Building presence and awareness in coaching relationships and beyond

Building presence and awareness in coaching relationships and beyond

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An opportunity to explore Relational Mindfulness practice more deeply as a way to build presence and awareness

About this event

Practising mindfulness and meditation can help us as coaches to be more aware and present. Relational mindfulness takes this a step further by bringing our practice of mindfulness right into the moment of interaction with others, helping establish compassionate, present-moment awareness and insight whilst speaking and listening. This has the potential to enable us to be more present, aware and resourceful in each moment of our coaching (and other) relationships. For more information about Relational Mindfulness, please see the articles available for download here:

This four-session programme is aimed at coaches and those who use coaching as part of their role. It will offer the opportunity to deepen your Relational Mindfulness practice and explore how it can not only benefit awareness and relational qualities, but also support insight and understanding of the habits and patterns that help and hinder coaching.

The value of attending

This programme will enable you to experience Relational Mindfulness practice and how it can help us as coaches:

- Bring present moment, non-judgemental awareness to speaking and listening in our coaching work and beyond

- Build moment by moment awareness of our own and others’ relational habits and patterns

- Establish more resilient ways of being in relationship with our clients and others

- Develop supportive, collaborative relationships in order to enhance our coaching practice and what we embody for our clients.

While Emma will ground the sessions in relevant theory, they will mainly be designed to generate experiential learning. They will combine guided individual mindfulness and relational mindfulness practices with reflection, exploration of how to apply the learning in coaching, and building understanding of relevant frameworks and models.

Before the first session, you will meet with Emma for a 1:1 orientation session to help you prepare and get the most out of the programme.

Between the sessions, you will be invited to buddy up with at least one other participant in order to practice relational mindfulness, enhancing the learning opportunity.

Ways in which this work can be applied

- Becoming more present and aware when interacting with coachees and others

- Deepening your awareness of and choice over what you embody in your coaching

- Creating greater psychological safety in your coaching sessions, thereby supporting clients to explore openly and think generatively

- Enhancing your capacity to listen and your comfort with silence in coaching sessions

- Creating greater empathy, compassion and sense of common humanity in your coaching and beyond

- Building your resilience in the face of reactivity, challenge or difficulty in relationship

- Spotting your own relational habits and patterns, in order to have greater choice about whether to continue to engage in them or choose other ways of behaving

- Spotting your clients’ relational habits and patterns in order to support insight and change for them where appropriate

What resources will attendees receive?

- Pre-programme reading and reflection materials

- Between-session and post-programme reading

- Guidance on practising relational and individual mindfulness between sessions and after the programme

- Copies of the slides from each session

- An audio recording to support mindful preparation for coaching sessions and other interactions

- Completing this programme makes you a member of the Relational Mindfulness for Coaches community, which means you have access to programmes that are only open to community members

Dates and times of sessions (all UK time zone)

- Tuesday 11th October 14.00-17.30

- Tuesday 18th October 14.00-17.30

- Tuesday 25th October 14.00-17.30

- Tuesday 22nd November 14.00-17.30

Concessionary prices are also available - contact Emma at for details.