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Aura & Auric Fields | Monthly Class | Joan Frew

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Joan Frew presents a monthly workshop that dives deep into your energy body to work with the aura, auric field and chakra system.

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Monthly Class | Aura & Auric Field1st Wednesday of the Month | 7:00PM until 9:30PM | £22.50 | OnlineAbout

Deep Auric Field Work

Joan Frew presents a series of workshops that aim to deepen your knowledge of spiritual and healing work. Learn about your chakra system and how it affects your aura. Understanding your energetic body and how to care for it will have a big impact on your relationships, personal wellbeing and spiritual growth.

Think of your aura as a hazy bubble of light that surrounds you from head to toe. Your aura has multiple layers and acts as an interface between your body, through its seven chakra energy centres, and your immediate external environment. Each layer relates to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual conditions. They store energetic vibrations of thoughts, feelings, state of health, awareness, and past experiences.

The focus of this series of workshops is on the chakra system that influences your aura. Together we’ll explore the 7 core chakras, their importance and how they influence our auric field.

We will look at balancing our full chakra system through easy meditations that heighten awareness. Through self-audit, we’ll learn to notice when we are out of balance, too open or too closed. Through practical exercises, we’ll learn ways to correct any imbalances. We will also connect to additional chakras and see how they impact our lives.

Each month we will work in pairs connecting to the auric field, its timeline and learn how to give a reading from it. We will look at ways to protect and strengthen our energy field and why it gets depleted.

This series of workshops is the perfect follow on to the colour workshops of the spring. If you missed those, you will still get lots from this series if you are interested in spiritual and healing work.

What to Expect

This class is delivered online via ZOOM. To access it you will need to have a sufficient internet connection and a device capable of video calling.

We recommend being prepared to take notes and having a quiet space to work in.

You will get the most benefit from our classes if you dedicate time to practising what you learn between classes.

Please note that these classes will be recorded for the purposes of allowing students to catch up on missed dates. These recordings will not be made public without your express permission.

About Joan Frew

Joan Frew is from Troon on the beautiful west coast of Scotland. She is a well-known Spiritual Medium, Reiki Practitioner, Teacher, Psychic and also a Holistic Therapist who offers many types and combinations of treatments – Reiki, Sound Therapy and Crystal Healing to name a few.

Joan has always been drawn to all aspects of Spiritualism, but it was only after she attended a week-long course in Stirling, with the Scottish Spiritual College, that the Spirit World and experiences from her earlier years all began to make sense. After this, the world of Spiritualism opened up very quickly and being eager to learn more, she began attending weekly development circles and courses through the Arthur Findlay College, Arthur Conan Doyle Centre and several other Spiritual Churches. For Joan, Spiritualism felt like truly coming home. In fact, it was at the Arthur Findlay College, early in Joan’s development, that her Tutor, Thelma Francis, told her that one day, she would teach.

Whether providing a Spiritual or a Psychic reading using cards, platform work or in private readings, it is the evidence and information that only the recipient would know that makes her work as a Medium worthwhile. To feel the love of Spirit is a blessing, to be able to share it with others is the gift from Spirit.

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Organiser of Aura & Auric Fields | Monthly Class | Joan Frew

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre is a non-profit charity providing a space for the open-minded exploration of philosophy, science and spirituality.

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