A Solstice Larp and fundraiser for Campfire Convention and Lauderdale House

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Lauderdale House


N6 5HG

United Kingdom

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Campfire Convention with artist and larp designer Nina Runa Essendrop and Psychotherapist Jonathan Goldsmith are inviting you to come and celebrate the summer solstice.

Across the globe on June 21st this year there will be a series of events to mark this years summer solstice inspired by the member-led social network Campfire Convention.

Nina and Jonathan have created a unique, magical, experience to celebrate the upcoming solstice. By weaving the interdisciplinary tools they both possess you will be taken on a profoundly moving, touching, beautiful and magical journey: 'A Solstice Experience'.

what is a 'solstice experience'?

“A Solstice Experience” is a physical, immersive larp about the sensations we get from movements, touch and senses. It's a chance to be in community with one another, to be part of something bigger, to celebrate and to share knowledge. It's a larp about what it is to experience life in a human body.

Larp is originally an acronym for Live Action Role Playing, but today it’s used as a name in itself. It refers to an interactive game where people immerse themselves in fictional circumstances to explore other ways of perceiving, behaving or experiencing.

Larps are played by groups of two or more people and are facilitated to ensure that the players feel safe, understand the rules and are immersed in the fiction.

This larp is unique in that there are both players and an audience. The players will be given specific roles and fictional identities to explore, and the audience, while given some basic instructions, will essentially be playing themselves.

The larp will explore what happens when these two groups engage with one another.

Both the player group and audience will be taken through a experiential workshop, tailored for your group in which everything you need to know will be explained to you. You will have ample time to learn and practice the mechanics of the game.

When you sign up you can choose to be in one of two roles: a 'player' or an 'audience member'. Both roles will offer a chance to participate and for you to have a full, rich and meaningful experience.

what happens in the player role?

The players will play ancient solstice consciousnesses, naturally curious and gentle, that have been given human form for the first time. They don’t understand rational logic instead they experience the world through poetic images and sensations.

Being in a human body is a totally new experience for these beings and they want to carefully explore the nuanced ways that humans move through the world using their senses; they want to experience 'being' in a human body.

For the Solstice Experience there will be a maximum number of 20 player places available.

If you are a player you have to be there by 6pm.

timetable for players

5pm-6pm Player registration and a chance to gather in the cafe.

6pm-8.00pm Player Workshop starts

8.00pm larp starts in the garden

9.23pm larp finishes as the sun sets

9.23pm-9.45pm Post larp Workshop

10pm-11pm Post larp Discussion and Campfire Convention Presentation.

what happens in the audience role?

As the audience you will be given the role to help prepare the physical space for the solstice consciousnesses.

You will also explore how you can come together as a group to open the way for the solstice beings to wake up in their human bodies.

You are then invited into these wonderful beings curious world, and can interact with them if you so choose. You can help them use their newly found bodies by showing them movements or describing sensory information. The interactions will be slow and careful and as audience members you can make your own choice in how much you take part in the larp or just observe. The choice is yours.

If you are in the audience you have to be there by 6.30pm.

timetable for audience

6.00pm Registration and a chance to gather in the cafe.

6.30pm-8.00pm Audience workshop starts

8.00pm Play starts in the garden

9.23pm Play finishes as the sun sets

9.23pm-9.45pm Post Play workshop

10pm-10.30pm Post larp Discussion and Campfire Convention Beacon Presentation.

what happens after the larp ends?

We will run a workshop to help you integrate the whole experience; thinking about how the larp has touched you and what you may want to bring back into your day-to-day lives, your families and your wider communities.

We will then facilitate a discussion to explore the themes of the larp and how they relate to your lives and the world that we live in.

To finish the evening we will discuss what Campfire Convention is and what differences we can make in our community by setting up a Campfire beacon based in London. A Beacon is the name Campfire Convention call a local group that work together to foster positive change in their community. As an example the Bournemouth Beacon are working with their local homeless community and the Brighton Beacon are working to reduce plastic waste. We will have the chance to start this conversation in London and see what we can make happen.

more about campfire convention...

Campfire Convention emerged in response to people wanting to talk about our rapidly evolving world and the changes we face - from local to global - as well as wanting real action, the opportunity to carry ideas forward and to facilitate change.

It is a social experiment in which people come together in person and online to share common interests, passions, ethics and motivations, whether related to work or play. They aim to create an environment where members can facilitate personal and social change, free of the restrictions and machinations associated with corporate interests. The aim is to build strong, diverse, inclusive and resilient local communities where people are empowered to become actively engaged, to make connections with each other and to develop local amenities.

This event is a fundraiser for the work of Campfire Convention's Beacons which is part of a series of global projects run by them to celebrate the solstice, bringing people together to help foster social change at a local level. Beacons are there to celebrate the launch of community initiatives aimed at creating real and effective change, timed to coincide with the year’s solstice celebrations.

We see this event as a gathering place, a platform to launch our own London Beacon for Campfire Convention.

For more information on the Solstice Global Beacons project from Campfire Convention click here

where is a 'solstice experience' taking place?


For this event we are delighted to be partnering with Lauderdale House in Highgate. Built in 1582 and set in Waterlow Park, Lauderdale House runs primarily as an arts and education centre welcoming over 65,000 visitors annually. It is a stunning Tudor house, recently restored in 2016.

For more information on the house and it's history please click here

This event will be taking place in the garden at the back of the house, which has unparalleled views of Waterlow Park. We have exclusive access to the house and grounds for this event and in the case of bad weather we will use the house itself to run this experience.

pricing and tickets

All profits from this event will be split between Campfire Convention and Lauderdale House to support the good work of both organisations.

Tickets for this event will start at £25+bf for a limited number of earlybird tickets. As this Event is also a fundraiser for both Campfire Convention and Lauderdale House there is a mandatory donation that we are asking all participants to give. This can be as little or as much as you choose, and you will need to have selected which ticket type you want (player or audience) AND have made a donation in order to secure your place.

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Date and Time


Lauderdale House


N6 5HG

United Kingdom

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