more workshops.

Marina: Moe is a such great professional and it's delightful to see the passion he puts in what he does. The workshop is great and presents you with a completely different way of see life and everyday situations. It makes you think and helps you see what to consider when making decisions.

Fadi: Moe is very energetic and clear and keen on all persons to understand the complexity of our minds. I'm a big fan of Moe and highly recommend his talks.

Gellert: One of the best workshops I have ever had, quite deep stuff, To be honest, I didn't expect much, but surprised. I've read a few books and even watched videos on the topic before, but this 3 hours workshop blew my mind! I highly recommend it!! Thanks again Moe!

Andy: The content was inspired, and really helps me to challenge myself. It was thorough, coherent and very well structured.

Karlee: Moe has the unique ability to ask the right questions to guide you in the right direction.

Adriana: Very interesting and thought-provoking session. Moe is very energetic and engaging - really enjoyed his way of presenting material and his passion for the subject. Feel I left with a better understanding of myself and how I make decisions, and good advice for the future. Recommended!

Lindsey: a Brilliant and worthwhile workshop for anyone who wants to understand how and why they make the decisions they do, and tools to improve this for the future. Moe was very energetic, engaging and inspiring. I'll be looking out for more workshops hosted by him!

Hannah: Fantastic. Really powerful. Left with a clear and strong message

Mike: Moe is an unconventional conversationalist with an easy style and is capable of inciting deep thinking and self-learning, I thoroughly recommend that you see him in action, to find out about yourself and really challenge your thinking.

Ahmad: His passion shines through from the very start, and his high energy kept me engaged throughout. He also has a very friendly nature, which made us all feel at ease.

Catherine: Great workshop, thanks. Very different to any I have done before, with a good mix of theory and interaction.

Timmy: Life-altering experience, and one that helped me in so many different ways. I've since worked closely, one-on-one with Moe, and the results are truly remarkable. Thank you, Moe.

Elaine: Moe engages the disengaged, brings life to those who lack hope and shines a light on the 'dark'; allowing everybody to see their potential.

Karine: So interesting!!!!! Moe has so much to teach. Highly recommended if you want to learn new ways to look at decision making

Arun: It was a really helpful workshop and Moe is very good at imparting his knowledge, paying attention to individuals and dealing with questions from them. I am really glad to have attended this workshop.

Runar: Great fun, Moe did some very interesting eye-opening explanation and how we can get faster to decision making. Highly recommended!

Christina: Moe is the kind of person that powerfully influences you towards a far more positively living. One of his virtues is the provided guidance to involved people, in order to help them realize and embrace their own potential.

Salma: Incredibly insightful and well delivered

Andrina: It's mindblowing. Not only the very challenging style in which it is delivered but also the effect it has on the group. His philosophy is to challenge your perception and factual knowledge about how you perceive the world and your own ability to change your views and circumstances thereafter.

Juliana: Moe's philosophy changes the way you see your surroundings and makes you understand the deep meaning of life, how to be successful and happy by fulfilling some gaps in your mindset.

Jason: He helped me move forward on my journey. Thanks, Moe and look forward to working with you again.

Mike: Moe has an easy to get along with style and is capable of stopping you in your tracks by asking very poignant questions as well as being able to make you laugh at yourself or something you have done or observed.

Nathan: Moe left me questioning some long-standing belief systems and helped me to grow. His wisdom and knowledge has given me structure and direction and provided me a solid foundation for which to pursue my own personal projects.

Steph: Moe is a visionary who will transform you by taking you on a journey of appreciation and self-exploration.

Mat: Moe appeared in my life, at a perfect time to help me see that I create my own success. I am the only one who can make me feel defeated. With a slight change in thought process, anything is possible.

Courtney: Moe is adept at uncovering deep-rooted, unconscious patterns and motivations. With this newfound knowledge of self and thorough guidance from Moe, you're able to reframe your motivations to not only yield constructive results but enhance your wellbeing.

Marc: His capacity to explain his views is exceptional and I recommend him to any organization.

Nazia: Moe has the ability to see your inner potential and motivates you to think outside the box.

Olivia: this has helped me exponentially to see things from a different perspective. Moe asks the RIGHT kind of questions and it is so valuable.

Eleni: The energy, care and dedication Moe has are incomparable. He has collected a wealth of different experiences and knowledge, and he keeps on challenging himself and others to get to the next level. His humour, together with his work ethic, give that special combination of someone who makes you move forward quickly while having fun!

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Date and Time



94-99 High Holborn



United Kingdom

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