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BABAJI'S KRIYA YOGA Weekend Initiation, 28-30 September 2018 , London

Babaji's Kriya Yoga

BABAJI'S KRIYA YOGA Weekend Initiation, 28-30...

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BABAJI'S KRIYA YOGA Weekend Initiation & Workshop   more info £270.00 £11.93

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The YOGA of Mahavtar Kriya Babaji and the Spiritual Masters

Weekend Initiation Program 28-30 September 2018, with Yogacharya M.D. Satyananda

@ Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London


About Kriya Yoga

Yoga is regarded as “a gift to the world."

Kriya Yoga, the scientific art of Mastering Mind, Breath, and Life with Consciousness, is the “aeroplane route” to self-realization. It helps you to go beyond the fluctuations of your mind to abide in your true form.

The ancient art of Kriya Yoga has been practised for centuries and beyond by Mahavtar Kriya Babaji and the Maha Siddhas (Spiritual Masters).

Kriya Yoga enables you to experience the life fully as the gift it is. Whatever your reason or need for doing Kriya Yoga, with sincere and regular practice, you experience:

 * Physical & Mental Health & Fitness * Emotional Wellbeing * Inner Balance, Equilibrium and Stability * Experience of Peace, Love & Happiness * Enhanced Awareness, Understanding, Acceptance of Self & Others * Release of Negative Habits * Realisation of Your Full Self  *  Realisation of Absolute Reality  Conscious Creation of your Life *

In the initiations you are trained in the art of living through Conscious Creation, developing Self-Awareness, Self Realization and Self-Mastery.

You experience being the constant creator of your experience - health, happiness and wellbeing. By igniting and increasing your powers, you are able tap into your full human potential, by going beyond the fluctuations of your mind to “abide in your true form” (Patanjali Yoga Sutras). Many yogis experience luminosity and lightness that comes from absolute happiness and love.

With regular practise of the "Kriyas" you become highly conscious of how you think, feel and speak, in attitude and behaviour, thoughts, words and actions. You are able to use the power of intention to manifest and unfold your faculties and the amazing tools of our Mind-Body-Spirit for essential well-being

This personal alchemy can lead to self mastery – with you experiencing yourself as the source, cause and creator of your life, experiencing a deep conection your true Self, Truth and Freedom, so "nothing can disturb me anymore!" (Ramana Maharishi).

To attain this heightened ability and power requires the formal training given in the Initiation workshop by a Yogacharya, followed by regular personal practice. Then you can uniquely experience for yourself the universal experience we attempt to describe. 

How do the Kriyas work?

Training in Babaji's Kriya Yoga is intensive training in Inner Alchemy, using a complete system of the practical 144 Kriyas techniques, including Postures, Breathing, Meditation, Mantras & Acts of Devotion which nurture your awareness and mastery at all 5 levels/ sheaths of your Being - Physical, Mental, Intellectual, Vital, Emotional & Spiritual. 

Over a progressive series of 3 progressive Initiations, you are trained to develop the use of your physical, vital, mental, intellectul and spiritual faculties, with guidance of how to integrate this into your personal lives. Regular and sincere practice makes possible magical inner transformation and personal alchemy .

Initiation in Kriyas includes:

* “Kriya-Kundalini-Pranayama” Breathing techniques * Awakening Consciousness * Kriyas for Personal Transformation * Unfolding Awareness * Kundalini Energy * Mystic Samadhi Experience * the Creative Force of Manifestation * Realization of Self and Absolute Reality * Health in Body, Mind and Soul * Meditation Techniques * Hatha Kriya * Shakti Mantras * Sacred Fire Ceremonies * The Art of Self Awareness, Self Realization and Self Mastery *

Kriya Yoga supports the deepening of your current practice - it does not conflict with other practises or beliefs.

