Arise & Shine Prophetic & Motivational Workshop

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Katherine Low Settlement

108 Battersea High Street



SW11 3HP

United Kingdom

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(Making “...ready a people prepared for the Lord” (Luke 1:17 KJV))


Periodic Arise & Shine Prophetic & Motivational Workshops

Host and facilitator Deborah E. Nyamekye says

“I am planning a small group, half day Prophetic and motivational “aligning what we do with who we are in Christ” workshops some Saturdays this year using the updated version of the In Full Bloom Motivational & Prophetic (IFB-M/P) Exercise used at two seminars (2016/2017) I hosted.

At these workshops, we

-Assess, highlight and draw out God given potential and treasures within earthen vessels so that they can be maximised and put to effective use to the glory of God (Eph.2:10)”

-Align what we do (careers, volunteer work etc...) with who we are (God given potential; talents, skills, gifts)"

This workshop is for both men and women. While it is in a Christian context, it Is open to everyone, all are welcome so invite your friends or anyone you think will be interested or benefit from it

Times 2.30 - 6.30pm Venue: tbc, London, UK

First one on Saturday 5th May 2018

We all have potential to excel in whatever we do, be it our secular careers, hobbies, volunteer roles or service in the Church, all reflecting who we are in Christ as we do it as unto the LORD.

Do you desire

1.your God given creative gifts/talents, learned skills or hobbies to materialise into a blessed social act or volunteer role or a lucrative business or entrepreneurial venture?

2. to tap into the God given potential deep within to make the right career, church ministry choices, lifestyle changes and advancement?

If any of the above resonates with you/interests you, then this seminar is for you. You may simply need a fresher, a forum to think things through or gain clarity.

Do not miss out what God has in store for you this year and beyond. You were born for such a time as this. In the bible, Joseph's gifts and Hiram's skills made room for them, and God intends that for you too. Take it from someone (Host, Deborah) who has experienced God's immense faithfulness in her walk with Him.

God knows what we need but He often calls for partnership and tests us to see how far we will go to yield to Him for His plans to manifest. He will honour every step we take with Him to make us who He has predestined us to be. Attending a Maranatha ministry seminar is one such step.


Minister Deborah (host) assures you that the In Full Bloom Motivational & Prophetic Exercise she will use as a training tool at these workshops was inspired by God and the feedback received from the July 2016 & February 2017 Seminars attests to this fact. Delegates were greatly impacted and blessed and said so. See below for transcriptions of verbal feedback from delegates.

This half day interactive Workshop (periodically organised) will include times of intercessory prayer/worship, prophetic exhortation and ministry.

I assure you, you will leave encouraged and uplifted not only with a personal word from the LORD but with a whole new attitude and outlook to life, armed with the spiritual tools or strategies to arise and be all God has created you to be.

Times 2.30 - 6.30pm Venue: tbc, London, UK

First one on Saturday 5th May 2018

Get your free ticket here on today for the 5th May 2018 Arise & Shine Prophetic & Motivational Workshop. Each small group workshop will have a maximum of 20 delegates, so make sure you are one of those booked for 5th May 2018.

Looking forward to seeing you there !

Testimonials about the In Full Bloom MotivationalExercise from Seminar of

1) 2nd JULY 2016 EVENT

At the end of the motivational exercise, some participants came forward as a pair or on their own to share what they received from it: Below is a text transcribed from a recording of what they said. Only initials of individuals are given.

Pair 1 J.R & D.J

D.J's feedback

"J.R is very sharp, is very prophetic and what she said was very encouraging. Her advise were words I had heard and received before. I feel I have received something that I can actually wage a good warfare with and take forward. I am grateful when I do receive ministry that I can grab hold of and work with. I do not get the opportunity to do so often."

J.R's Feedback

"D.J is a man of many strengths I see so much in him and in his ministry. Many of us do not get the right encouragement as a result of that we can be isolated and as a result the way we also carry ourselves can be deceptive because people do not know the extent of what we are going through at a particular time and the encouragement we may need.

This exercise is good because it helps us to appreciate what we have and what we can impart into others. We do not see this enough in the body of Christ as we should be...we live in a time of great oppression at every angle...This type of exercise is excellent in helping us to encourage one another, to live up to those encouraging words and to give them out freely..."

