After Corporate Life - What Next?

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105a Euston Street

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United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

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What is it?

An evening of inspiration, insight and information to aid you on your journey from the corporate grind to what ever you choose to do next, After the Mothership. It will give you ideas to help you make a success of your escape and the encouragement to take that next step, as well as connecting you with a bunch of fellow travellers on this journey.

Who is it for?

After the Mothership is for anyone who wants to thrive after escaping the corporate grind. Whether you’re in the process or have actually left, this is the event you need to get yourself along to.

Perhaps you’ve been on the Mothership for some time and you’ve finally decided to take the plunge;

Perhaps redundancy has taken the choice out of your hands;

Perhaps you have an idea of what you want to do but lack the know how to make it happen;

Or perhaps you have yet to decide and you want to take a look at your options

Whichever it is, you want to escape the corporate grind to explore new horizons and find out what else is possible in your life.

Things are going be different, that much is clear. Everything else is just a blizzard of questions:

“Where do I start?”

“Do I have anything that’s of any value outside the world I know?”

“Is it just going to be too hard?”

“Do people like me really do this?”

“Am I just being irresponsible? Selfish? Foolish?”

“What about the money and the security?”

“Will I be able to survive?”

“Can my life really be different?”

“And how the hell do other people do this?!!!”

This event is designed to answer these questions (well, some of them - that’s a big list!) and get you started on the process of transition from who you are today to the person you are capable of being.

It’s here to help you take the next step down the road, whether it’s your very first step or one much further on your journey.

What will it be like?

It will be informative, inspiring and full of ideas that you might find a bit challenging and even a bit weird. Ideas you perhaps haven’t come across before. Questions you hadn’t thought of or that don’t get asked normally.

That’s the point: it will be about the things that you haven’t been told, haven’t been exposed to on the Mothership.

You’re going to learn a lot but it’s going to be fun too because we learn much better when we’re enjoying ourselves. And life is meant to be fun, right?

It’s going to be interactive as well. Not in an icky way - you’re not going to be forced into role-playing with your neighbour or telling your story through the medium of interpretive dance - you’ll just get the chance to ask questions, either in open session or privately.

We want to know what your specific concerns and issues are, so that we can help you make that next step.

What will happen?

Each event will focus on a specific aspect or question about making the transition to a new phase of your career.

THE PROVOCATION: I – Colin Newlyn – will give a short talk to introduce the topic and pose a few provocative questions.

THE CONVERSATION: The main part of the evening will be a panel discussion with people who have been through this transition or have a relevant area of expertise. This will give you a mix of personal experience, theory and practice. We’ll open the conversation up to the floor so you will get a chance to join in and ask your own questions.

THE MINGLE: At the end of the evening there will be the chance to mingle and chat with the other attendees over a drink, buttonhole the speakers for any questions you want to ask more privately, and maybe strike up some new friendships with like-minded people who are on the same journey as you.

What will I get out of it?

At the end of the evening you’ll go away with your head bursting with ideas and information, and an injection of inspiration to give you the courage to take that next step.

You’ll have also spent time with a group of people who totally get where you are and maybe have even arranged a few follow-up calls, coffees or somewhat stronger libations.

So come along and start building your own rocket ship.


The first After the Mothership Live! will take place on Wednesday 27th September from 6.30 to 9.30 at @Workhubs in Euston Street, London, NW1 2EW.

We’re aiming to make this a regular event, so make sure you come to this first one to be there at the start of something special.


About Colin Newlyn and After the Mothership

After the Mothership was created by Colin Newlyn to help people avoid all the mistakes he made after he escaped corporate life.

After some 20 years of the corporate grind, Colin decided to ‘do his own thing’ without really knowing what that was or how to do it. He ended up buying a franchise, which was probably the worst choice he could have made. After three years of solid failure, he parted company with the franchise and embarked upon a series of inappropriate and ill-starred ventures and projects.

On this lengthy and painful, not to mention expensive (NOOOOO! Don’t mention how expensive it was!) journey of self-discovery and learning, he realised that there was a lack of information and support that was appropriate for someone who was not a skinny-jeaned hipster with tattoos and a beard, or a red-meat-eating, granny-selling entrepreneur obsessed with making their first million.

In other words, there was nothing out there for the rest of us, especially the slightly-battered corporate generalists with a point to prove.

And so, After the Mothership was born to share all the things Colin wished someone had told him at the beginning and to connect like-minded souls on this voyage of discovery.

As well as hosting live events, Colin provides individual and group coaching for people who are transitioning from corporate to a new life and career. In other words, he works with people a bit like him. To find out how Colin could help you, go to http://www.afterthemothership.com/coaching/

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Date and Time



105a Euston Street

Kings Cross



United Kingdom

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