A Introduction into Digital Entrepreneurship - Crypto, Forex and Networking

A Introduction into Digital Entrepreneurship - Crypto, Forex and Networking

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Ready to Level Up - Digital Entrepreneurship

About this event

Discover the World of Digital Entrepreneurship. ARE YOU READY TO LEVEL UP?

About this event

Is working 40 hours every week for the next 30 years something you see yourself doing? That you're happy to do?

After the pandemic, are you unhappy returning to a working environment and now looking to explore options that will allow you location flexibility?

Are you looking for a balance of both location flexibility and financial freedom at the same time?

Are you simply looking to set up additional income streams to secure your future financial stability after the pandemic?



Join us this Sunday to explore the World of digital entrepreneurship at this FREE Online introductory event in partnership with the Globe's biggest educational platform for the digital markets.


The Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX)

The Digital Currencies Market (Cryptocurrencies)

High Frequency Trading (Forex currencies)

Ecommerce online Business.


What will we cover on the day?

•Gain insight into our highly effective, simple, proven and structured trading strategies using Harmonic Patterns.

• How to utilise our excellent 11 wealth generating apps.

• How you can access 150+ outstanding, experienced traders.

• Risk management tools & Mindset training/Psychology.


Our 45 minute overview is perfect for beginners and also if you are considering:

• Learning how to become a part time trader

• Learning how to become a professional full time trader

• Simply improving on current knowledge.


Join us at this event, and let us educate, enrich and empower you with the tools and skills necessary in supporting you on your journey to becoming financially independent in the Foreign Exchange and Cryptocurrency Markets.

An Event Not to be Missed!


Please note the above topics are mastered on the platform and not through a 45 minute introduction. Everything point printed above is a clear guide of what the educational platform has to offer.

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