Anxiety & Depression Webinar  : Practical Transformation Session

Anxiety & Depression Webinar : Practical Transformation Session

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Break through from anxiety with this webinar using powerful tools from counselling and holistic therapies to bring the body to a balance.

About this event

So many live in an almost constant state of anxiety, We might be conscious of it: in panic attacks, anxious moods, obsessive worry or phobias.Or we might be unconscious of it: compulsive busyness, addictions, self-criticism or grandiosity. Anxiety and the avoidance of anxiety are at the root of a whole host of mental disturbances. But shockingly, few of us know sensible ways of working with anxiety and panic.In an era where too much attention has been given to antidepressants prescriptions and on the coping mechanisms that numb symptoms, there is a need for this workshop that facilitate healing, every human deserve to live free from fear.This workshop attracts both counsellors and clients who are interested in mental health, continuing professional development, and effective anxiety healing techniques.For more than 20 years i have been teaching and researching this topic and looking at the best ways of bringing the body back to balance state which is our birth right.

Learning outcomes for this training are:

  • Give you powerful tools  & Knowledge to gain control of your anxiety and stress, to open the door to your recovery. 

  • Learn about the region of the brain implicated in Panic and how to calm it down.

  • Relationships and boundaries.

  • Using 3 different school : psychodynamic, gestalt therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

  • Connect with the first trigger point, start the process if being child hood trauma.

  • Practical skills and tools to help the body come to a still point.

  • Using colour therapy, aromatherapy, Body Talk therapy, cranio sacral fascial therapy to bring the body to a balance state.

  • How to help with past traumas without triggering overwhelming emotions.

  • Introducing 'somatic' approach to anxiety. 

  • What you can expect on this workshop:

  • We aim to provide a safe space to explore the benefits of body-based meditation

  • There’s a good mix of teaching, experiential practice, and discussion.

CPD certificate will be provided.

Counselling Tutorial Academy.

TESTIMONIALS: What previous attendees are saying:

“Meditation and relaxation was good, connecting with self is something i like to do more of"

“Really nice workshop, I liked the exercises, your warmth and openness, having to discuss exercises with new people”

“Lovely relaxed afternoon, great way to spend a Saturday afternoon”

“knowledge and explanation of reptilian brain and thinking brain”

“I liked the self development aspect of the day. The meditation was fantastic. I really feel I was able to connect with my inner child and have been able to identify her needs, and how theses impact my relationships, I would have liked the day to be longer” .

"Thank you so much for the session today. You provided a wealth of information. I loved the holistic approach to dealing with anxiety, it make so much sense to understand how anxiety manifests itself in the body and I really liked the breathing and body scan practises. You have given me lots to think about professionally, as a counselling student and personally."

Come to connect with like-minded people, share experiences, get motivated and discover new ways to heal.

Joining instructions

Please aim to join about 10 minutes before the start of the event to check connections.

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