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Co-Development "Facing a new challenge?" New Program

INSEAD Alumni Association France

Mardi 28 janvier 2020 à 19:30 - Mardi 3 mars 2020 à 21:30 (heure : France)

Co-Development "Facing a new challenge?"  New Program

Informations sur les billets

Type de billet Reste Fin des ventes Prix Frais Quantité
INSEAD Alumni members 4 Billets 28 janv. 2020 150,00 € 0,00 €
INSEAD Alumni non-members 1 Billet 28 janv. 2020 320,00 € 0,00 €

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Description de l'événement


Facing a new challenge ?

We have 6 opening to join the exclusive Virtual co-development work that Anne Rapp will facilitate on « Facing a new challenge? » (in English) 
Why should I join this co-development work? 
This is a serie of 7 sessions of sharing, supporting, exchanging and growing together. Entrepreneur, managers and leaders that are joining a new organization or a new job? Starting a new projet or a new transformation? You are at the right place.
The purpose of this session is to help and support leaders, managers, entrepreneurs that are experimenting a transformation linked to something new they just started. 
When does it take place and what is the time commitment? 
We will meet on the 28 Jan, 4th of February, 11th of February, 18th February, 25th of February, and 3rd March from 19h30 to 21h30 french time. This means that the opening is for people who are committing to meet on a regular basis with the group. 

What is the mindset of a session? 
This is a place of sharing and learning where everyone is equal and respectful of others. You are asking for help and you are helping others. 
The group is composed of 6 INSEAD Alumni members who will meet on a regular basis. 
What do I need for being able to participate from a technology standpoint? 
- You need a computer with a connection
- Be able to be in a quiet place 
- With headsets
- We will be using the Zoom platform but do not worry if you have never used it. It is easy. 
I travel a lot and I am not in Paris, can I join? 
Yes - This group will meet remotely on a regular basis for sessions of around 2 hours and all conversations will take place in English. This allows the participation of people travelling a lot or not located in Paris.
How does one session goes? 
Each session is a 2 hours session. It is structured and designed in such a way that we can answer to the need of each specific individuals. 
All sessions are facilitated by Anne Rapp. 
How do I register? 
The registration is on a First come first served basis and will be in 2 steps: a Preinscription followed by a small 15 minutes one to one conversation with Anne to answer all questions  you might have, ensure alignment with expectation and also group coherence.

 How much does it cost ?
INSEAD Alumni members : 150,00€
INSEAD Alumni non-members: 320,00€

Anne Rapp (EMBA'06Dec) est executive coach spécialiste de la Performance. Anne a mené des équipes à l’international pour le compte de grandes entreprises (General Electric, Syngenta, Tech Data, Genpact). Elle dirige aujourd’hui le cabinet Parena Consulting. Elle est conférencière et accompagne le comité carrière de l’Insead Alumni depuis 2015. 

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Mardi 28 janvier 2020 à 19:30 - Mardi 3 mars 2020 à 21:30 (heure : France)

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INSEAD Alumni Association France

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