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Akeley Wood School Colour Fun Run 2019

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Date and Time



Akeley Wood School

Wicken Park


Milton Keynes

MK19 6DA

United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

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The Akeley Wood School Colour Fun Run is a 3KM sponsored Colour Run and family day out. There is a Colour Festival, obstacles and colour stations along the route, ensuring you leave covered in a rainbow colour. Walk, jog, run or skip, we'll leave that down to you, but this event is all about fun!

Don't want to participate in the run but would like to cheer on from the side lines? There's plenty to keep you busy with fantastic stallholders, food vendors, a bar, kids zone, inflatables, fairground rides and so on! There is no charge for the event to any spectators, however please do register so we can manage numbers.

*Please note, by ordering any participant or spectator ticket, you're agreeing to the T&C's below.

Grab your tickets early. The Colour Fun Run was a sell out last year!

Please email events@akeleywoodschool.co.uk with any questions regarding large bookings.

Ticket sales END on Friday, 31st May

The Need to Knows:

  • Car parking is free, as is entry to the grounds
  • Prices to participate in the run include a white t-shirt, protective glasses, sweatband, a pouch of colour and a medal
  • Tickets are only available online, there will be no entry on the gates


  • We are fundraising for Friends of Akeley Wood School (FAWS) [charity registration number 1121738]
  • Start your fundraising by setting up your JustGiving page here


  • As part of the entry free, we supply each runner with a plain white t-shirt to wear on the day
  • Please indicate the number of t-shirts required and most importantly, the size, using the order form enclosed
  • T-Shirts are in adult sizes, so a small should be considered for children

Event Guide and FAQs:

Pre check-in
We're organising a pre check-in day prior to the event, so you can collect your race pack in advance of the run and speed up your entry to the site on the day. Pre check-in: Akeley Wood Junior School, 3:00pm - 6:00pm outside the Sports Hall.

If you decide to pick up your race pack on the day of the event, please arrive approximately 45 minutes to an hour before the warm up at 12.15pm to allow enough time for the pickup. Participants will get their medals at the finish line. Race packs can be collected from a signposted gazebo onsite.

Akeley Wood Junior School, Wicken Park Road, Wicken, MK19 6DA.

There are toilet facilities available on site, including disabled and baby changing. There are no facilities for changing or bag storage. We respectfully ask that you do not use the toilets for changing for the sake of those who actually need to use them.

We strongly recommend that you leave any valuable items at home. Akeley Wood School and the Friends of Akeley Wood School accept no liability for any items that are lost or damaged at this event.

Car parking is free and will be onsite at the school.

The grounds are largely accessible to buggies and wheelchair users. Please note however, the event is held on the school playing field. To facilitate attendees with mobility issues, please contact events@akeleywoodschool.co.uk.


We are not able to accommodate dogs at this event, except for assistance dogs.


Please note that smoking and vaping is NOT permitted at this event or anywhere on school premises including parking provided by the School on the day.

Gates Open

Gates open at 11.00am in preparation for the Colour Festival Warm up at 12.15pm. Please allow plenty of time to park and check-in before the warm up and run start.

Event Schedule

  • Gates open: 11.00am – parking 10:30am onwards.
  • Warm up: 12.15pm
  • Colour Festival: 12.25pm
  • Run with staggered start (elite runners at the front): 12.30pm
  • Spectators - soak up atmosphere, support participants, enjoy the food and refreshments, Kidz Zone and stalls
  • Raffle prize draw: 2.00pm
  • Time for home: 3.00pm


There will be a bar and street food vendors where you will be able to buy food and drinks. Our street food vendors cater for a wide variety of dietary requirements. Please ensure you make them aware of any special dietary requirements or allergies.

Safety and First Aid
A first aid tent will be provided with attendants on hand to deal with any incidents.

The route is a 3km maximum course made up of 4x 750m circuits of our beautiful Wicken Park campus. Please note, you can pick and choose the number of laps, with a maximum of 4. This is a fun run and is not timed.

Who can attend our event?
Any age is welcome to attend the event. Every child under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or a responsible adult of 18-or-over, at the event at all times. Children aged 8 years and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or a responsible adult of 18-or-over, on the race itself.

