Barry Oshry's Organisation Workshop
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Barry Oshry's Organisation Workshop

Barry Oshry's Organisation Workshop

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We are delighted to offer this one-day development workshop for those working in charities and community sector groups. The workshop is part of a world-wide initiative that takes place in October each year when consultants and trainers connected to the work of Barry Oshry give their time for free in order to increase access to Oshry's work. 

The workshop is centred around four critical questions: 

  • How can you generate greater partnership and engagement across your team and organisation?

  • How can you create a more empowered, collaborative and innovative work culture?

  • What difference would it make to act 'systemically': seeing how context shapes behaviour?

  • Do you want to learn practices to deepen your insight, cultivate your compassion and enhance your effectiveness? 

The workshop is based on the ground-breaking work of Barry Oshry and his insights into systems leadership. Through decades of research, Oshry made a simple observation. In organisation after organisation, regardless of industry, size or country, he witnessed the same self-limiting patterns of behaviour. Each time the problem people encountered in their organisations were thought to be unique and personal. And the solution: to shuffle, coach or fire the players. The only problem was the same issues kept coming back. What Oshry realised was that the vast majority of problems were not, in fact, just personal. Instead, they were systemic – meaning, shaped by the different contexts within which people operate and work relative to one another. And that the path to leadership and more effective organisations lay not in changing the players, but in working the systemic issues in ways that produce lasting results.

How will the day work?

The workshop is a blend of:

  • High impact, experiential learning based on organisational exercises that are set in a turbulent, fast-moving environment;

  • Simple, strategic frameworks that offer deeper insight and wiser action strategies; 

  • Time for reflection to relate the learnings to your unique circumstances.

The centrepiece of the day is an organisational exercise where participants enter a fast-moving, turbulent environment as either a senior manager, middle manager, worker or customer. The experience closely mirrors day-to-day organisational life so that there’s no backing away from the impact that your behaviour has on others and the organisation as a whole. 

Expect a day that is enjoyable, challenging, illuminating and memorable.  

How will I benefit?

  • Strengthen your capacity to create resilient partnerships: up, down and across organisational boundaries.

  • Gain an understanding of how your whole organisation can be more effective. 

  • Address the root causes, not just the symptoms, of misunderstandings, communication problems and conflict.

  • Understand more and blame less.

  • Bring a deeper wisdom, compassion and effectiveness to your life and work.

  • Produce better results for yourself and the organisation of which you are part.

 What have previous participants said about the workshop?

 “Insightful, moving. The best training I’ve ever taken part in.” Emma Kenny, Head of Strategy, National Citizen Service

 “Thoroughly enjoyable, interesting, insightful.” Max St John, Wild Things, Brighton

 “A great day – thank you.” Frances Duncan, Project Consultant, Whitehawk Inn, Brighton & Hove

 “Learned a lot – thank you.” Kayla Ente, Brighton & Hove Energy Services Cooperative

 “Great models, powerful technology, very well delivered.” Nathan Roberts, A Band of Brothers

 “Thank you – a day well spent.” Emma Houldsworth, Plot 22, Brighton & Hove

"An extraordinary insight into what it feels like at every level of the organisation as well as experiencing your own strengths and weaknesses.” Dr Peter Devlin, Clinical Director, Here

Who's leading the workshop? 

Celine McKeown and Jackie Thoms are the principal facilitators of the workshop. John Watters will be available as a coach for participants.  

Celine McKeown is an Associate of Future Considerations and Living Leadership. She supports people to rethink their definitions of what success looks like in today’s complex modern world, so that they can find their life’s work and live a happier, wiser and more meaningful life. Coach and mentor to individuals and organisations who want to make a positive impact on the world through their life and work, Celine’s clients include corporate responsibility executives, individual entrepreneurs, charity fundraisers, sustainability experts, global executives, lawyers, self employed consultants, teachers and fair-trade producers. What they all have in common is a passion for change, a need to ensure that their work makes a difference, to know that they have achieved really matters. 

Celine brings over 20 years board level experience in brand strategy, sustainability, cross-sector partnerships, organisational change and leadership development with organisations in the private and not for profit sectors including: Accenture, Boots, BSkyB, Breast Cancer Care, The Home Office, Greenpeace International, Jeans for Genes, Macmillan, Mars, Philips, RISE, UNICEF, Unilever and Vodafone. Her approach brings together different methods inspired from her experience in the fields of brand strategy, personal transformation, conscious leadership, sustainability business practice, authentic leadership and social innovation. Always one to focus on the wider context or the bigger picture within which we operate, Celine strongly believes that we must build our capacity to see and understand the inter-connected nature of the complex problems that we seek to address and be able to adapt our individual and collective interventions within a wide systemic context. 

Jackie Thoms is an Associate of Future Considerations and Living Leadership. She is also an an accredited trainer in Barry Oshry's Organisation Workshop. With the world changing rapidly around us there is a gap between what is happening and organisations capacity to respond.  Jackie is passionate about the emerging field of work for leaders to embrace agility, flow and purpose in order to meet the needs of living and working in the 21st century. She recently launched Making Teal Real and co-hosts the Teal Practice Group, London as part of the Reinventing Organisations movement ignited by Frederic Laloux’s book. Her intention and commitment is to support people and organisations embracing these changes and preparing their organisations for the volatile and complex conditions present in our world. Jackie worked in Marketing across a range of organisations including academic institutions, internet start-ups and telecoms companies. She has facilitated and delivered management programmes and executive coaching for companies including Heinz, Net-a-Porter, Tesco, Philips, L’Oreal, RBS, Allianz, BT, Jamie Oliver, Gravity Light and Unltd Tamil Nadu. As Co-founder of the Centre for Social Brilliance, Jackie brought cross-sector social visionaries together for coaching, events and trainings to create breakthrough models and frameworks for increased social impact combined with commercial growth. 

John Watters is Managing Director of Living Leadership, Associate of Future Considerations and a Senior Associate of Power+Systems. John is the leading authority on Barry Oshry’s systems leadership work in Europe, has worked in partnership with Barry Oshry for more than 15 years and accredits trainers in different aspects of Oshry's work. John specialises in working with complex challenges that involve multiple stakeholders, creating the conditions for fundamental shifts in performance and realising personal and organisational purpose. John has wide experience of commercial, central government, public and not for profit sectors in the UK and internationally.

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Date and Time

Friends Meeting House

Ship Street


United Kingdom

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