Autistic Traits in Young People: Monthly Online Drop In

Autistic Traits in Young People: Monthly Online Drop In

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A monthly online drop in for young people aged 15-24 who recognise autistic traits within themselves, whether formally or self diagnosed.

About this event

The group is part psychoeducation, but mainly sharing and supportive, in a friendly environment. Each month, we address a different topic that I notice regularly comes up in my client work with young people and their families and also personal experience. (I, too, have autistic traits.)

See below for the schedule of topics, which is updated monthly. Please note that the maximum number of participants per group is 10. We meet online the first Wednesday of the month from 6.45-8pm.

If you would like to join the group, please save yourself a ticket and then complete this short questionnaire. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

Please note that I also run a similar group for adults on the first Friday of the month. Email me if you would like more details.


6th October 2021: Friendships: how do we make and maintain friendships? Misunderstandings in communication can make friendships a tricky topic. Our 'unrelenting standards' can also make us quite unforgiving when people let us down. We will explore the difficulties experienced when trying to make and keep friends and how to instil healthy boundaries that are neither too strict nor too lax.

3rd November 2021: Romantic relationships and dating: romantic relationships can often be the hardest to navigate, mainly because people don't always say what they actually feel. What do you do on a first date? How do you show interest without being too 'clingy'? These and many other questions will be addressed in this get together, so that young people can establish healthy boundaries that give them confidence when meeting new people.

1st December 2021: Too Harsh? : Do you find that you are sometimes super productive and achieve really well in school or work, and at other times find it difficult to find the motivation to do anything at all? With regard to friendships, do you feel that sometimes no one puts as much effort into friendships as you do? This meeting will look at the high expectations that we set for ourselves and other people - how can we balance our strengths while still remaining realistic about what we can expect of ourselves and others?

5th January 2022: New Year Wishes, goals, and strategies to achieve them: This month, we are setting our intentions for the year ahead, recapping the learning from last year, and coming up with strategies to make it more likely our goals will be achieved.

2nd February 2022: Family Relationships: Those closest to us can sometimes find it difficult to understand our need for physical and mental space, which can cause frustration and upset for all concerned. This month we will be looking at ways to communicate effectively with our loved ones so that we all can all make the most of our relationships with one another.

2nd March 2022: Open Meeting: Tonight will be an open session for people to bring whatever they wish to discuss.

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