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BKC Tour 2019 SOUTH EAST - Ramsgate Finals - 24th & 25th August

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United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

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For regular updates on the run up to the event, and during the event please check the official BKSA Facebook Page. If you have any questions please contact us by email at events@britishkitesports.org.


The British Freestyle Championships objective is to deliver a high quality competition that is enjoyable for the riders and provides a platform for them to demonstrate their talent and develop their skills. The championships also provide a springboard to the GKA Kite World Tour and international competitions. Riders are encouraged to support each other during the events. To deliver the best possible experience it would be greatly appreciated if every rider offered a bit of assistance when they are not competing (eg judging other categories, flag holder, beach marshal, launching & landing, commentating etc). In this way we can deliver the best possible event for each other.

Briefing and Registration.

Briefing and registration times will be set out on the Friday, briefings and registrations are mandatory. If you are late you will not be able to compete. At a lot of events we are restricted with time due to wind and tides, so to ensure the maximum competition time, we need to run smoothly, and all competitors need to help with this. Entering on the day is subject to a £15 surcharge.


Wind permitting at each event the main focus will be the Freestyle Championship. If the wind is strong enough the scoring criteria will be adjusted to reward big air / kite loops etc (in a similar way to the GKA Kite World Tour)

There will be the following categories:

Pro Men

Pro Women

Amateur Men

Amateur Women


Juniors Boys

Junior Girls


Depending on the numbers attending each event there may be changes to these categories. A minimum of two riders is required for each category.

The format for the events will be a Dingle Elimination to allow us time to get through all the heats. If conditions limit time this will switch to a Single Elimination to allow us to complete the event as fully as possible. If conditions further limit time we may run expression sessions to allow the opportunity for riders to compete despite severe time restrictions.

First Round heats will consist of either 2, 3 or a maximum of 4 riders depending on the number of riders entering the category.


Entry is open to all BKSA Members - you will need your membership card and number on you when you register. We will be running the registration through Event Brite. You will need to PRE REGISTER for each event, CASH REGISTRATIONS ON THE DAY WILL COST AN ADDITIONAL £15. Ideally riders should register in advance to give us a chance to maximise competition time.

Age Divisions:

Pro Men - 14 and over
Pro Women – 14 and over
Amateur Men - 16 and over
Amateur Women - 16 and over

Youth – 15 to 18
Juniors - 15 and Under
Masters – over 18

Ability Levels:

Pro Fleet – New school unhooked. Powered big air when conditions allow. Follows rulebook for GKA Kite World Tour. Judged on 5 best tricks.

Amateur - All-round freestyle. Hooked in airs and rotations. Up to unhooked raleys and s-bends. No Handle-passes. Judged on overall heat impression. Aimed at non-sponsored riders. Anyone wanting to improve their riding through the motivation of competition.

Youth – Freestyle. Progressing unhooked. Handle-passes allowed, eg raleys- to-blind and back-to-wrapped. Judged on 5 best tricks.

Juniors - All-round freestyle . Hooked – in airs and rotations. Up to unhooked raleys and S-bends. No handle-passes. Judged on overall heat impression.

Masters - All-round freestyle. Anything goes. Big airs and kite loops to back mobes. Handle-passes allowed. Judged on overall heat impression. Ideal for local beach legends, shop team riders and more.


Prize Money will be distributed amongst the pro fleet equally between men and women

1st Place 50%

2nd Place 30%

3rd Place 20%

All other fleets will receive product prizes (which will be confirmed).

Competition Area

At each event there will be an area for the competitors to rig up their kites on the beach, there will also be a launching area with kite launchers and landers on hand to help you get on the water.

The competition area itself will be marked by two large feather flags on the beach. These will be placed at the waters edge. There will not be buoys on the water marking the area. This will enable us to quickly set up the event and will also mean we won’t be waiting for the rescue craft to move buoys around as the tide changes.

The judges will be placed in the middle of the flagged competition area, obviously the closer you are to the judges (keeping a safe distance from the beach) the more chance there is of the judges getting a good view of your trick. If you are too far out to see the flags, you are out of the competition area.