What is the coloured powder made of?
The powder is dyed corn starch, non-toxic, biodegradable, compliant with food standard guidelines. It isn’t harmful if ingested but doesn’t taste very nice. Although all of the ingredients in the coloured powder we use are approved, they might still cause an allergic reaction to those who have asthma, allergies or are sensitive to dust. Therefore, appropriate protective gear, such as goggles, sunglasses, bandanas and face masks should be worn to protect the eyes and face from exposure to the coloured powder during the event. If you have blonde hair you can apply conditioner or olive oil to your hair before the event. That will help cleaning up afterwards! You can also cover your hair with a bandana or beanie or space helmet during the event if you wish. Flush with water to remove powder from eyes, mouth or nose; mild soap and water recommended for cleaning on skin.

What kind of obstacles will I be running, bouncing and crawling through?
There will be a number of obstacles including inflatables and other fun surprises. Please note that we reserve the right to make changes to the number and range of the obstacles: depending on for example the weather and other circumstances.

What should I wear for the Colour Fun Run?
Comfortable clothing is a good start, as are comfortable running shoes. All colour fun runners are encouraged to wear light coloured clothing as the colour powder shows best on light colours. As part of signing up, we will provide you with a free Colour Fun Run T-Shirt. Do not wear anything with sharp edges that might cause injury to other participants or damage the inflatable obstacles along the course. In order to join the Colour Fun Run you will have to wear sunglasses or goggles. We do not recommend using contact lenses!

What do I get when I sign up?
Not only are you joining a fun-filled running experience, you will also receive a plain white t-shirt to wear on the race, a personal colour packet, a sweatband, protective glasses and a finisher medal.

What do I need to take with me on the event day?
You will need your confirmation email preferably printed (or just download or take a photo of it on your phone), comfortable clothing and plenty of cash for food, entertainment and stalls.

Is the Colour Fun Run for a specific charity or can I do the run for my chosen charity?
The Colour Fun Run is a charity event, specifically to raise funds for the Friends of Akeley Wood School (PTA)
[charity registration number 1121738].

Can I take my phone with me?
You can carry your mobile phone during the run in an armband or in a bum bag. However, the race includes obstacles and colour stations so you run the risk of damage to your phone. Please note that it is likely to be difficult to perform some of the obstacles with a mobile phone in your hand.

By registering for this event you are agreeing that any official photographs being taken can be used in the promotion of this event, work of the school and the Friends of Akeley Wood School. There will be an official photographer taking photographs at this event. These photographs will be used on social media and may be used for further promotional materials. You are welcome to take photographs of your children and family members at the event but please respect the privacy and safety of others and refrain from including other children and adults in those photographs and posting these on social media. When uploading to social media, make sure to use the hashtag #AkeleyColourRun.

Can I take my action camera and my selfie stick with me on the run?
You can take your action camera (like GoPro) with you, but please note that selfie sticks are not allowed for safety reasons! If you would like to use for example a chest harness for your action camera, please make sure that the harness is safe and the clips will open if the harness gets caught on an obstacle.

Lost People
In the event of a person becoming lost, they should be taken to the First Aid Tent where they will be looked after by a member of staff who has been security cleared. Please note the lost person will not be released to a member of the public until the member of staff is satisfied that their identity is genuine.

Am I allowed to consume alcohol at the event? Alcohol will be on sale at this event and only alcohol purchased at the event may be consumed on site. This is a family event and we ask that attendees drink responsibly.

Can my friends or family come and watch the race?
Absolutely, spectators can gain entry to the event site free of charge. The more the merrier! However, please note that spectators will not be permitted access to any part of the course for safety reasons. To help us make your day a good one, please can you let us know when registering, how many spectators you are likely to be bringing with you.

How do I clean up after I’ve finished the course?
We are not able to provide cleaning stations at the event. In fine weather it is quite easy to shake the colour off your clothes. In damp weather we recommend you bring a change of clothes or some towels or large plastic bags with you to prevent your car from getting coloured.

After you have finished the event and gone home, just blow all the excess colour off dry before entering the shower. After your first shower, some of the colour still might show a little but don't worry: after a couple of washes you should be as clean as brand new!

It’s best to wash all your clothes first separately in cold water. Please bring bin bags for the car and your clothes after the run!

Can I participate if I am pregnant or I have some health issues?
If you are pregnant or have any issues with your health please consult your doctor before participating in the Colour Fun Run or the event’s other physical entertainment, such as bouncy castles. Although our mission is to make the run and event as safe as possible for every participant, there is always the possibility of unforeseeable incidents (such as falling or bumping into another person).

