Advanced Scene Study Course London with Fay Beck IN PERSON

Advanced Scene Study Course London with Fay Beck IN PERSON

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Actors Door Studio

Unit 4, Feather Mews

91 Fieldgate Street


E1 1DH

United Kingdom

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A two-week short course comprising 4 x 4 hour weekly sessions

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A two-week short course comprising 4 x 4 hour weekly sessions

WHEN: 12th - 15th September & 19th – 22nd September 2022

MONDAY 10:00 AM-3:00 PM

TUESDAY 10:00 AM-3:00 PM

WEDNESDAY 10:00 AM-3:00 PM, and

THURSDAY 10:00 AM-3:00 PM

Daily sessions include 3 breaks, totalling 1hr

The workshop is delivered IN-PERSON at our studio

Max Students: 10


A unique opportunity to train with the Actors Door Studio’s founder and director.

The Advanced Scene Study Course is a 2 week program, open and available to non-ADS actors, as well as to actors currently enrolled in courses at the Actors Door Studio (ADS).

Over the two week intensive short course, Fay Beck’s will introduce you to her powerful scene breakdown method and deep characterisation technique.

“Well crafted plays have a hidden framework which intricately weaves together – and complexly – the writer’s themes and messages. As audience, we see the narrative and the characters. As actors, we must be able to identify and work with the hidden structure. In the scene study course, my work involves helping actors to just that. And additionally, instructing them on how to use it to create deep, nuanced and powerful performances.” – Fay Beck

For ADS students enrolled in the 2YR Courses, this dynamic scene study course will offer you the opportunity to elevate your text analysis abilities and scene study skills.

We welcome experienced actors, professional actors and actors with previous acting experience at a drama or acting school to apply to the course.

Please note, this course is not suitable for beginners.

The Scene Study Course comprises 4 x 5hr weekly classes (1hr break inclusive) and is delivered over the course of 2 weeks.


The Course has been especially designed to help you master scene study craft. During the course Fay Beck will help you develop and expand on existing acting skills and introduce you to her singular perspective on deconstructing character and the text. You will be introduced to her work in helping actors become ‘mindfully instinctive’ on stage and gain insight into what it takes to experience what true freedom on stage.

Over the 2 weeks students will cover the following:

- Story Elements & Deep Narrative Structure

- In-depth Scene/Text Analysis

- Developing Character using the text – a character centred perspective uniquely crafted by Fay Beck

- Playing complex ‘doings’

- Emotional preparation

- Advanced text personalisation techniques

- Best practices for working with your co-star

- Rehearsals of scenes in preparation for the Performance Showcase

- Easy application of powerful skills to performance

- Developing and applying ‘mindful instinct’ to performance.

Attendees may invite up to 2 guests to the private invite-only final performance showcase, which will take place shortly after the course is completed. The Final Performance is scheduled for the last day of the course.

This is one of a kind course that not only offers you the opportunity to invest in your self, and learn key tools in characterisation and performance, but also in conjunction, presents you with the chance to create meaningful work with other actors.


The Advanced Scene Study Course is the perfect opportunity to practice your scene analysis and performance skills.

Being able to analyse or identify deep elements in a scene will help you develop characters more compellingly so you can tell their story effectively and more powerfully.

Under Fay Beck’s instruction, you gain be able to dig beneath the surface of the words on the page to bring the script to life.

In this program, students are offered the time and space to meet and work with like-minded actors. Through the course, you will also get the opportunity to join the vibrant, ever growing, but select community of actors attending the Actors Door Studio.

The relationships you build during the course will stay with you well after the course is finished.


"…(Fay) has a unique and vast understanding of story and character and makes it very accessible, despite its complexity. For anyone working who needs help breaking down a scene, a script, a character or all three, I couldn’t recommend Fay enough. Not only has she been able to help me understand material in an extraordinary way she has also always given me countless ways of bringing it to life. I will be seeking Fays expertise for many, many years and I encourage you to do the same!"

Max Fowler, Actor (The Affair, State of Happiness, Wolf Wall, Powers, The Killing).

"Fay taught me not how to ‘act’, but how to feel deeply, let myself be affected, and how to trust the truth. It has changed my world and I’ve completely fallen in love with the craft like it’s the first time again.

ADS has completely opened my eyes to the artistry of what acting really is. I had completely misunderstood it for 27 years! I’m more passionate and in love with acting than I’ve ever been and it’s all thanks to Fay and ADS. I am eternally grateful."

Melissa Wells, Actress (Hollyoaks) Writer, (Hungry for More, The Goddess Revolution), Founder of the Self Love Summit.

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