Pair 2 M.O & H.L

M.O's Feedback

"What I found from doing this exercise was that it opens up your eyes to what you actually have [gifts, talents, skills] and how you can make use of it and if you are using it, how you can even explore it more and go higher in it because God has given us gifts and talents we can actually use not just for ourselves but to bless others in situations we find ourselves in. I found it very very useful, really a blessing. Thank you very much to the organiser.

At times we get together we don't know what each of us can do, we go by face value unless we talk to each other, so thank you very very much for this encouragement.

I want to say that we are loaded, everyone here is loaded [with gifts, talents and skills] don't let anyone tell you that you are not loaded: "You can do all things through Christ who Strengthens you" (Phil 4:13)."

H.L's feedback

"Thank you very much, I am quite a visual person.. Like to get engaged in something works really well.

When M.O and I swapped our papers it was like "wow, wow..We have all these qualities", even that was enough for me to say that we tend to downplay what we have and what we do. [This exercise] really does give you more confidence. I hope that this exercise actually gives you more confidence in what you are doing or looking to do.

Yes it's been an encouragement for me, and even the advise M.O gave me. I get reluctant accepting certain things from different people, but knowing that it is in a space like this and has come from Mark's own heart and I can resonate that with what God has registered to me, he (M.O) even put scripture on it. All of that is even more helpful confirming a lot of things and giving confidence."


"I found the exercise really helpful. In released a lot of inspiration and was able to unlock a lot of things that have been kept buried and kept on a back burner which has been brought more to the forefront. Obviously even when we go home, we can begin to release those things to the Father and re-engage in so many areas. I really felt it really helped me to flow, to minister to our sister here inspirationally as well. I really felt it also brought a level of bonding and intimacy with people you are actually doing the exercise with."


"This is an amazing tool! I do coaching and training ... It really impacted me, hence I put my hand up. She (her partner in the exercise) actually just relaunched a dream I had as a child which I never really thought about. Looking at my skills she put down [what she thought L.L should be doing] pioneering work, assisting church planting and ministry. X (her friend) has been speaking to me about ministry and I am like no! It really made an impact on me, so u can actually go to the Father now and say "ok let's do this, I don't want to say I don't want to do this because I know I can by your strength so how can I do this?"

Even the advise you (referring to her partner) gave, I was almost in tears because you were consistent in correlating my gifts and abilities along a career path.

I had a long discussion last night about what do I want to do with my career and skills, even up to this morning ..what I had in mind is all completely changed now. I am more focuses on what Father wants me to do.

2)11th Feb 2017 (Arise & Shine Prophetic Seminar) see other post for feedback from seminar of 2nd July 2016

Pair Y.M/W.P

Y.M - I feel confident knowing that I can hear from God and give direction because I used to doubt myself a lot in regards to my memory and mind. This exercise has helped me to have confidence in myself that I can encourage others and be influential.
W.P spoke about the fact that she felt I should be teaching and motivating people (given my skills/talents/gifts & qualifications). When I was younger, I used to have quite a bad speech impediment, but when I started to speak more to people, the stammering has decreased. I used to see myself teaching in the past, but then I used to doubt I could do it because of stammering. But now W.P has confirmed that she sees me teaching, and as the stammering has decreased, I will look into it. What I have learnt from this exercise is that even if you cannot see yourself now as you will be in the future, you can get there; God will take you there . He will unravel gradually what is in your life, to get you there. So I feel so encouraged.

W.P - Because I am one of the speakers of this Seminar, Deborah thought I may not have wanted to take part in the exercise but speakers have to realise that God has taken them somewhere and they are still going somewhere. Y.M is a divine connection, I believe in divine connections. She told me that I am capable of running workshops. This is true; I run workshops for youth and adults which are self funded and free for attendees. I have been looking for a scheme whereby I can get funding which would enable me to continue self funding my workshops and offering them for free. Y.M did not know of these plans, but she advised me (thus confirming) that I should advise small business and as a result generate funds by doing so. She has no idea that I do mentoring and coaching for free. I thank God for using you.

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Date and Time


Katherine Low Settlement

108 Battersea High Street



SW11 3HP

United Kingdom

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