AHP 15-18 Profiles to Payments - Birmingham
AHP 15-18 Profiles to Payments - Birmingham

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AHP 15-18 Profiles to Payments - Birmingham

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Homes and Communities Agency

5 St Philips Place

Colmore Row

Birmingham, United Kingdom

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If you wish to book a place on this training having read the information below first check if a date/time is identified on screen to the right of this text already, if not please click on the button above to Select a time.  Once a time is selected the button will change to a Register button, click on this to register.  The registration shoud be completed by the person who will be attending the training as only they will know the answers to some of the questions asked as part of the registration process, only one registration can be completed at once, your place will be held for 10 minutes while you complete the registration.

This course is for users who are either new or inexperienced in taking an AHP 15-18 offer line data through to a payment claim.  

There will be a 45 minute break for lunch in the course, lunch will not be provided (there are shops around and underneath the offices where lunch could be bought).

The booking levels are currently as follow:

  • 5/12/16 - 2 spaces remaining
  • 6/12/16 - 9 spaces (date just released)

the above availability was last updated on 20/916 at 11:30

When on line registrations on these courses are nearing their capacity we have another sessions around the above dates that we will be able to release for further bookings, further sessions will be available in Q4.


Hands on session in a training version of IMS HCA will provide computers for use during the session

Pre-course requirements:

  • Participants must have a current IMS user ID at a Partnership level
  • The Partnership must have an approved Offer and Offer line(s) in one or more of the following programmes: AHP 15-18, Short Form Agreement, Homelessness Change, Platform for Life.
  • The Partnerships grant agreement and payment processing must have been signed off in IMS for the relevant programme
  • Participants should familiarise themselves with the Amending Profiles and Scheme Processing in IMS guidance on the HCA website and may wish to bring a copy with them as this will be referred to in the session.  Our IMS guidance can be found here
  • There is no need to update a user’s IMS Authorities for this training as Authorities will be assigned to registered participants in advance of the session in the training version of IMS
  • Participants should be involved, or about to be involved in updating IMS once offer lines have been approved through to confirming starts, PCs and submitting payment claims.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Understand where Profiles and Grant Confirmations fit in the cycle of an individual developement
  • Be able to find a Profile and navigate Profile versioning.
  • Understand the difference and structure of Bulk and Scheme Profile lines, Firm and Indicative Offers lines and the restrictions on Bulk for Firm lines.
  • Be able to amend a Profile including changing milestones.
  • Be able to phase schemes/schedule out bulk in Profiles in the Offers system.
  • Understand the difference between Material Changes, Changes, Messages and Errors on Profiles and be able to respond to changes appropriately when submitting
  • Be able to validate and submit a Profile changes.
  • Understand the additional information that providers need to complete prior to Grant Confirmation and be able to input the required information.
  • Know how to access the audit and variation history of Profiles.
  • Be able to create a Scheme from both Schemes and Profiles
  • Be able to find a scheme from both Schemes and Profiles.
  • Understand the 15-18 grant confirmation stages and the submission process, including achievement of milestones.
  • Understand how to Access Provider Reports.
  • Be able to amend milestones on a Scheme.
  • Be able to log and submit payment claims.

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Homes and Communities Agency

5 St Philips Place

Colmore Row

Birmingham, United Kingdom

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