An Introduction to Pure & Potent Tested Grade Essential Oils

An Introduction to Pure & Potent Tested Grade Essential Oils

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Find out why truly pure oils are so effective & how to use the top 10 to improve your health & wellbeing ~ an experiential workshop

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Not all essential oils are created equal.

In fact, it is estimated that 95~98% of essential oils on the market are adulterated. This means that they are not pure oils, produced cheaply for the aroma rather than the therapeutic effect.

However, to be labelled '100% pure' on the bottle, there only needs to be 2~12% pure oil inside. At best, they are topped up with a carrier oil and, at worst, they are bulked out with toxic fillers, like pesticides and other chemicals.

After 3 years of research to discover this, I have aligned myself with doTERRA ~ a company that manufactures not only pure and unadulterated essential oils (independently tested and verified) but oils that are ethically sourced and produced for maximum potency.

Purity does not = potency. To be potent, and therefore highly effective for their intended therapeutic use, each variety of essential oil has to go through its own unique method of growing, harvesting and manufacture. It is both an art AND a science.

In this workshop, you will be taken through doTERRA's top 10 oils, taught how to use them safely and effectively, and on purpose, and shown how to use the oils you have been sent.

Uses such as:

• Natural ways to support your immune system

• Sleep issues

• Digestion

• Head Tension

• Muscle and joint discomfort

• Women's Health

• Stress and Anxiety

• Green Cleaning & cleaning up your toxic exposure at home.

These workshops are via Zoom, are 45 minutes long and are run regularly, 3~4 days a week.

Please simply choose your date to reserve your place, ensuring you book *at least* 3 days in advance if you would like me to mail out / deliver some bespoke oils for you to try.

🌟BONUS - if you are a member of my Facebook group ‘Flow Essentials’ (Nature is my Medicine) ticket price also includes a free 5ml bottle of Wild Orange Oil. You can request membership here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/flowessentials/🌟

NB. You can still attend the workshop without the oils.

I know it's always helpful to hear about others' experiences of an event you are considering attending, and some previous participants of this workshop who are now continuing to learn with their own essential oils, have kindly shared some words on this. Here are a few:

"I started my journey with essential oils in June this year with Victoria Groom as my guide.I had been looking into EOs for a few months and had two ladies in mind who I could launch my oily journey with.What drew me to Victoria is her approachability and genuinely caring nature, which, combined with her professional but gentle approach was a no brainer for me.She comes across as a passionate soul when it comes to living our best life in the most 'natural' way.When it comes to the oils, but not limited to, she uses her intuition, along with her excellent resources to ensure that you make the best decisions for yourself and your family.I had been suffering from a really painful shoulder and neck since October 2019. And it was only the use of the EOs in June 2020 that provided me any relief from the excruciating pain, having tried almost everything I could think of including medication. So thank you Victoria for being who are and doing what you do and more importantly, the way you do it."

~ Deepti, Northampton ~

"I'm very new to using essential oils with clear intention rather than a (mostly pretty random!) drop here and there in the bath or diffuser and am so enjoying the voyage of discovery I've embarked on under Victoria's gentle guidance. She is that rare combination of intuitive, empathetic, passionate, knowledgeable, and thoroughly professional and it is a true joy to be learning with Victoria as my guide. I truly feel both safe and emboldened as I start spreading my EO wings.' 💜

~ Eugenie, Ascot ~

“Victoria is a highly intuitive Plant Medicine woman who instinctively knows the best remedy for every situation.”~ Rachel, Derbyshire ~

“Victoria has restored my faith in natural health and our body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate, truly a passionate and empathetic advocate, supporting her tribe with practical tools on an educational journey finding the golden path to natural health lifestyle and well-being.”~ Ralph, Perugia, Italy ~

Any questions, do email me at victoria@victoriagroom.com

Thank you!

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