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Ticket sales have ended
Please contact us so we can let you know when you are next able to join a group

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Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
Please contact us so we can let you know when you are next able to join a group
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Sign up for the Business Kitchen’s powerful 13-month training programme and start boosting the success of your business.

Pay your registration fee by November 22 and receive a bonus workshop in December plus the option to pay the course fees over 15 months (and we won't take the first payment till the end of January!). (If you need details of the fees please contact us before registering)

Our practical workshops help you create a clear mission and vision, supported by a business plan, a marketing strategy and efficient processes. Each session is a building block towards a better understanding of all aspects of running a profitable business.

Every Main Course includes 13 practical, interactive morning sessions, each around 3 hours long. You’ll also get:

  • Additional One-to-one coaching and advice sessions with business experts – and creators of the Business Kitchen – Nigel Knowlman or Gill Smith ,
  • Accountability calls mid-month to ensure you are on track with your action plan
  • Valuable support and help between sessions
  • Four supportive co-working sessions with Business Kitchen founders and members

Programme content
Over the 13 months you discover:

    • The strengths and weaknesses of your business
    • How to create and implement effective action plans
    • The why of your business and what makes it special
    • How to create a strategic plan to deliver your long term aspirational goals
    • A different way of looking at your business plan
    • Who your ideal clients are
    • The value you bring to your clients and how to charge for it
    • How small differences can make big changes
    • How to reach your ideal clients and make your marketing more effective
    • How to continually delight your customers and keep them coming back
    • The importance of creating champions
    • How to review and improve your business processes
    • The best way to organise your business
    • How to manage and mitigate risk
    • The importance of the financial aspects of your business
    • The power of the group

In each session Nigel and Gill work with you on a particular topic, allowing you time to practice applying the principles. You go away with a clear understanding of how to use them across your business

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