Basic Income: Real Social Security

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Kelty Community Centre

90-92 Main Street



United Kingdom

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Most of us have concerns about the current social security system. It doesn't make anyone feel secure. It is often seen as a form of control and a massive source of anxiety. In addition the world of work is changing and our system of social security seems stuck in the past. Maybe its time to test out something new?

As Fife is leading the UK in exploring the opportunity to 'pilot' a Citizen's Basic Income Scheme (That is every citizen is given a set amount of money every month. This replaces much of social security and money is taken back from the wealthier through tax to also make it redistributive and will help to tackle poverty and inequality).

The new Scottish Charity Citizens Basic Income Network Scotland (CBINS, SC046356) that aims to educate and raise awareness of this 'social security for the 21st century' will be launched in Kelty Community Centre on Saturday 28th January 2017 10.30 am until 3 pm

10.30 Welcome and Registration, Tea and Coffee .

10.45 Bring to Order Explanation of Day - Willie Sullivan Chair of CBINS

Morning Session - Finding out about UBI (chaired by Willie Sullivan)

10.50 Introduction to CBINS - Maddie Halliday – Trustee of CBINS (5mins)

10.55 Basic Income What and Why? - Professor Karl Widerquist (30 mins)

11.25 Why Fife? - Paul Vaughn, Head of Community and Corporate Development, Fife Council (10 mins)

11.35 Group Discussion Around Tables - Strengths and Weaknesses of BI (20 mins)

11.55 Questions to the Panel (35 mins)

12.30 Break for Lunch - Soup and Sandwich

Afternoon Session - Getting to a Pilot (Chaired by Annie Miller)

13.00 Why a pilot ? - Speaker TBC (10mins)

13.10 The Pros and Cons of Pilots – Professor Karl Widerquist (10 mins)

13.20 Quick Q & A then speakers can circulate around the tables (10min)

13.40 Group Discussion around tables (20 mins)

- What are the Problems of a Fife Pilot?

- What is the most tricky problem?

- What should be done to address problem?

- Who should be responsible?

14.00 Panel takes main points back from tables discussion (10 mins )

14.10 Response from the panel (25 mins)

- Alex Rowley MSP, Deputy Leader of Scottish Labour Party

- Dave Dempsey, Conservative Group Leader Fife Council

- Cllr Lesley Laird, Deputy Leader Fife Council (Labour)

- Ronny Cowan, MP for Inverclyde (SNP)

- Maggie Chapman, Co-convener of Scottish Green Party

14.30 Additional Q & A from Audience (15 mins)

14.45 Thanks and Close Willie Sullivan (10 mins)

Two questions for Audience

1) How Important is Citizens Income to making Scotland a better place to live for everyone?

2) How much of a priority do you think should be given to Fife piloting a scheme?

15.00 End

Date and Time


Kelty Community Centre

90-92 Main Street



United Kingdom

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