Acre Presents: Art of Work - Safety Differently Masterclasses
Acre Presents: Art of Work - Safety Differently Masterclasses

Acre Presents: Art of Work - Safety Differently Masterclasses

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Central London

London, United Kingdom

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Join Acre and Art of Work at one of our full day masterclasses with John Green and Daniel Hummerdal, intended for CEOs, Executive Managers and Senior Safety Managers.

The way organisations have approached safety has reached a maturity in which further benefits cannot be reaped. To overcome, organisations need to manage safety differently. But what does this mean and how can it be done in practice?

The traditional safety paradigm, sometime referred to as Safety I, has focussed on behaviours of individuals and the use of bureaucratic accountability and constraints to prevent negative outcomes. But despite unprecedented investments in safety, organisations still experience significant incident levels. Furthermore, while this approach has lead to significant improvements it has also produced several problematic side effects: disengagement and disempowerment of people, increasing bureaucracy, loss of innovation and productivity. Safety Differently suggests a paradigm shift in how organisations understand and manage safety. Professor Erik Hollnagel’s theory on Safety II and Professor Sidney Dekker’s book on Safety Differently, outline a new set of principles that organisations can rely on to organise safety. This new paradigm sees deviations and people’s behaviours not as the causes of incidents, but as symptoms of the organisational and environmental context of work. To adapt and overcome organisations need to focus on building strengths by continuously working toward setting people up for success, harnessing the potential of their people to contribute, and empowering people to take responsibility in the workplace.

This new paradigm requires new or refocused safety practices as well as new roles for safety professionals and business leaders. Over the last 5 years, a growing number of organisations have developed practices and methods that help organisations to organise safety differently. In this one day Master Class, attendees will be introduced to the ideas and principles that underpin the Safety Differently movement, but also the practices that allow organisations to manage safety differently.

The content includes:

● Overview of the ideas behind traditional safety management approaches

  • The influence from Herbert Heinrich’s work on Industrial Safety

  • The influence from Frederick Taylor’s work on Scientific Management

  • The influence from Max Weber’s bureaucratic optimisation

● Introduction to Erik Hollnagel’s theory of Safety I and Safety II

  • The role of performance variability

  • The difference between Work as Imagined and Work as Done

  • The need to understand functions

● Practical ways to translate the safety differently principles into practice

● Case studies of how safety differently has been applied in different industries

The objective of the Master Class is to provide attendees with a clear alternative of how safety can be enabled at the operational, functional and strategic levels of organisations.

Participants will learn:

  • why focusing on what helps and hinders normal work will improve safety

  • how people are a solution to harness, rather than a problem to control

  • new ways to measure safety that will drive empowerment and innovation

  • why leaders need to host conversations about what goes on at work

  • how organisations can learn from what goes right

  • how organisations have managed to build their safety management systems on the Safety Differently principles

Masterclass tickets are availble for the following dates:

  • 08:30 - 16:00, 28th September 2016 - The Pullman Hotel, Euston, London

  • 08:30 - 16:00, 4th October 2016 - The Pullman Hotel, Euston, London
  • 08:30 - 16:00, 5th October 2016 - SOLD OUT

  • 08:30 - 16:00, 6th October 2016 - SOLD OUT

We we are looking at alternatives dates and potentially locations other than London, so if you are interested or for more information or if you would like to purchase tickets via invoice/pro-forma please contact Anna Keen or Owain Wood on +44 (0) 207 400 5570 or /


John Green

John Green has worked in the oil, gas, petrochemical, electronic and aviation sectors. He began his working life as a major hazards inspector for the HSE in the late 1970s. He then spent periods overseas with BP on Das Island, ADNOC in Abu Dhabi, CALTEX in Bahrain and Total where he was Head of Safety during the construction of the South Pars industrial complex. On returning to the UK John held senior positions with Motorola, British Airways and Board level positions with Severn Trent and Alfred McAlpine. He is currently Director HSEQ and Corporate Responsibility for Laing O’Rourke's European hub.

John holds degrees in Occupational Health and Safety, Integrated Pollution Mgmt, and Risk Mgmt as well as qualifications in Psychology, Law and Change Mgmt. He spends any spare time that he has climbing, scuba diving and in any other pursuit that requires risk management skills.

Daniel Hummerdal

Daniel is the Director of Safety Innovation at Art of Work and is recognised in Australia and overseas as a leading safety thinker and practitioner. After an initial career as a commercial pilot, Daniel studied psychology, graduating with a Master of Science in Psychology from Linköping University in Sweden. Daniel also holds Masters level courses in Human Factors in Aviation. He has worked as an accident investigator with the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration, as a Human Factors consultant with Dedale (France), and been engaged in industrial safety research in Sweden, France and Australia. Daniel has most recently been the Safety Innovation Leader for Thiess based in Brisbane and prior to this corporate role he was the Safety Practices Leader at Sinclair Knight Merz. Daniel is passionate about finding innovative ways to help organisations to improve safety. He is also the founder of

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Date and Time

Central London

London, United Kingdom

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