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Wolverhampton University Science Park

Glasher Drive


Telford, West Midlands WV10 9RU

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  • How to hire salespeople who WILL rather than those who just SAY they will

  • How to stop hiring in a hurry and firing too slowly

  • Avoid the dreaded 'hope strategy'- where your sales, business development and technical people provide unpaid consulting to prospects that will never become customers in the 'hope' that one day they will

  • Get more good-quality, properly qualified leads into your pipeline and engaging at a high enough level in the organisation to get real decisions

  • Why traditional 'features and benefits' selling only serves to commoditise your products and services, driving down prices and margins - and how to be different and protect margins

Attend this thought-provoking and challenging event if:

  • You are a senior decision-maker in your business

  • The business is already doing pretty well but you're ready for more

  • You are looking for fresh ideas

  • You are responsible for hiring, managing and retaining sales people OR you yourelf are the main sales resource for your business.

  • You are committed to really making a change and gaining lift-off to move to a new level of sales performance early in 2018.

Want more information before allocating a full morning of your valuable time to this event?

Give us a call on the Event Hotline - 07973 640 453


09:00 - Networking with other MDs, CEOs and business owners

09.30 - Introduction to the session, expectations and take-aways to implement

10:15 - Break out session, why are we here, what would we love to improve in our sales department?

10.45 - Buyer and seller, what is it with the relationship, why does it often seem to be like a dance?

11:00 - Break

11.45 - Alternative strategies and tactics to selling. "Break the rules and win more business"

12.20 - Lessons learned and what will I put into action right away?

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Date and Time


Wolverhampton University Science Park

Glasher Drive


Telford, West Midlands WV10 9RU

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