Awaken to Your Greatness - The Demartini Method
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Awaken to Your Greatness - The Demartini Method

Awaken to Your Greatness - The Demartini Method

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Bowskill Clinic

4 Duke Street



United Kingdom

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Awaken to your own greatness!

Greatness isn’t a goal; it’s an attribute that we all possess!

Learn The Demartini Method to awaken to your own inherent greatness!

Join us for a life-altering experience learning the methodology and philosophies of Dr. John Demartini from the hit movie The Secret!

Hosted and Training By Scott Cranfield

Seating is limited! Reserve your place for this powerful day of learning; shifting; balancing and growing!

Who should attend? Anyone and Everyone but in particular if you…

  • Think you should always be positive & happy!
  • Feel guilty if you are negative, angry or depressed etc.
  • Get frustrated at others or yourself
  • Feel someone else controls your thoughts / life!
  • You are part of a stressful family dynamic (kids; siblings; parents etc)
  • Have Health challenges that you feel are stress related
  • Put yourself down to others / put others on a pedestal
  • Criticize other(s) or infatuated by other(s)
  • Think you lack something to make your life a success!
  • Seem to attract the same problems in your life

I can assure you this methodology is like nothing you have seen before, I urge you to take up this opportunity.

I can only take 20 people on each day so please hurry and secure your place. This is the perfect day to do with your partner or a dear family member, it can be very powerful.

I hope I will get the opportunity to work with you on one of these days…

Yours sincerley

Scott Cranfield

Below is some more information on what you will learn plus I encourage you to visit John’s website…

Derived from a study of Quantum Physics, The Demartini Method ™ is predetermined set of

questions and actions that neutralizes your emotional charges and brings balance to your mind and body. A fully reproducible science you can take home with you, it enables you to discover the underlying order governing your apparent daily chaos.

The Demartini Method ™ is the culmination of more than thirty years of research and studies in numerous disciplines including physics, philosophy, theology, metaphysics, psychology, astronomy, mathematics, neurology and physiology. It is a revolutionarily transformation method which results in a new and refreshing paradigm in thinking and feeling.

What once took weeks, months or even years can now be accomplished in a matter of hours. It is a foolproof and effective means of transforming any form of stress or conflict into grateful states of love and vitality.

The method involves the use of a pre-determined series of questions and actions directed toward the objective of bringing an individual's conscious mind to states of presence and certainty, and to their physical body the feelings of gratitude and unconditional love.

The Demartini Method ™ is now being used in over 50 countries throughout the world and is being studied in a number of Universities. Millions of individuals have now heard of this stress reducing, conflict resolving and heart opening method. It is presently being introduced to psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, health professionals, prison workers, business executives, financial specialists, film producers, actors, politicians, and U.N. delegates. Anyone can benefit from learning how to use this most important and life changing tool.


Here is what some people are saying about Dr Demartini’s work…

"Before The Demartini Method I was feeling lost, distant, and submersed in sadness. I wasn't even looking for a lesson in all of my pain. The Demartini Method, for me, came in stages. The first stage I was fighting the method. The second stage was to watch what miraculous results were obtained. Oddly enough when I saw what a huge outcome came from doing what turned out to be very little work, the rest of the process just flowed. The grand conclusion was that I was able to once again love. Not only the one I thought I couldn't, but also myself. What a huge relief, what a blessing. Thank you Dr. Demartini for your amazing method, I'm no longer sad."

A. G.

"The Demartini Method is something you have to experience for yourself. If you are religious, it is like having the Holy Spirit enter your body. If not, it is like being 'born again', a second chance to fully experience the real you."

Adam Wild

Santa Rosa, CA.

"Before I began, I saw the person I was going to do The Demartini Method on, my associate, as being in the way of my success, and as a false and deceptive person. I saw myself as a victim to his wrong doings. During the actual collapse process, I felt at first really bad. It was hard. It was tough. I found every distraction possible to avoid getting to work. I would only see occasional glimpses of light, a small tear would come and go. I was resisting. And then it came! Like an overwhelming wave, my heart opened and love appeared! And the perfection of my own deception and falseholld. My judge in side me shut up at last! Love and gratitude took its place. Nothing will bring you more freedom and power than The Demartini Method. Nothing !"

Paul P.

Houston, Texas

"Before completing The Demartini Method on my wife I was charged with anger about what appeared to be her continual hateful works, demeaner and bitterness toward me. After the collapse I realized my misperception of it all and have reunited with her on our journey toward greater fulfillment and enlightenment. I feel love and gratitude towards her like never before. I am truly humbled by the experience. The Demartini Method changed my life."


Miami , Florida

"The Demartini Method opened my eyes and my heart towards my wife. Our relationship had been deteriorating for some time. After participating in the collapse process, I had the opportunity to talk to my wife. It was the first time in years that just hearing her voice made me perk up and listen and be glad that I am with her."

Dr. Steve Goldschmidt

Bloomington, MN

"Before The Demartini Method I didn't think I needed any help in loving and appreciating my husband. I resisted listing anything negative about him because I thought the negative qualities I had noticed were a threat to my love for him. I was repressing negativity because of fear. When I began the collapse process I began to list negative qualities and I came to a few conclusions. I was imposing my values and ideas on Mark; He was not living up to my unrealistic expectations; The 'faults' I saw in him were in reality so-called 'faults' in myself; Until I learned to love the things I thought I disliked about Mark they would fester and eventually outweigh the positive traits and things I 'love' about him. I feel that by collapsing him at this five-year anniversary point in our marriage I have saved myself hours of future grief. I am now empowered by the collapse and I will use it in the future as new issues arise and as they need to be dealt with. I no longer fear sadness; I no longer feel burden with the pressure of chasing happiness for myself and providing it for others in my family. I embrace the divine law and realize that Demartini and the collapse process have changed my life along with changing my values and expectations."

Shawna Dudley

Toronto, ON

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Date and Time


Bowskill Clinic

4 Duke Street



United Kingdom

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