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Become an AWEsome & Profitable Speaker Masterclass March 2017

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Stauffacherstrasse 60

Room 23

8004 Zurich


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Communicate with impact -Acquire more clients - Generate more profit

By working on your communication and presentation skills you will develop the clarity to reach your goals faster, inspire others, lead at ease and bring more profitable results to your life.

Every time you speak, it is an opportunity to inform, influence and inspire.

Communication skills make you more promotable. In many cases, ideas are rejected not because they are bad, but because they are poorly presented. In this highly competitive world we are living in the ones to succeed are not the ones who speak louder, but the ones who speak assertively and with clarity.

Also, every speaking engagement as an opportunity to spread our message, to promote ourselves and our businesses, to gain more clients, and to make more money.

This is why I divided this masterclass in two parts:

Day 1 - it is all about crafting your message; becoming aware of your body language and use of gestures: using your voice to show confidence and authority;

Day 2 - is about delivery and how to get the "gigs". It has the element of "selling from stage".
How to craft a message which reflects your brand, leading your audience to trust you, be inspired by you and say YES to your offers. How to approach promoters to have a "stage time" opportunity.

At the end of this training you will be able to:

- Craft your own signature message

- Align your verbal message with your non-verbal (body language and gestures)

- Have your Speaker Kit

- Understand how to be seen as an "asset" to event's organisers

As an entrepreneur for more that 15 years I know the importance of presenting my brand, my products, my services effectively in order to build a profitable, suistanable and successful business.

As professional speaker for over 5 years, delivering my message throughout Europe and South America, I know how important is "to own the stage", to have a clear and effective message which will build my credibility and will inspire my audience to take action; in other words, to say YES to you, to your products and services.

What you communicate in your website, in your business cards and in your presentations "must" to be aligned with who you are, with your beliefs and principles. YOUR STORY is what makes you valuable in the market place.


And for that you need to be authentic. You are your own brand and authenticity sells!

We all want to create an impact in this world. However, between your "intention" and the "impact" you create there is a gap. And the size of this gap reflects how well and aligned your intention and impact are. Your job is to make this gap disappear.

How to do that?

By developing self-awareness, self-confidence and aligning your message with the needs of your audience.

I'm sure you've been in presentations where the speakers overloaded you, the audience, with so much information and details that when you realised your mind was wandering around and you couldn't recall a word of what was said.

Unfortunately this is more common than it should, due to the fact that many professionals underestimate the value of an assertive presentation and are not aware of the impact that the way they communicate have in their professional results.

This is why I created this course. To help you to avoid common mistakes most professionals and entrepreneurs, make when they speak that keep the audiences disengaged and not willing to invest on you, your products, your services.

You will learn how to speak from your heart so your prospect clients will say YES to you!

This masterclass comes packet in a full two-days program divided in three modules which will to help you to:

Day 1 - Verbal Communication

  • develop awareness on your current presentation skills and how you are perceived by people around you - your strengths and weaknesses

  • understand the emotions behind the words and how to use them - keys to persuasion, marketing and sales

  • build your brand - learn the power of storytelling - speech structure

  • sharp like a shark - keys to improvisation

Non-verbal Communication

  • presence & power: understand how your body communicates - align both verbal and non-verbal communication to build authenticity - unleash your charismatic being

  • use your voice to build authority - vocal projection, modulation, pauses

Day 2 - Communicating Your Brand

  • Your signature speech

  • Your speaker kit

  • How the get gigs

  • How to approach promoters

At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • feel more confident and able to present yourself in front of any size and type of audience

  • be in control of anxiety before any presentation

  • have a message which reflects your brand, your business

  • get your prospect clients to say YES to you

  • use the appropriate gestures to convey your message

  • use pauses to create the impact you want

At the end of the training, if you desire so, you will have the opportunity to present a short speech to a board professional speakers. Your speech will be orally and written evaluated. This valuable feedback will be given to you as a reference and support in your speaking development.

As an extra bonus from us, the three best speakers will be automatically selected to participate as speaker in one of our next AWE Summit events.

PS If that you are looking for is private tuition/metoring, please get back to me privately at



Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the training?

A minimum of experience as speaker or presenter is needed.

Age - anyone after 18 year old

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

There is public transport and private parking close to the venue.

Is my registration/ticket refundable?

No. You can transfer it to another person. See below.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Yes. However, please inform us in advance and provide the name and email address of the person you are tranferring it to.

Can I change my another training day, in case I can't attend the one I'm registered to?

Yes, but it all depends on availability. We don't take more than 12 or 15 people per training.

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Date and Time



Stauffacherstrasse 60

Room 23

8004 Zurich


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