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An Introduction to Existential Coaching with Yannick Jacob

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A 2-day training programme to introduce life and business coaches to existentialism and how it can elevate and inform your existing practice

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As we are emerging from a global pandemic, many people have come face to face with existential concerns such as endings & death, meaninglessness & absurdity, (lack of) freedom, uncertainty and isolation. Most of us faced difficult decisions and dilemmas, many have experienced crises at work or in their personal live as result of known strucutres collapsing left, right and centre. Now more than ever, existential philosophy is relevant as clients experience their human condition and ask themselves important questions about how they're living their life and navigating their careers. 

Continuing 6 years of successful training events (see testimonials below), I'm excited to announce this online training opportunity for coaches to learn about existentialism and its relevance and application to life and organisational coaching. The training will run online via Zoom over the course of a weekend.

Your host 

This course will include ample space to learn, connect, practice and level up your coaching practice and will be hosted by Yannick Jacob - one of few coaches with an MA in Existential Coaching, author of An Introduction to Existential Coaching: How Philosophy Can Help You and Your Clients Live and Work with Greater Awareness, Courage, Ownership and Passion (Routledge 2019), Programme Director of the ACIC, former Programme Leader of the MSc Coaching Psychology at the University of East London and visiting lecturer at institutions such as Regent's University, Birkbeck University of London, The School of Life, the International Centre for Coaching Supervision, Animas Centre for Coaching and The New School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, host of the world's only MA in Existential Coaching.

Here's a personal invitation to the course: https://youtu.be/yueraUUMtHU

And a few video testimonials from past participants of the training: https://youtu.be/Ett22BmYUto


__ “It felt like I suppose what it must have felt like for the audience of Socrates“ (Martin Knowles)__

 The course details:

Spending this time together with a small group of like-minded coaches will benefit you in several ways: 

On one hand the process of Existential Coaching allows clients to directly address some of the eternal human questions that we all sense at a deeper level and that in some form or another affect what we think, feel and do in our day-to-day lives. Questions like: Who am I? How can I be happy? What's the point? How can I make authentic decisions? Is this really it? What is my purpose? Am I living well?

On the other hand, understanding the existential perspective on life, people and coaching allows practicing coaches to add a layer of depth to their coaching work, regardless of their existing approach. Being able to listen to your clients' existential concerns and making sense of their behaviour according to an existential lens will open up new avenues of work that were previously left unexamined. Coaches who feel they have "platoed" will find an opening into deeper work.

By means of presentations, group discussions, coaching demonstrations and breakout coaching sessions the course will cover the following topics:

  • Key concepts of existentialism
  • Models for the practical application of Existential Coaching 
  • The core existential concerns of temporality (death), meaning (-lessness), isolation and freedom, and how they show up in the coachign room
  • The four-worlds model for holistic coaching practice
  • The MOVER and CREATE model of existential practice
  • Phenomenological inquiry and bracketing assumptions
  • Supporting clients to develop authentic ways to live and relate
  • Working with purpose and meaning
  • Guidelines for existential coaching practice

__ “The amount I felt I learned was huge. I am going away buzzing and excited!“ (Jo Waters)__

A bit more information: Existential Coaching is built on the notion that what all coaching clients (and in fact all of us) have in common is that we are "alive and in the world with other people". As a result, according to existential thinkers like Sartre, Heidegger, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche and many others, we all face a number of inner conflicts and dilemmas that produce existential anxiety - the kind of anxiety that can only be taken away by means of distraction or self-deception. When we become still or have some time to be with ourselves, these feelings often come to the foreground and many people start asking questions that we tend to lack certain answers. And even in the midst of our hectic lives we may come in contact with existential concerns, dillemmas and crises: a reminder that everything in life ends (including an awareness of our mortality); that we all have to make choices without much certainty of the outcome but that not choosing is a choice in itself; the complexity of relating to other people knowing that nobody can truly understand "what it's like to be me" while at the same time we feel an overwhelming need to "belong"; being a meaning-making machine in a world where the "meaning of life" is uncertain... 

