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Bioenergetic Alchemy Intensives - Earth - Grounding & Trauma Release

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233 Lower Mortlake Rd, Richmond


United Kingdom

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Bioenergetic Alchemy Intensives - BodyMind Integration

Learn about Embodied Self Awareness:

These Bioenergetic Alchemy™ weekends are for individuals interested in their own self-development and/or healing processes. Intensives offer deep experiential learning about the body-mind, and students are encouraged to develop skills in present-moment listening, sensing, and emotional/feeling awareness related to the body-mind.

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The first Bioenergetic Alchemy™ weekend intensive begins with EARTH - Grounding and Trauma Release on February 17th & 18th.
All our foundations rest upon the Earth - the universal ground for all that we do. To connect with the body, is to connect with the earth, and to be grounded in the biological reality of existence. Our bodies are the home for our spirit.

This weekend intensive will give you the foundation and anchor point for the essential work of grounding which is the foundation for all our transformational work. We will be also exploring Trauma Release work, Artwork, Dance/movement and sharing circles.

It is highly recommended that you begin with the EARTH weekend intensive, as there are fundamentals learnt that support your journey through the other elements.

“Thank you, Seth. The weekend was an exceptional experience of deep healing, awakening, and opening. I feel so light, peaceful, and full of Love. Through the journey we took, I touched some of my wounds, gently but deeply releasing and healing what was ready to be alchemised. Thank you to all the other lovely participants. Please organise the next one soon :-)” Tanja

“A truly awesome experience. A wonderful and safe space to learn and experience bioenergetic alchemy. Thanks again to Seth for the expert guidance and support.” Amo

“Like the Bioenergetic Alchemy classes, but better. The weekend gave me the opportunity to go deeper into my body and discover new experiences which I hadn’t been able to tap into before. It was a good mix of different exercises, and I had a really blissful experience with the breathwork.” Vijay

Over the course of these Bioenergetic Alchemy™ intensive weekends, we will explore these powerful humanistic embodiment exercises that work with our relationship with our body, and with loosening and bringing awareness to the 7 segments of body armouring. This is grounded in the theory of the 5 Character structures developed by Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen.

Exploring personal growth tools for expanding our human potential:

– Bioenergetic Alchemy™ exercises

– Neo-Reichian Breathwork explorations

– Dance & active meditations

– HeArt work

– Circle sharings

The Bioenergetic Alchemy™ work opens the heart, brings grounded empowerment to the personality, and a deeper connection to the Core; the centre of your authentic self and Divine essence.

The foundation of the Bioenergetic Alchemy™ practice system is based on the archetypal elements and the four basic feelings. Earth - Fear, Water - Grief, Fire - Anger & Air - Joy

The Earth Intensive – Grounding & Trauma Release - February 17th - 18th, 2018

The Water Intensive - Boundaries & Opening to Feeling - March 10th-11th, 2018

The Fire Intensive – Power Vitality and Assertiveness - April 14th - 15th, 2018

The Air Intensive - Love, Joy & Breathwork - May 12th - 13th, 2018

Costs per weekend: £100 Super Earlybird / £125 Earlybird / £150 Normal Price

Costs per all 4 weekends: £300 Super Earlybird / £400 Earlybird / £500 normal price

All weekends timings are: Saturday 12pm -6pm & Sunday 10:30pm - 6pm

Bioenergetic Alchemy weekend intensives are building blocks in the Bioenergetic Alchemy Professional Training Program, Intensives offer non-linear and experiential learning.

Limited to 8 participants. Please note that previous experience of Seth's work is needed to attend. Seth runs weekly Bioenergetics sessions in Highbury and Islington and attending one of these events would qualify you to attend a weekend.

The weekend is facilitated by Seth Newman who brings 20 years experience of group work, Bioenergetics, humanistic psychotherapy and active meditation. Seth brings a holistic approach to his work with groups and individuals.

“My classes follow a format of checking in with the body, warm-ups, grounding and building the body’s energy, then discharging the energy through movement and expression. This is followed by relaxation. The immediate result is a felt sense of security, vibrancy and exhilaration.” – Seth Newman

If you have not attended any classes with Seth before it is recommended that you attend one of his weekly Friday evening Bioenergetic Alchemy drop-in classes before signing up.

To book or ask any questions about the weekends please email Seth: urubu@mail.com

Bioenergetic Alchemy

About Bioenergetic Alchemy™:

Bioenergetic Alchemy™ is a body-mind approach to psychological, physical and emotional health and well-being. These classes are a unique movement experience, where we begin to soften the muscular tension and chronic holding in our bodies through a series of gentle stretches, grounding and self expression exercises. Relieving stress, enhancing our emotional well-being and sense of self and beginning to open our heart to life.

“Learn to ride the waves of feelings and emotion without getting lost in the rapids…”

At the personal level, the highly experiential nature of Bioenergetic Alchemy™ is a catalyst for transformation, as participants work in the laboratory of their own process and their relationship to others. The work opens the heart, brings grounded empowerment to the personality, and a deeper connection to the Core; centre of your authentic self and Divine essence.


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233 Lower Mortlake Rd, Richmond


United Kingdom

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