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The Belong Conversation (BelongCon) is all about giving people space to share and hear stories of finding belonging, acceptance, and purpose reminding us that no matter what we’re going through, we aren’t alone.

At every event we welcome a diverse line-up of passionate, inspiring speakers.. Expect authentic, from-the-heart conversations that make the entire room feel uplifted, connected, and inspired.

The next BelongCon will be held on Tuesday 26th March 2019 at the brand spanking new event space at PLATF9RM at Hove Town Hall on Tisbury Road, Hove.


Helena Clayton: Risking Ridicule

A few years ago Helena Clayton woke up with a fully formed book in her mind. Not kidding - it was all there. The trouble was, it was about love in the workplace. And when she started to talk about it to others, she was met with awkwardness and the sense that people would prefer her to talk about “compassion”, or “empathy”, or “engagement”. Something safe. Less weird. She felt slightly shamed, so she put her dream in a cupboard.

Four years later, Helena has just completed a piece of original research on leadership and love, is running events on the subject, blogging regularly and merrily emailing organisations and publications to ask for a platform to share her research. At BelongCon, Helena will tell you what changed, what helped her find her voice and confidence, what still crumples her, and what she’s learning about risking ridicule.

Helena has been working in leadership and organisational development for over 20 years. Mostly, she designs and runs global leadership programmes to deliver powerful learning and meaningful change in organisations. Past clients have included Lexmark, Virgin Atlantic, Jaguar Landrover and the UK Civil Service.

Marcus Pibworth: Storytelling For Change

After a number of years spent struggling to navigate depression and anxiety, Marcus decided he wanted to discover more about why he felt this way. He started a podcast, called Ministry of Change, and now spends his time traveling the country in his little red van, collecting and sharing stories about mental health, how to navigate the ups and downs of life and what it really means to be human in the 21st Century. The project aims to help end stigma around issues affecting our mental health, to empower people to talk about the challenging moments in their lives and to explore the transformational power of vulnerability.

At BelongCon, Marcus will talk a bit about his own personal journey and his mental health journey with depression, anxiety and a loss of connection with himself and the world around him, which eventually led him to create Ministry of Change. He will also talk about his own personal journey of transformation through the work he’s doing, and about the human stories that he has collected and shared on his travels.

Lucy Brand: How Falling in Love Lead Me to Love Myself

At BelongCon, Lucy Brand will share how being burgled impacted her life and sense of self worth, but how it also lead to her meet her twin soul, which nudged to start her own healing journey and ultimately fall totally in love with herself. Lucy is now a firm believer that EVERYONE is worthy and deserving of love, and that’s the key to finding inner peace and fearlessly achieving our wildest desires and dreams.

Lucy Brand is an Intuitive Healer, Business Coach and Speaker. She now supports high achieving women entrepreneurs and business owners to liberate themselves from the past and claim their business success. Lucy combines energy work and Shamanic healing with her digital marketing experience to address the inner work of mindset and energetic alignment with outer game business strategies.

Anoutia Allymohamed: Anorexic? I Don't Think So. I'm Too Fat!

Anoutia Allymohamed (better known as Nou) is a B-eat Ambassador and Mental Health advocate. In 2017, Nou was officially diagnosed with an atypical eating disorder; a whole two years after its onset. After recovering from the illness, Nou looked back on her experience and wondered why it had taken so long for a diagnosis to be made. Why had it taken her so long to realise she needed help? Why did no one else notice? And most importantly, why were some people congratulating her during her illness? The reason was straightforward – she just didn’t “look” like she had an eating disorder.

She has since then started a journey of raising awareness and challenging ED stereotypes head on, giving people the knowledge that they need to start real conversations about the myths and stigmas surrounding this all-consuming and destructive mental illness.

At BelongCon, Nou will be sharing her experience of what it’s like to have an “other specified” eating disorder and talking about the challenges that people face trying to get the treatment they need when they don’t quite fit the ED stereotypes.

Rachel Davis: The Woman, The Boy and The Butterfly

After the loss of half of her family and years of emotional and psychological abuse bought her to her knees, Rachel’s world as she knew it had collapsed. But then some bizarre experiences with a butterfly prompted her to take the first tentative steps within. After learning to become present and redirect her thoughts to what she wanted, she recovered from chronic pain, PTSD and grief, and went on to research the power of the mind and universal law in more detail.

At BelongCon, Rachel will talk about her subsequent transformation and the effect not only on herself, but the people around her. She’ll share how and why she has now made it her life’s work to encourage others to become present, to trust their inner voices, and ultimately have the courage to to live on purpose.

Rachel Davis is the founder of LaLa Tigers and creator of the Raise a Tiger Programme. She is also an NLP Practitioner, Coach & Hypnotherapist, a musician and a mother of two. Rachel combines the power of the mind with the awesome power that is music, to encourage connection and internal structure in families and children aged 2-7 years.

Sophie Cook: Not Today: How I Chose Life

Former Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate, RAF veteran, writer, speaker, broadcaster, photographer, self harm and suicide survivor… and transgender.

Sophie Cook became the first transgender woman to work in football’s Premier League as club photographer for AFC Bournemouth following her transition from Steve to Sophie in the summer of 2015.

Europe’s first trans TV newscaster, Sophie has hosted her own TV and radio chat shows and is an experienced broadcaster.

In the 2017 General Election she contested the East Worthing & Shoreham seat, increasing the Labour vote by 114% and narrowly missing out on becoming the UK’s first trans MP.

At BelongCon, TEDxBrighton speaker Sophie will tell her amazing story as documented in her autobiography ’Not Today: How I Chose Life’ which charts her personal journey from despair to redemption.

Jake Tyler: A Study Into Kindness

In February 2018 Jake Tyler completed a year long 3000 mile lap, on foot, of mainland Great Britain. The journey was an attempt to reach out to those living with common but trying mental health issues, to demonstrate the healing power of movement and being immersed in nature, and reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

The final leg of Jake's lap of Britain was spent staying on the couches and in the spare rooms of strangers. In an attempt to run from Edinburgh to Brighton, he first had to send his heavy baggage home (including tent and sleeping bag). Over the next six weeks, he had brief snapshots into the lives of 40 individuals, couples and families, and in that time consistently experienced kindness in its truest form - for its own sake.

Jake feels that the term ‘kindness’ has been hijacked in recent times, and sometimes exploited in order to push certain agendas. He believes it’s important to look at the word for what it is, in order to appreciate what it truly means. At BelongCon, Jake’s talk will be a collection of stories from his journey that highlight the true nature of human kindness.

Jake is a writer, broadcaster and mental health campaigner. He explores the subject of mental health through his writing and his BBC Radio Sussex show ‘Open Up’. His TEDx talk ‘I’m Fine’ has amassed almost a million views and in 2017 he was presented with the ‘Speaking Out’ award by HRH Prince Harry for his participation in the BBC ONE documentary ‘Mind Over Marathon’.

About the Venue

PLATF9RM is a co-working and business community in Brighton and Hove. In just over two years the space has grown to over 600 members and they are now opening a third site on the Ground Floor of Hove Town Hall which will be home to both co-workers as well as a new public cafe and events area (which we will be among the first to use!) For more information, or to book a tour of the space visit: platf9rm.com/groundfloor

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