What if the weather is bad?
In the event of light rain we’ll be dancing in the rain! The rain may make the run (and site) a little bit slippery in places and slower in general, so you might need to wait a little bit longer to get to the obstacles. We may also have to withdraw one or more obstacles for safety reason.
The event organisers reserve the right to cancel the event or change the fun run obstacles and event entertainment such inflatables if they deem conditions to be unsafe, for example hard rain or strong winds. Stay tuned with updates by following the event’s Facebook page.

I am unable to attend the event, can I get my money back?
The entry fee to Colour Fun Run is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Further Questions
If you have any questions that are not answered on this page please contact events@akeleywoodschool.co.uk.

Terms and Conditions

Please read all sections carefully before agreeing to the Terms & Conditions below. Please note that if you are signing up on behalf of other participants, you agree to these conditions on their behalf too. If you wish to pass responsibility of agreement of conditions on to the individual participant, please ensure they enter themselves online.1. Individual Declaration a. I confirm that I wish to enter the Akeley Wood School Colour Fun Run and understand that I do it at my own risk and that Akeley Wood School (‘the School’) and the Friends of Akeley Wood School (‘FAWS’) will not accept liability for any injury or loss that may occur as a result of my participation. The registration fee covers the event expenses and this fee is non-refundable. I agree that medical advice should be sought from a doctor if I am in any doubt as to the physical ability required to participate in this event. I confirm that I am aware that photographs taken during the run may be used to publicise this event and the School and FAWS generally.2. Parent/Guardian Declaration a. The permission of a parent/legal guardian is required for all participants under the age of 16. I am the parent or the legal guardian of the person registered and I hereby give consent to their participation in the Akeley Wood School Colour Fun Run and understand that they take part in the Run at their own risk and that the School and FAWS will not be liable for any injury or loss that may occur as result of his/her participation. The registration fee covers the event expenses and this fee is non-refundable. I agree that medical advice should be sought from a doctor if I am in any doubt as to the physical ability required to participate in this event. I confirm that I am aware that photographs taken during the run may be used to publicise this event and the School and FAWS generally. 3. General
The terms and conditions below apply to both you and any participant under the age of 16 for whom you are the parent/legal guardian.

a. I understand that participating in the Run is a potentially hazardous activity where I will be required to run a set distance and coloured powder will be thrown at and around me during the course of the event. I also understand that some of the course may go through water, coloured corn starch or mud, which has not been tested for chemicals or disease. I further understand that I may be exposed to insects during the Run. As it is a physically demanding activity, I understand there is a risk of injury and even death and that the School and FAWS do not conduct health or fitness checks on participants. I agree not to participate unless I am medically and physically able, and that it is my responsibility to decide whether I am, and any child for whom I am responsible, is medically and physically able.
b. I understand that the organisers reserve the right to alter the arrangements and conditions should circumstances require.

c. I consent to emergency medical care and transportation in order to obtain treatment in the event of injury to me as medical professionals may deem appropriate.

d. Entering the Run is a binding commitment, and runners who cannot make the run for any reason, including travel arrangements and injury, will not be refunded.

e. I agree that the School and FAWS are not responsible for any personal items or property that are lost, stolen, stained or damaged at or during the event. I understand and agree that pets are not permitted on the school premises including parking save for assistance dogs.

f. I grant permission to the School and FAWS and its partners to use any photographs, motion pictures, video and/or sound recordings or any other record of this event which include any images of me (and/or of any child on whose behalf I sign) for any purpose including, but not limited to, promoting, advertising and marketing purposes at any time after the event. I understand the Run is a no smoking event and I must not smoke or be in possession of any ignitable or ignited substances anywhere on the School premises, including parking.
g. Every runner under the age of 16 needs to have parental/legal guardian consent to run. Those aged 12 and under must have parental/guardian consent to run and must run or walk with a responsible adult (18 years and older) who must also register for the Colour Fun Run. Those aged 13 – 15 years old can run or walk on their own but must have a responsible adult over the age of 18 in attendance at the event. This person does not have to register for the Colour Fun Run or take part. One responsible adult can take responsibility for a maximum of 3 minors. Anyone 16 or over can attend the event and run without a responsible adult in attendance.

h. I agree that I have obtained the parent/legal guardian's consent of any child that I am booking a ticket for.
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Date and Time


Akeley Wood School

Wicken Park


Milton Keynes

MK19 6DA

United Kingdom

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