Start and Finish

Heats shall be started with the following system:

Red Flag Up


Beginning of Transitition

Red Flag Down, Yellow Flag Up

1 Minute To Start

Yellow Flag Down, Green Flag Up

Heat Start

Heats shall be finished with the following system:

Green Flag Down

Warning, 1 Minute to Heat End

Red Flag Up

Heat Finishes

Beginning of Next Transition

Heat and Transition Duration Heat and Transition Duration shall be posted at least 30 minutes before the heat in question on the Official Noticeboard.


Interference may be called if:

  1. 1. a kiteboard changes course to obstruct another kiteboard.
  2. 2. a kiteboard enters the competition area when another kiteboard is already inside.
  3. 3. a kiteboard that has crossed or jumped inside the competition area changes direction and enters the competition area again when another kiteboard is approaching the competition area.
  4. 4. there is deliberate unsportsmanlike action with the competitors in the heat.

Interference Penalty:

  • The Head Judge will call an interference penalty only if the majority of the judges will call the interference.
  • An interference penalty will be called using colored flags or discs corresponding to the Competitor’s competition vest colors in the water.
  • If an interference is called on a Competitor, then the Competitor’s final score will be penalized with a loss of 50% of his best scoring trick.
  • If a Competitor incurs a second interference penalty during the heat, they must immediately leave the competition area and won’t be scored from this point losing 100% of his best scoring trick.

Scoring System

As we want this to be a feeder tour for the world stage we will be adopting the same scoring system as the GKA Kite World Tour as much as is possible.

The system is based on individual tricks but breaks down the judging criteria into three main scoring criteria or categories, each one being judged by two or one judges.

Pro Freestyle Judging Criteria (amateur disciplines will be relevantly adjusted and based on fun and involvement) Juniors will use the same 5 tricks 12 attempts format as the Pro riders this year.

Technical Difficulty – The technical difficulty of a trick completed during the heat.

Power – The power during the execution of the tricks. Power will be considered as a combination of:

  • Speed into the trick to pop, not using the kite to get the initial pop.
  • Height and amplitude of the trick.

Height – Height of the trick completed during the heat. This aspect will exponentially come into consideration as the wind conditions increase, but only when the height is achieved along risk factor and technical difficulty.

Variety – The variety of tricks completed during the heat is considered in the maximum number of different tricks to be counted for the final score per trick category.

Risk factor – Is directly linked to the Power involved in the execution of the tricks, but also to the commitment of the competitor, technical and physical challenge during the execution, duration of the critical moment, amount and quality (lines direction) of the air in the trick, and energy on the execution.

Smoothness – Smoothness and fluidity during the execution and landing of tricks completed during the heat.

Innovation – Tricks that have never been landed in competition before.

Scoring Criteria:

  • Technical (40%): technical difficulty and execution – Reflects the technical difficulty of the executed trick.
  • Intensity (40%): power and height – Reflects how big and powerful the trick is performed.
  • Performance (20%): smoothness, innovation and risk factor – Reflects the performance in terms of fluidity, originality and energy for each trick.


A crash will be considered when:

  1. 1. a competitor is capsized, losing control of the board or bar when landing a trick.
  2. 2. a competitor grabs the bar leash to regain control of the bar.
  3. 3. a competitor lands a trick but did not control the kite throughout the execution of the trick resulting in the release of the bar and/or the crashing of the kite into water after landing the trick.
  4. 4. a competitor sinks and is completely stopped when landing a trick.
  5. 5. a competitor lands on their back and the board is completely out of the water.

Judges may give credit to a landed trick that is not a crash when:

  1. 1. a competitor butt-checks when landing the trick but keeps riding and control the kite.
  2. 2. a competitor grabs the chicken loop to regain control of the bar.


We will be using the standard class rules as laid out by the GKA kite world tour.

Overall Title

In case of a tie in any fleet, the result from the previous completed competition result will be used. Points will be allocated throughout the year from each stop.

As there are only three stops on the tour there will be no discards.

The British Kitesurfing Championships are fully endorsed and supported by the BKSA as such the coveted British Title will be up for grabs with the opportunity to win the accolade of the British Champion


ONLY the Pro Fleets are able to make an appeal against a decision.

Appeals are limited to 2 per event, and have to be submitted by the rider themselves.

Once a decision is made by the Head Judge, this is final.

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United Kingdom

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