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Artist Support Sessions: Peter Vadim

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Thank you for booking a time slot! We will be in touch shortly with a step-by-step guide on how to access your session.

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Registrations are closed
Thank you for booking a time slot! We will be in touch shortly with a step-by-step guide on how to access your session.
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A unique and free 1-to-1 support session with Peter Vadim. Scroll down for practical information.

About this event

Warehouse9 has invited 8 fantastic artists who are each offering 5 individual one-hour support sessions in May - June. Sessions are informal and led by the artist seeking support. This is an opportunity to connect with another artist and talk about anything from new artistic ideas, to your artistic process, to challenges in navigating this world as an artist...etc.

I am a choreographer and landscape architect. The abject andnon-heterosexuality are central to my artistic exploration andare expressed through choreography, film, mapping and modelbuilding.


When the abject becomes beautiful, the dominant loses power. But what comes instead? I investigate the aesthetics of abjection: the beauty of the wrong; the intention of negative space; the desire for downfall and its significance in dominant norms.

Most of my life I have felt wrong in relation to heteronormativity, which is the dominant norm in the vast majority of public space, institutions, schools and work places that I have met. I feel I have to suppress sides of myself that are labelled as feminine in order not to be rejected by heteronormativity. Self hatred has emerged. And the need for disidentification is urgent.

In relation to heteronormativity I investigate how the aesthetics of abjection can help promote disidentification of suppressed elements.

In my own disidentification process I have to make space for the downfall of the character I have built up in order to survive heteronormativity. To let go in such a way is scary on one hand, because it makes me vulnerable and fragile. It is filled with doubt. I get insecure, because I do not know what comes instead. I don’t really know myself. On the other hand it is a gift, because I step out of what I know about myself, or what I think I know about myself, and experience the world in new ways.

To me this is the beauty of downfall. It makes space. And the downfall of my abject self claims the downfall of heteronormativity. It takes away the suppressing power of heteronormativity and gives me back the control of my own body.

I am then free to embody places, situations, landscapes with my new body and give them new meaning.

But heteronormativity fights back and feeds my self hatred.Thus my investigations are continuing.

I document the investigations through choreography, mapping,film and model building. In doing so, I combine choreographyand landscape architecture.

I am a dancer and choreographer from The Danish NationalSchool of Performing Arts and has since 1994 worked freelance in several productions in Denmark and abroad.

From 2001-07 I was active in the performance group of the gender political association dunst. In 2018 I wrote the article ‘dunst 2001-07 Aesthetics of Abjection’ published in Peripeti, a magazine for dramaturgical studies.

In 2014 I became a landscape architect (cand.hort.arch)specialising in relations between movement, space and time.

Since 2015 I have worked as arts- and architectural educator. In 2019 I was coauthor of the article ‘It’s all about art’.


14 June - 11.00 - 12.00

15 June - 11.00 - 12.00

16 June - 11.00 - 12.00

21 June - 11.00 - 12.00

24 June - 11.00 - 12.00

Sign up is limited capacity and is on a first comes, first serve basis. Please only book one session.


This is a free service that we offer to artists and art workers at any stage in your career.

No idea is too small. These sessions are intended to support you by offering an opportunity to talk about anything from artistic ideas, project development, contexts for your work and challenges in navigating this world as an artist.

You do not have to be based in Denmark to access the support sessions, but please keep in mind that time slots are Danish summer time (GMT+2).


This is a one hour session. This is an opportunity to be connect with and be supported by an experienced artist in a 1-to-1 format. Everything spoken about in the meeting is confidential.

The session is led by you (the artist seeking support). This means that you lead the direction of the session. We recommend coming prepared, with a clear idea of why you are seeking support.

We recommend reading the artists introduction before booking. The artists hosting the sessions have different experiences, knowledge and expertise, and your experience will vary based on the person you meet. The artist hosting the session can only speak from their work and embodied experiences.


The sessions are primarily delivered online via ZOOM (unless stated otherwise). Our Zoom account can access captions embedded and we can offer other access support upon request. Please indicate any access requirements when you book your session.

After booking, you will receive a step-by-step guide on how to access your session.


English and Danish.


You can contact us on if you have questions about the Artist Support Sessions. Please label your email with "Artist Support Sessions"


Peter Vadim



From ‘The Animal Empire – you are not invited’ at Ubåden, Bådteatret 2019. Photo by Sebastian Neerup Mandel


Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and the City of Copenhagen.

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