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Alchemy Digital is based in London and is a part of Alchemy Solutions in Bangalore.

Digital/Social Media Strategy

Today, companies can no longer rely exclusively on the benevolence of media specialists to advance their strategic messaging. In the age of digital culture prospective customers simply take their news and information from a myriad sources on the Internet whenever and wherever they please.

It is therefore necessary for small and large businesses to build their own digital footprint in a wider variety of media channels. From using traditional news outlets for advertising to influential blog writers and link up to the most pertinent social networks. A story shared is amplified through digital networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and these can be as important for driving customer or stakeholder action. These social networks initially catalyse the “conversation.”

Let a Digital media expert help you and your business, organisation or NGO navigate the new digital media landscape to advance your company’s message online and off. Alchemy Digital and Alchemy Solutions – offers their clients access to the many new cutting edge technologies and tools to help them identify exactly which influencers will be the most receptive to their overtures. With upto date knowledge the founders have built a reputation on media smarts and the successful navigation of the vastly altered editorial landscape.

Nancy Wo0ods

Global media management

Many of today’s most viral story memes originate with coverage from trusted media sources. So many media outlets in the UK are bombarding customers daily . Yet, traditional mainstream media inextricably intertwined selling of both individual products and organisations . These outlets no longer have the lock on driving a national conversation, because they fail to distinguish the differences between marketing and Advertisement. And also, because the British audience can differentiate between news content and third party endorsements are outdated. In the past, Public Relations was treated as an ancillary part of media mix, but that has changed . However, even today, traditional notions among these companies such as Quartz, Slate, Gawker, Pando Daily, Re/code, Politico, Mashable, Gothamist, The Wrap, Wired, and Buzzfeed, as they are from The New York Times, AP, Bloomberg, CNN or the Wall Street Journal has been evolving, and the change has begun. Editors are no longer mentioning product names in print. As a Digital media and marketing expert role is to be objective, impartial, neutral and above all trustworthy.

Although for some news companies products and endorsements are still important, to carry on their business persuits. Finding a digital media and marketing expert to engage with the editorial gatekeepers at these burgeoning sites and blogs, as well as at the more mainstream news organizations remains a challenge. This is because of many embarrassing incidents by actors and musicians who endorse products for financial reward. An example of CNN whose policies are strict on media spokesperson after Hollywoods Kathleen Turner’s incident of promoting a drug company products without disclosing the financial relationship.

Content marketing strategies

Nancy Woods uses three marketing strategies in her campaigns. They can alternate from paid (advertising), earned (publicity) and owned (original content). The modern communication campaigns are used to varying degrees to drive the message to the customer. Sometimes hybrid models such as earned/owned (contributed) and paid/owned (sponsored) on which online publishers increasingly rely and which editorial-centric Journalists pros are best-equipped to create.

The other service Nancy provides is News/feature coverage which continues to have the greatest ability to create action, shape perceptions and spur sharing.

Yet, these other content marketing strategies need to be considered if a company / individual hopes to build audience awareness for its products or services. The services are unique and tailor made to help emerge and establish companies find their voices and ensure that they resonate in the most relevant media channels.

Other Services

Corporate digital communication services include :Executive/Brand Positioning with emphasis on Reputation Management and best of branding/ evaluation. Communication : The publics, Crisis/Issues Management,Electronic Media Relations,Goverment Relations,NGO’s : Multicultural community relations and Research: principles of public relation research projects.

Company description

Alchemy Digital is a part of Alchemy Solutions which is integrated with young minds and innovative ideas and has the ability to deliver mission critical information to clients as fast as possible and at lower cost keeping abreast with the Technologies. And these all are possible with some eminent personnel’s who are advisors and the backbone of Alchemy Solutions. Alchemy Solutions is formed after an intense Market research and analysis. Alchemy Digital is aware of the ever-increasing competition and with emerging technologies and trends. This is where we have a role to play in ensuring the success of those who choose Alchemy Digital for their communication needs where “Quality is King !”This digital agency is transparent and will reveal the source of information, to give credit where it’s due! But, will not act as a spokesperson or devious spokesperson for promoting products, and therefore will not do endorsement until and unless they are in the public domain and in the interest of consumers.

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