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Small Prey Mammals are kept in various environments, as pets, laboratory models or farmed as food items for other species such as pet reptiles. This talk will provide an introduction to the physical/social and cognitive/emotional worlds of small prey mammals. Meeting welfare needs is a requirement under the Animal Welfare Act (2006), but these species are frequently mis-understood and their needs not met.
Knowledge of their natural environment, behaviour and the implications of being small and prey enables an understanding of their welfare needs and how to meet them through appropriate management.
Meeting behavioural needs helps prevent health and behaviour problems and species knowledge is fundamental to diagnosis of behaviour problems and design of behaviour modification programmes. This webinar will not be considering cases and behaviour modification programmes per se. Rather it aims to provide an initial platform of knowledge for those who care for or advise carers about small prey mammals be they owners, behaviourists, breeders, pet shop, rescue or laboratory staff or veterinary professionals.

Presented by Dr Ann McBride

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