Babaji and Mataji

London Initiation Program

Level I Initiation - 28-30 September 2018 @ Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London SE11

Friday - 5pm to 8.30pm | Saturday - 8am to 6.30pm | Sunday - 8.30am to 6pm 

In the weekend workshop, you learn essential Kriyas to:

  • Awaken and circulate subtle energies
  • Increase your life force
  • Purify, heal and strengthen the 5 Mayakoshas (layers of the body)

Through practice of:


  • 18 essential postures for increased health, relaxation and energy,
  • 6 breathing techniques,
  • 7 meditations to cleanse your consciousness, expand your awareness, master your mind, and unfold your complete human potential power,
  • How to lead a healthy yogic life style with today’s life demands


  • KRIYA KUNDALINI PRANAYAMA – powerful, transforming and magnetizing breathing techniques
  • ASANA - Hatha Yoga for greater health, relaxation and energy 
  • MEDITATION - Dhyana techniques to master the mind, find inner peace, realize Self & Absolute Reality
  • MANTRA - to contact Kriya Babaji and your GURU within you 
  • INITIATION PUJA - Sacred ceremony of Bhakti Yoga 



In this workshop you will be trained in 7 powerful meditations.


Effect on the Brain after Meditation

 Register in advance - by 8th September 2018

Suggested Contribution: New Students £270 / Existing Students £150.

Registration is in advance, To ensure you get your place, we recommend you reguster early.

How to register:

- New students register through Eventbrite.

- Existing students contact  or telephone 0044 7990 975292) to register directly.

 * * *

About Yogacharya Satyananda:

Yogacharya Satyananda M.D gives initiations in Level I, II and III Babaji’s Kriya Yoga worldwide, trains other Yogacharyas, and takes pilgrimages to India.

Certified in Psychology and Psychotherapy, Satyananda has worked in clinical and corporation settings. After studying spiritual wisdom of the world since childhood and Vedanta and Yoga for more than a decade in India and the West, he dedicated several years exclusively to intense study and practice of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga, and to serving Babaji's Kriya Yoga and its students worldwide in Karma Yoga. He regularly takes pilgrimages to India’s sacred places and holy masters.

 A highly informed and gifted teacher, Satyananda's able to merge disparate yoga practices into a unified whole and introduce techniques in an accessible and attainable way. He has inspired many students to embrace their full potential and embed Kriya Yoga into their lives to help their development into a higher realm of being. 



 "Perfect. I cannot think how it could be better."

"It was wonderful... elevating, enlightening, comforting, inspiring and immediately actionable ... all rolled into one ... not many things like that on this planet."

 "With all the chatter around concepts like 'Resilience', 'Mindfulness' and 'Mental Toughness', is a two and a half day 'initiation' cut through the noise and I arrived at a whole heap of stuff that I could take back and use immediately. I recommend it highly." 

"I have I found that Kriya Yoga is the fullest flowering of yogic practices that integrates the broadest possible techniques and yoga philosophy into a cohesive and effective practice. A yoga practice offered as a living experience." 

"Doing Kriya Yoga is changing me. Before, I used to feel angry. Now, I feel calmer and more at peace."

“By regularly practising Kriya Yoga, I am able to come home to myself after being out there in the world. I have within me all that it takes to deal with what is going on inside and outside me.”

 For more testimonials, visit


The Path

This is the foundational and first of the 3-series of Babaji's Kriya Yoga Initiations. It is the only English-speaking initiation in Europe and is takes place one a year in London. Here is an overview of the 3 Initiations:

Level I - a weekend program which provides you with experience of how to integrate of your Mind-BodySpirit-Heart, with training to integrate Kriya Yoga into your daily life. It is available to all.

Level II Initiation - a silent residential retreat open to all initiated students of Babaji’s Kriya Yoga

Level III Initiation - a 9-day retreat open to students who have been initiated in Level I & II

New students must attend the entire program to complete their Initiation.

Even though an instant awakening can cause transformation, students often repeat initiations to deepen and broaden their awareness, insights, intuition and experience. It helps them to rebalance to changes. Repeating the workshop helps deepen cleansing their subconscious, lett go of habits, so they can create, rather than react to life. It helps them expand their physical, mental and emotional boundaries further, into the realm of self mastery.

* * *


Preparation for the initiation program is not necessary. Yet, it may help to read "Kriya Yoga - Insights along the Path" ( - a trusted reading companion which addresses why, what and how of being “Who I AM, and letting go of all that I am not!"  

Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum!

For general information, contact

Have questions about BABAJI'S KRIYA YOGA Weekend Initiation, 28-30 September 2018 , London? Contact Babaji's Kriya Yoga

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Jamyang Buddhist Centre
43 Renfrew Road
SE11 4NA London
United Kingdom

BABAJI'S KRIYA YOGA Weekend Initiation, 28-30 September 2018 , London
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