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All Night Gong (Gong Puja) on Eastbourne Seafront

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Natural Fitness Centre


BN22 7AG

United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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Summer All Night Gong Puja
20-21 July

We would love to invite you to something extraordinary, and that we have wanted to create for a long time, and soon really will happen. Are you experienced with Gong Baths, and are ready to take the gong vibration experience to a deeper level? Or are you an experienced gong player, and would love to join this all night gong co-creation?

During the night between Saturday – Sunday 20-21 July the gongs will be playing the whole night (at low volume) on the seafront of Eastbourne with the sound of the sea as sonic background. You will get the opportunity to rest and sleep immersed in the sound of the gongs, and also to play for about 30 min during the night.

The all night gong puja is suitable for experienced gong bath participants and experienced gong players. Experienced gong bath participants who have never played the gong, have the opportunity to connect with, and play the gongs (or allow them to play you) during a workshop before the Gong Puja to learn how to approach the gongs, and when playing the 30 minutes during the night, Maria or Patricia can support you and play with you.

Originated by Gongmaster Don Conreaux, a gong puja is an all-night nurturing and transformational gong immersion, a powerful sound healing event, and profound spiritual experience.

It usually lasts 7,5 h, and everyone is encouraged to fully engage by taking turns playing the gongs ( each person plays approximately 30 minutes each), and when not playing simply resting/sleeping into the experience.

‘The energy of the gong puja space is much more lightly charged than the energy of a normal bedroom, because it is filled with the sound of the gongs. Therefore, sleep will not necessarily be the usual kind of sleep that people are used to having. It is more likely be dominated by Theta brainwaves, as the gong sounds may bring up visions and induce healing from the emotional casual layer which is our subconscious reality – things we hold from the past. So more sensitive participants are likely to find that their sleep is quite colourful and adventured -filled, possibly with visions. Other over-tired people may go into a deep sleep for most of the night. It is different for everyone. You can really expect anything in a gong puja’. Sheila Whittaker (Sound Healer, Gong Master and Gong Teacher)

At the heart of the gong puja is the sound and vibration of the gong, which works as a tool to balance the physical body, mind, emotions, energetic body, and spirit. Known as the sound of total resonance, the sound of the gong gives the body a sonic massage helping to: stimulate circulation, activate the parasympathetic nervous system; slow down brainwaves and connect with meditative states and insights; let go of emotional ‘burdens’; clear energetic debris; and expand awareness.

We would love to share this experience with you.


5.30-6pm Arrival for Beginner Gong Players

6-8pm Workshop: Connect with & Play the Gong

8-8.30pm Arrival for Experienced Gong Players and those receiving

8.30-9.30pm Shared dinner (bring something to share)

9.30-10.30pm Prepare for the All Night Gong Puja

10.30pm-6am Gong Ceremony & All Night Gong Puja

6 - 6.30 am Silence /Sunyata for integration

6.30 - 8am Breakfast & space for sharing

8-8.30am Packing up & leave by 8.30am

Note: If you can't join us for dinner but can arrive before the Puja starts it's also ok .

How to book:
Booking in advance because there are limited places in the space. You can book via eventbrite, or you can contact Patricia directly on welcome@sonicsoul.uk (if you prefer to avoid eventbrite fees).

Price (3 different options depending on experience):

All Night Gong Puja + Gong Playing Workshop

-£55 Early bird (until 23 June)

-£65 regular

All Night Gong Puja (experienced players)

-£40 Early bird (until 23 June)

-£50 regular

All Night Gong Puja - receiving (without playing) (limited spaces)

-£50 Early bird (until 23 June)

-£60 regular

What to bring:
- Bedding : What you need for a good night’s sleep (bedroll or single mattress, sleeping bag, duvet, or bankets, pillows etc, be aware of bringing things that doesn’t create a lot of noise when you move as some airbeds do);

-Comfy clothes to sleep in; layers and warm socks;

-Anything else you may need to be comfortable;

- There will be an altar, and you can bring an object to place in the altar;

- A vegan dish to contribute to the shared dinner;

- Plate and Cutlery;

- Water bottle, as you may drink water during the night;

- If there is something special you want for breakfast (we will provide a light breakfast, as fruits, nuts, oat milk, cereals, tea).

The all night gong session is for you if:

-You are experienced with gong baths;

- And if you join the gong puja without the gong playing workshop, you are already an experienced player (or receiving, which has limited availability)

The gong puja is not suitable for absolute beginners, and if you are on the first or last trimester of your pregnant, or have any strong sound sensitive, epilepsy, pacemaker, hearing aid, etc, since a whole night gong can be very powerful.

Any questions, please let us know.
Patricia Carlota (welcome@sonicsoul.uk) & Maria Varanpal (maria@sconsciousnow.uk)

About the facilitators:
Patricia Carlota is a Gong Practitioner who is passionate about sharing the sound of the Gong and related sound tools. Her Sound Healing practice specialises in the use of high quality large gongs, singing bowls, the voice, shruti box, shamanic percussion, chimes and bells. She is interred in connecting to intuition and heart space, exploring perception, and expanding consciousness.

Maria Varanpal is a Gong Practioner and Kundalini Yoga teacher who loves to combine the transforming possibilities of a Yoga of awareness with Sound healing. She wants to create a space where we can be conscious right now and through that welcoming life as a gift with the beautiful diversity of emotions, thoughts, and sensations.

You can find out more about Patricia here:

You can find out more about Maria here:

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Date and Time


Natural Fitness Centre


BN22 7AG

United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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