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Advanced Module Online

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Advanced Module Online Gathered Session

About this event

The Advanced Module is designed to ensure that you are fully equipped to fulfil your safeguarding responsibilities within the Methodist Church. It will help you understand what to look out for, how to respond and when to ask for help, to ensure that Methodist Churches are safe places for all.

The Advanced Module (online) is an interactive course where case studies, film clips, questions and discussions will be used to enhance your learning. The Module is in three parts:

1. Advanced Module e-learning, an independent learning experience, you can complete at your own pace in advance of the Gathered session.

2. Advanced Module Gathered Session, a 2 hour facilitated session, for up to 12 participants, which will consolidate and continue your earlier learning. This will be led by one of the District Advanced Module Trainers and the District Safeguarding Officer. A chaplain will also be available.

3. Advanced Module Handbook, this will support your learning during Advanced Module (online) and be a reference point for further study and resources.

Aims and Objectives.

To consolidate and develop your previous safeguarding learning and;

- explore what this means in your designated role of responsibility within the church.

- further equip you with skills and resources to be confident in promoting good practice in the church and community.

- extend your understanding of responding well to different groups within the church community.


The e-learning section of Advanced Module (online) will be completed on Theology X. Once your course enrolment has been confirmed;

- go to

- In the top right-hand corner click on Create Account.• Follow the instructions to set up your account using your email address and a password of your choice.

- It is important that you log in to TheologyX using the same email address using the same email address as that which you provided to enrol on the course. You can create a user name for your account; this must be all one word, with no spaces.

- You will receive an email from Theology X to validate your account within a couple of days. Follow the instructions on that email. If you don’t receive this (please check spam) contact Simon Sutcliffe on

Once your account is set up you will be able to access Advanced Module in your Dashboard. Go to and sign in. Click the Dashboard in the top-right hand corner and click on Advanced Module.

If you already have a Theology X account the Advanced Module will appear on your dashboard.

An introductory section on ‘How to use Theology X’ can be found

The e-learning does not have to be completed in one sitting. You can return to complete the material or to recap as needed. We estimate that completing the material will take 3 to 4 hours.

Please make sure you have completed all sections of the e-learning and have recorded all information in your Workbook before you attend the Gathered session.

You will notice that the materials begin with greetings from a District Chair and end with a message from a DSO. These are generic videos for the online pilot and will be replaced by films specific to each District in due course.


The Workbook is for you to use during the e-learning and to bring to the Gathered session as a reference and for further notes. The key purpose of the Workbook is as a place for you to note your reflections, learning, any questions you have and any action points. You will find the Workbook attached to your joining e mail, it is also available at the top of the course pages on Theology X.


Your feedback from the e-learning programme is really important. A feedback form will be sent to you and will also be available at the top of the course pages on Theology X. The form should be completed online at the end of your e-learning and returned to your trainer. You may find it helpful to look at the feedback form before starting your e-learning and to keep the questions accessible for reference during the course.

The Gathered Session

The Gathered session will consolidate your learning in key areas and will provide an opportunity for you to raise questions from both the e-learning and the Gathered session.

Registering for a Gathered Session

Please book your Gathered Session, you will then be registered for TheologyX access.

Accessing a Gathered Session

For the Gathered session on zoom you will need a computer or Tablet with webcam and microphone (these are often built into your device). As you arrive at the zoom session please have your camera and sound on and keep your camera on throughout so we can look after you.

The zoom link for the session will be sent by a member of the training team.

The Gathered session zoom will be open 15 minutes before the start time to allow you to arrive and settle in.

Preparing to take part in the Gathered Session

If possible, find a quiet space where you can fully engage with the session without distraction. Be aware that some of the content may not be appropriate for others in your home so consider either being in a different room or wearing headphones.

Before you arrive at the Gathered session there are a few things to reflect on. Together we will explore further the Grooming in a Church Context and Revd. Smith case studies. Please have a look at your notes in your Workbook beforehand.

We will also be focusing on Listening Skills, in a number of ways, including a listening exercise. For this please could you think of a one minute story about one of the areas below, which you are comfortable to share.

- A pet hate, and why this is so.

- A favourite activity.

- Something I’m proud of.

- A time when I was out of my comfort zone.

The story is simply a vehicle for the learning so there is no pressure to think of a great story!

Look After Yourself

Safeguarding, and the issues involved affect many of us in different ways. It may be that you find elements of the e-learning or Gathered session hard because of the content of the discussions or because you have close experience of abuse, it impacts on a current situation or you feel overwhelmed by the issues covered. It is important that you look after yourself and take time out if needed during Advanced Module (online). If the e learning raises painful issues for you please share this with someone you trust or your local minister.

During the Gathered session a chaplain will be available. They will introduce themselves at the start and can be contacted by phone during and after the session.

Privacy notice

By taking part in Advanced Module (online) your relevant personal information will be held by the district. To find out more about how your information is processed and your Data Protection rights please visit

Thank you for taking part in the Advanced Module online pilot. We hope that you find the training useful and look forward to receiving your feedback.