Body Transformation Academy Summit 8/9th October 2016
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Body Transformation Academy Summit 8/9th October 2016

Body Transformation Academy Summit 8/9th October 2016

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7-9 Whitfield Street

London, United Kingdom

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BTA Novembeer 2014


Would you like to;


Have the ability to create, sell and deliver high-value, 12-week body transformation packages ... even if you've never done this before?


Know how to get paid (extremely well) for clients results vs. getting paid for time?


Become the go-to coach in your gym and area, respected and recognised by your peers?


Know how Mike Hoad went from a monthly income of £2.5k, to turning over £11k doing EXACTLY what he loves - transforming his clients lives?

Learn a proven business system that makes your life easier because you know what to do and use it to bring more money into your business?


At Body Transformation Academy we are dedicated to make that happen for you. We have developed a proven system that helps Personal Trainers become highly-paid Body Transformation Coaches and the go-to trainer in their area. We have helped over 200 PTs dramatically increase their income in the past year and now we are looking to help action takers change their life for the better.



Make 2016 The Best Year In Your Fitness Business Yet By Attending Our Famous Body Transformation Academy Workshop In London On Saturday and Sunday 8/9th October.





When you attend you'll discover…

  • How to create, sell and deliver high-value, 12-week body transformation packages ... even if you've never done this before
  • Why 80%+ of Personal Trainers continually struggle to barely make ends meat and the EXACT 5-steps you need to avoid it
  • How to get paid (extremely well) for clients results vs. paid for time
  • How to build your expertise, brand & value so you become the go-to trainer in you’re area
  • How Mike Hoad went from a monthly income of £2.5k, to turning over £11k doing EXACTLY what he loves - transforming his clients lifes

We'll be teaching this all this ^^ and more at our live event so make sure you grab your spot straight away.


But how did this come about?

I know how you feel. I, Lazo Freeman, used to do 12-hour workdays and I thought I was doing good. I used make a good living, I got decent results and I looked great myself. However, I realised something was missing. Every weekend I was sleeping my life away, I had to make up the lost hours of sleep during the week, I was exhausted. I had money, I was making money but I never had a spare minute to spend it not to mention holidays. Finally I never got to see my friends and family, this hurt the most, I am very close with my mother and my brother and never seeing them killed me.



In the first three months after doing the course with BTA I generated £22k in sales! I got a 10x return on my investment. Money talks. - Mike Hoad


To make things worse, the recession hit and my clients had been cleaned out financially and the gym took on 20 new trainers. You can only imagine how I felt. It was sink or swim time, so I went to work and learned sales, marketing and branding. It was really really really difficult, I was used to just doing the training side of my business. I thought that if I could be good enough at training I wouldn't have to worry about the business side and it would take care of itself.

I said to myself if I start marketing, I'll have to do it all the time,

I said to myself, there's no longevity in charging for results instead of time,

I said to myself, people don't have the money

I said to myself, well basically any excuse out there for not getting off my butt and going out and making some money.



Over the years people saw my success in my business and countless people asked me how I did it, its one of the reasons I started Body Transformation Academy. Being an engineer by trade I stepped back and analysed what had been working my business and not working and I realised there was multiple factors but that it all boiled down to 5 areas which all blended into another. That's when I conceived the 5 star service method.


The Method is Based on 5 Key Areas:

Personal Branding – Body Transformation Coaches create their own brand where people recognise them as distinct from personal trainers. This gives people a compelling reason to deal with you, making your life easier because you now have a silent sales man.

Sales Know-How – Body Transformation Coaches are relaxed when they go into a sales situation because they know they have a great chance of closing. Being calm and relaxed in consultations means they close more and don't have to do as many consultations to get the clients they want always keeping them one step ahead. This means they can make more money in their business when they decide to.

Mindset – Body Transformation Coaches know how their clients' mind works. They know how to create powerful psychological associations with exercise that ensure their clients fall in love with exercise and their bodies. This makes sure that they are a cut above all the trainers in their area.

Body Sculpting – Body Transformation Coaches use body sculpting and conscious connective techniques that get their clients incredible definition and hardness while boosting their confidence skyhigh. People see the results fast and recommend them to their friends.

Nutrition Customisation – Getting the macro's right isn't enough these days. With modern mass food production techniques, Body Transformation Coaches customise their clients' nutrition and supplementation to get the most incredible results so that they are always miles ahead of their rival trainers.



Even in Cardiff this program took me from £300 sales per client up to £1,500 per package. Now I'm in London and I have celebrity clients and I'm making £4.5k sales! - Luke Grahame



Is there any catch?

This is an introductory event to Body Transformation Academy. We offer various courses to unleash your potential and become an amazing coach. This is NOT going to be a hard sell. Manipulative selling techniques lead to lack of commitment, resentment and everything BTA doesn't stand for. If you feel that BTA can serve you in the future, we will be happy to discuss some options with you and offer our advice on what's the best way for you to move forward.



I urge you to join us on this exclusive workshop and become a go-to trainer in your area. Imagine how it will feel to know the 5 star method that 100's of trainers have used in the past to change their lives and their incomes. This is a no fluff, action packed day and you don't want to miss out, this is a satisfaction guaranteed or your money back affair. Your competition will hate you for coming. Book your spot today. We have only Limited seating and once the seats are gone they're gone.

See you on the other side,

Lazo Freeman

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Date and Time

7-9 Whitfield Street

London, United Kingdom

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