All of these dilemmas and conflicts produce dread as well as possibility. The existential(ly-minded) coach will use an understanding of this philosophy to add depth to their existing practice, elevate their understanding of people or offer their clients a space to directly engage with some of the philosophical challenges that dealing with life entails. A positive angle on a philosophy that's often perceived as dark and pessimistic will reveal the empowering value for both coaches as well as coaching clients. 

The goal of this course is help coaches understand the main tenets of existentialism without heavy name dropping and working through philosophical texts, but instead through experience in the here and now, practical examples from coaching and discussing our own dilemmas as a group. The end goal is to empower participants as well as their clients to face the truths of their existence courageously, to meet life's challenges head on with open eyes and, as a final frontier, to embrace the human condition as an opportunity to experience the whole spectrum of what life has to offer. 

I look forward to meeting you on the day. 

__"Yannick. Existentialism. Mind. BLOWN. Fuck yes!" (Will Harvey)__

A note from the organiser:

The course will provide a certificate in existential coaching by the trainer as well as a chunky pack of resources and recommended further reading. Please note that while the course was previously run by Animas Centre for Coaching and accredited by the ICF, this course is organised privately and therefore not associated with a school or institution and CPD credits are not currently awarded. Please also note that due to the limited number of spaces and how the course is organised, refunds cannot be issued within 30 days prior to the event unless your space can be filled. Please contact the organiser if you wish to discuss alternative payment arrangements and please do not hesitate to reach out with any other questions you may have. 

The course book: https://bit.ly/ExistentialCoaching

Yannick's websites: www.existential.coach / www.RocketSupervision.com

A bit more about Yannick and his philosophy: https://youtu.be/C9z8yMjmYUs

Conversations with Yannick on Existential Coaching: 

Alternative dates: If you are interested but can't make the date or would like to attend a different format (e.g. 5 sessions instead of a weekend), please reach out to Yannick at 42@existential.coach and we'll add you to the waiting list for future events.

Testimonials from past training events with Yannick:

A selection of video testimonials: https://youtu.be/Ett22BmYUto

Martin Knowles: “It felt like I suppose what it must have felt like for the audience of Socrates“

Jodi Wedeen: “Yannick is such a passionate and intelligent person. I thoroughly enjoyed his coaching class because it opened my eyes and my thoughts. He gave us the open space to express ourselves and allowed us to ask difficult questions. He is a unique teacher and offers a lot knowledge and perspective. I HIGHLY recommend taking a class or experiencing a life coaching session with him. Thank you so much.”

Carol Perez: “Yannick, thank you for sharing your huge amount of knowledge in such an unpretentious, engaging and unique way. I’ve been feeling like Neo (the matrix) since I left on Sunday hahaha, downloading, updating and uninstalling useless things that I chose to “be”.”

Jo Waters: “The amount I felt I learned was huge. I am going away buzzing and excited!“

John Gedge: “I really enjoyed Yannick’s delivery and his apparently effortless facilitation, which enabled us all to have such a rich learning experience. Yannick was hugely engaging, passionate and knowledgeable.”

Will Harvey: "Yannick. Existentialism. Mind. BLOWN. Fuck yes!"

Jo Evans: "I have spent the last 28 years contemplating the meaning of my life, and events within my story. I have felt that I don’t belong. I have been sensitive to the existential anxiety (which I couldn’t name), and been unable to embrace life. This weekend I shared a room with people who shared my curiosity about Existentialism, most particularly in a Coaching environment. My learning curve was immense, but Yannick’s gentle, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and organic delivery made the learning easy to absorb. Not that the subject matter is simple but everything I heard was clarifying my own jumbled, unformed thoughts and ideas so that I left the room understanding, on such a deep level. I still feel a little overwhelmed by this jam-packed weekend and know that my learning has just become as I seek the language to communicate with others and my clients. My observation of and interaction with people, and my tolerance of my own and their Dilemmas will, I believe, be life changing for me. Thank you Yannick for reaching out, for sharing your knowledge and experience, and for delivering it in such an accessible way."

		An Introduction to Existential Coaching with Yannick Jacob image

		An Introduction to Existential Coaching with Yannick Jacob image
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Online event

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