Café Pridia Africana (1st  in the  series)
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Café Pridia Africana (1st  in the  series)

Café Pridia Africana (1st in the series)

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Date and Time

SE15 1NX

Old Kent Road

London, United Kingdom

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Café   Pridia       Africana   is   one   of PRID’s   informal   events whose   main target     is to draw   audience   from African   community in the     United   Kingdom   and/or   individuals, groups   or   organisations   that   have     direct   or indirect     findings     that   are   relevant    to   Africa to present, or listen to others make   presentations.        

Café   Pridia       Africana   is   a two monthly     event     organised   by PRID.   The   event     is expected     to serve     as   a   platform   for between 2-4   presenters       to make presentations     about   research findings in any discipline   in which they have   competence   in.   As well as experienced professionals, early career professionals and students are also welcome to make presentations  or register as listening participants. A   peculiar       characteristic of the event   is that   presentations is expected     to be     made   under   informal     but relaxed   atmosphere     in contrast     to     what obtains   under   a typical   academic     formal     event.     Whilst     we expect   presenters     to     present   major   findings   from     their     concluded       or   on-going     research        to the       audience,   it is expected   that this   should be   done   using words     that     can   be   well   understood   by   the least     lay   person     in the   audience.     Consequently,     as   much as   possible  technical terms       should   be   simplified, defined   and/or   explained     at         first   mention, as the event is likely to attract diverse audience of different background.    

We will provide a peep of   a   typical African   menu   to the   audience   who     registered     to   participate   at   the     event; food   to be provided   will be   reflective   of the   registration     fees   paid.   Participants   are   not allowed   to   bring in food   from outside   to   the   event venue. However,   since   the   event   will   hold   at   a   popular     African     restaurant   in London,     it   is   up to participants     who     intend   to eat   more   food   to   order more   after the   event   at   their own expense.    

Although   everyone   is welcome   to attend     the   event   as     an audience,   we   expect     participants   with     papers   to present   to   fall under any   of the   following   categories:

1.   Anyone      of     African     descent   who live   in the   United   Kingdom that   has  indicative  presentations   to   present

2. Anyone that has  indicative   findings    on any issue that   is   directly   or   indirectly   relevant   to     Africa     to present 





Presentation   1


Question   and     Answer   session (Discussion)    


Presentation   2


Question   and     Answer   session (Discussion)    


Food   will be served   after presentation   by       the   first   and     second   speakers   are     completed.  

A typical     African     menu     will be   served.   Food to be served   will be   reflective   of the       registration fees   paid.  

However, since   the     event   will   hold     at   a   popular     African   restaurant   in London, participants   are free to order more   food     at their own expense     after   the   event.

Presentation   3


Question   and     Answer   session (Discussion)    


Presentation   4


Question   and     Answer   session (Discussion)    


Closing   remarks  


Further   networking  




Instruction     for authors

1. Prepare   and send a well written manuscript   of presentation     in word   format     and     send to us via email   ( The   document     should   have a   short but precise   title, abstract (maximum 250 words; 3-6 keywords), introduction , methodology (materials and methods), results, discussion   (or   results and discussion) ,   conclusion , Acknowledgement   (if applicable), References   and   Appendices (if applicable).   However, actual   sections   and   subsections     to be   included   will   depend   on   whether     paper   to be   presented     is   based   on   a   concluded   experimental     findings , on-going   experimental     work,     future     experimental     work,   reviews   or   essays.       Contact us   at   for   copies of   relevant instructions   for authors.

 2. Note   that figures, tables etc   should   be inserted     in the text   after first mention ; they are not to be   separated from the text.

3. Participants     that intend to make   presentation should   contact us   so that we   will   send     copies of relevant   instruction for authors   to enable them draft   their presentations.

4. Maximum     pages to be prepared with all   sections     included is   20   pages; participants   are free to   prepare between   5-20 pages   provided   repetitions are minimised   to the barest minimum.

5. Once   we receive any fresh   manuscript   (presentation), we   will   first   go through     it   internally   free   of charge   to     the     prospective   presenter.   At   this stage, we will   be concerned mainly with the   contents and structure   of the manuscript   but not the   substance itself.

6. For manuscripts   that   we felt have been   well   drafted   and   structured,   we   will   then send them to   relevant     competent     reviewer (internal   or external)   for   further review. Resource   presenters   are free   to recommend   any   competent     reviewer that   they   know that   can help     review   their     presentations.

7. Decisions       as   to   whether   manuscripts   will   be   out rightly   rejected,   accepted     with no corrections   or with   some recommendations for amendments     will   be entirely   that of the   competent reviewer to make.  

8. Resource   presenters   whose manuscripts   were    accepted   with   no recommendations for   amendments   will   not be   expected   to take any   further action.    

9. Resource   presenters   whose manuscripts   were  accepted   with   recommendations for   amendments will be   required   to resubmit     amended versions   on or before the deadline, we gave.


Final   version  of    manuscript    should   be  submitted   on or  before   25th  July  2016;  submit  to 

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Date and Time

SE15 1NX

Old Kent Road

London, United Kingdom

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