Building the Best Business Foundations in 2020

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Wouldya Shouldya Couldya: Building your core business's foundations so you can grow and scale

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Business admin is boring, stressful & unintelligible, BUT get it right, and you ease the growing pains of building a better business

Hindsight is a beautiful thing, and no one knows that better than the entrepreneur. No matter how ground-breaking your idea, if your business's foundations aren't laid properly it can all too easily come tumbling down around you.

Join us in learning a fail-safe business framework that will get your business prepared, so when you are at thepoint in your journey to grow and are thinking about raising investment to scale faster, you don’t have to waste time and money.

This stuff consumes a ton of your time and we are experts in making it easy for you.

Together we'll cover topics such as:

• Getting yourself and the business organised -what is your Corporate Memory, why does business admin take-up so much time and how you can save time and money.

• How a proper internal structure for your business admin can make all the difference to your peace of mind and reduce stress and frustration

• A checklist of all the things that you need to think about when you are raising money, as well as a run through of the due diligence process and all the documentation you’re going to need.

• How to best preparedso when investors ask those inevitable tricky questions, you have everything ready to go.

• When to spend money on professionals and where you can save by doing it yourself

This stuff is boring but we can make it easy. Join us and we will show you how.

About Us

At Deputi we care about Building Better Business.

We have spent our careers as COO’s and advisors actively involved in building, managing and running businesses including corporates, start-ups, growth companies and not-for-profit organisations. We have first-hand experience of raising money, buying and selling businesses.

Recently we launched

Deputi loves doing business admin and makes it easy, so you can grow and scale your business, saving time and money

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