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Awaken to your true purpose. This interactive online workshop will help you find your own true north and empower you to follow it!

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Awaken To Your True Purpose

‘Awaken Online - Revealing the Essence of Your Authentic Self’


'It's not what or who you are that holds you back... it's who you think you're not...'


Why attend this workshop?

What’s the real cause of your personal suffering…?

And how can you realise your greatest dreams…?

What’s your psychic wound and what are the false premises – ‘self-imposed lies’, that trigger and exacerbate your psychic wound throughout your entire life…? Can you heal this wound? Can you be free of doubt, fear and uncertainty on a permanent basis?

More importantly, how do you heal your heart?

How do you begin to live in a state of real love and authentic happiness and manifest true, real, long-lasting success that’s aligned with your true nature - the kind of success that makes you feel excited and alive with possibility...? 

How do you manage your mind and eliminate the ‘brules – BS rules’, that trigger your ego and your need to be right...? Your ego’s deep-seated need to be right occurs at the cost of your own love and happiness. When you shift from fear to a deep faith that everything is happening for your benefit and serves you and your journey at the highest level, you awaken to the understanding that life is always happening for you, not to you.

Your purpose then shifts to a more authentically driven heartfelt mission. At this point you begin to align with your own true north.

What most people do not know is these same 'brules' form the foundation of their disempowering paradigm - a paradigm is a collection of beliefs, rules and definitions of reality that you have collected and formulated over time since your birth - they determine what MUST happen for you to feel happy or successful. The problem is, if these ‘brules’ are not met by other people, or your circumstances do not fit your definition of how life must be, you’re triggered to feel unhappy and frustrated. 

What people also don't realise is that this paradigm was first pieced together by the process of association in the first 5 years of their life. Everything you learned in the early years of your life was by association - now you're an intelligent adult with big dreams and goals and you're wondering why you keep making the same mistakes in your life, relationships and business...?

Perhaps the time has come to put an end to the recurring nightmare and create a life you love...?

Perhaps the time has come to awaken to your greatest potential…?

Learn from master-facilitator and high-end performance coach, Allan Kleynhans, exactly how to increase your confidence and enhance your overall happiness by understanding the core principles of your personal psychology, your emotions and your unconscious decision-making process.  

Do you find yourself hesitating when you identify something you would love to do? Is one part of you telling you to go for it and another part of you is hesitant and resistant to the idea? You want to succeed and you're also afraid to take the first step...

Understanding what makes you do the things you do, is the key to understanding who you really are. Discover your deepest perceptions and see where those perceptions were conceived. Free yourself from these false perceptions you carry ariund in your unconscious by learning about the complexity of the paradigm you developed in your earliest years.  

Your achievements will never outreach or out-perform your 'self-concept' - what stands between you and your happiness and freedom of self-expression, is the 'definition of reality' you developed before you even knew how to use the reasoning process in your brain - this means you're set up for pain and failure from day-1, because as a young child, you have no idea how to process your surrounding environment effectively. 

When you fully grasp this and understand how you formed your own unique 'model of the world' and developed an identity that's being driven by a limiting mental construct, through a process of association, it will create a new-found freedom within your psychology. This freedom will translate to your entire experience of life.

After this training and the insights and understanding you will gain, it's not an exaggeration to say that 'life will never be the same again...' 

This is my personal, 'money-backed-guarantee-promise' to you - you will gain more than you can imagine from this weekend!


My Promise to You...

You will walk away from this presentation with a clear idea of the paradigm you contain within your psyche and how this paradigm contains your self-conceived definition of reality – you will also come to see clearly, perhaps for the very first time, how this definition of reality creates the obstacles and stumbling blocks that prevent you from experiencing real and authentic happiness and lasting success - the kind of success you really, really want.

You will also walk away with clear and concise practices you can immediately apply easily on a daily basis to help you release and transform the internal psychological and emotional blocks that cause you to suffer and struggle.

Most importantly, during this presentation, you will also develop deep insight into your own psychic wound, as well as the clear understanding of how to heal your wound. You will also learn how to shift the false premises that have taken root in your psyche over the course of your lifetime.

When you make these deep psychological shifts, your heart will immediately begin to heal... and that's when your life will really begin to transform!


This is a must-attend event!

If you want more out of life and more out of yourself – if you know that deep within you there is more ability and more available – if you can’t seem to release or unlock your dormant potential, then this interactive presentation will give you the real nuts and bolts of what’s really going on in your unconscious and more importantly, where it comes from and how it started.

You will be enlightened during this training and you will also be empowered to take simple and effective steps to dismantle the blocks within your thinking and replace them with a new definition of reality that changes how you see yourself and changes how your experience life. 

Learn what it really takes to raise your self-worth and set yourself up for success and happiness in all areas of your life. Learn how you can begin to experience freedom, enjoy self-expression and feel a deep inner-peace that fills you with joy and a deep, authentic feeling of happiness.  

I also promise to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can learn about yourself at the deepest level, meet new people on the same path and have lots of fun in the process.  

This event will change how you look at yourself and your life FOREVER!

I say this because once you see something for the first time, you cannot ‘un-see’ it...

You have my personal guarantee that this weekend will add massive value to every area of your life. 


These are some of the most commonly reported benefits of attending this training: 

  • freedom of self-expression

  • greater sense of clarity and inner peace

  • increased self-confidence and self-worth

  • a deeper sense of love for self and others

  • deeper and more fulfilling relationships

  • enhanced sense of joy and appreciation for life

  • end to suffering and mood swings

  • more tolerance, compassion and understanding of self and others


A Note from Allan

My personal commitment to you - I promise to provide a safe and supportive environment where you can learn about yourself at the deepest level and have lots of fun in the process. I promise an environment where you can begin to understand the origins of your psychic wound (we all have one) and begin to heal your wound and learn to love yourself at a much deeper and more authentic level.

I look forward to seeing you at this 2-day ONLINE training of AWAKEN.

With much love,




Programme Breakdown

Day 1 - Raising Awareness | 9am - 8pm

We look at your current map of the world - how do you process and perceive the world around you? We look at the past events that have contributed to shaping who you are and what you believe about yourself and your place in the world. Most importantly we look at how you've developed an identity that’s focused on being safe and protecting yourself from life's challenges. We notice patterns and recurring challenges and programmed reactions. 

We begin to explore the spiritual connection to everything around us and the possibility that we attract everything we need to expand our consciousness and understanding. We open the new possibility for awakening to a higher state of consciousness that allows us to see the bigger picture of our place in the world and how we can serve our greatest and highest good.

You will begin to shift your identity from one that is rooted in a fear-based consciousness of self-preservation, to one that is based in love and understanding, supported by your certainty that life is always supporting and serving you to create your highest and grandest version of your life. 

Day 2 – Transformation Day - Creating a New Reality | 9am - 8pm

We create powerful new patterns to enjoy the present and manifest a new vision for the future. On this day we also condition the new patterns of reframing past experiences and new challenges that may arise going forward. We create and develop a new identity linked to the spiritual awareness and understanding that we are connected and that there are no accidents. This second day is also packed with exercises and the time to practice the exercises learned the previous day to assist our inner healing process.

I can't wait to host you for my second ONLINE AWAKEN - the first one exceeded my own expectations and that of the entire group of attendees. 

I have no doubt it will do the same for you!

I look forward to seeing you then!

Much love,




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