CALDERGLEN - 2nd Haunted Hermitage Tour!
£4.25 – £6.75
CALDERGLEN - 2nd Haunted Hermitage Tour!

CALDERGLEN - 2nd Haunted Hermitage Tour!

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Date and Time

Beginning at St Leonards Square, East Kilbride

Calderglen Country Park, East Kilbride.

East Kilbride

G74 2AT

United Kingdom

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Event description


Calderglen & Calderwood Castle History presents

a fun but frightening Halloween Event:


SUNDAY 30th October -   15:15 - 17:45

One person - SINGLE ADMISSION - £4.25

Two persons -DOUBLE ADMISSION - £6.75 (saving £1.75 !)

Welcome to a tour which pulls you into a world of cursed cliffs, enchanted springs, & horrid vice! ..... This tour takes in the legend of Cleutit Heugh, a Witch commune!.... And then to the sacred 'Grey Mare', an island once said to be home to the Glen's own Hermit, alledgedly buried in the river banks after his death in 1722!

   Experience the fading light, that chill in the air, and haunting silhouette of the changing trees and gnarled thorn bushes. Be brought to the sacrificial depths of the 'Deil's Cauldron', a bone-breaking rock pool claiming countless lives over the centuries. See our very own Lover's Leap where who knows how many souls lept to their fate!  If you are lucky you 'might' even catch a glimpse of the reputed '"White Lady' who once roamed the Glen around twilight in the late 1800s..... Enjoy... and stay safe!

Meeting Point : St Leonards Square, East Kilbride (Tesco area) on walled terrace at back of Bonnie Prince Charlie Pub.

Parking/Transport : There is significant parking at the square as well as dotted around the adjoining housing areas. Bus stops run close to the site serving First Bus service 21 and 6.

**NOTE** Although this walk sets off around 15:15, it is important that ticket holders are present, signed up and ready before that, so it is asked you aim meet around 15:00.

Duration : This walk lasts around 2.5 hours (-+15 mins in case of delays or early completion) The distance covered is around 3.65 km ( 2.3 miles).

Footwear - Stout shoes, Robust Trainers, or Walking Boots. Flimsy shoes pose a risk and are not acceptable on the day. Please ensure that you are dressed for potential adverse weather effects, and ready in time for start of event. 

Tickets are limited to 24 walkers maximum per tour. Each individual ticket admitting 1 person costs £4.25 whereas a double ticket covering two people only costs £6.75 (saving £1.75). Please Select correct ticket. If you wish the double person option, you only need to purchase one of those tickets.

**NOTE**  There is a similar tour arranged for the previous day: Saturday 29th October, available by searching Eventbrite. That tour departs at a different time of the day due to Daylight Savings Time changeover. 

This event will be risk-assessed, and explained prior to departure, at which time the disclaimer for the event can also be read and signed off. Please note that to attend and benefit from the services of this trip as ticket holders, this will be only on the condition that the disclaimer has been agreed to and signed. This event is being toured by a professional historian who specialises in Calderglen and some other River Gorges. You Must wear appropriate footwear such as stout shoes or walking boots, or robust trainers, or anything designed to cope with outdoors. Flimsy footwear will not be acceptable

                               BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ROUTE

Starting at St Leonards Square the group will be briefed with an introduction, and for safety. Then we will depart using public paths and underpasses to reach nearby housing estates, where a view will be had over the Hermits Glen. From there we shall cut down to the Glen with access via a public footpath entrance, and then work our way gradually upriver past the sites of interest. At the end of the route, in the gorge, there will be a slight double-back up a path which ascends a slight slope out into the St Leonards Housing areas, and from there the route will head back along a public walkway to reach St Leonards Square via Calderglen Road. An exit statement will be made and you can then depart.


   At some points tree cover will screen some of the features of interest and these will be explained via              annotated images the tour guide will have.

    CHILDREN : This route is suitable for children aged 7+ as long as they are looked after by a guardian.             Children will be signed for by their guardian on the day, and for the purposes of this event, all adults 16+       are asked to read and sign themselves.

    DISABILITY : Unfortunately due to the outdoor wooded gorge setting of the route, it is not suitable for             wheelchair users. Those attending should assess based upon the walk description whether they would       be able to negotiate the route or not. The Tour Guide reserves the right to decline admission on the day if     they feel attending would potentially harm your health.

    SAFETY :  This is a guided walking tour and very low risk, however, as it utilises a steep river gorge it is         expected that all members of the group stick to the planned route, and do not approach steep edges.             More detailed safety will be covered on the day prior to the event. This route makes sole use of publicly         designated paths maintained by South Lanarkshire Council, and is NOT an off-road event.


Do I need to print my tickets?

No, as long as you have your name and ticket number you should be able to find your name on the sheet and sign alongside those you have bought tickets for.

Will the event really end at 17:45?

Ideally it will, but these type of events are prone to delays, and so it is asked you provision in case it lasts an extra fifteen minutes, or indeed if it finishes early.

What do you mean by stout shoes or boots? and must I arrive with them on?

Common sense prevails! You will be entering a wooded river gorge with paths which can be wet and muddy at times, and set on some gentle slopes. It is asked that you wear suitable footwear with grips such as robust walking shoes, walking or hiking boots, or indeed suitable outdoor trainers with good grips. Unfortunately if any visitor wears innapropriate footwear such as flip-flops, high heels, sheer cloth shoes or anything which may promote slipping or injury, then those persons will be asked to change into more suitable footwear or not attend. People attending without appropriate footwear will not be elligible for a refund.

Do I need to bring photo ID to the event?

No. In the event there is a dispute over ticket holders it will be settled by referring to the original purchase ticket number.

What if it rains or someone takes unwell?

If it rains and this becomes bothersome to the majority of the group then a majority decision will be reached as to whether the route is cut short. Every attempt will be made to continue the route. If somebody takes unwell or wishes to not continue they have the right to leave the event and traverse the public paths back to nearby housing areas. Directions will be given at this point. HOWEVER if somebody takes very unwell, there is an emergency, or expresses that they may be at risk of fainting, then appropriate services will be contacted or the route will be cut short to ensure the safety of the individual.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds can be requested by using the eventbrite contact features for this event. You may request a refund up until midnight at the end of 26th October, when a full refund will be issued electronically back to the account of origin (3-5 days approx). No cash will be handled on the day. If you must cancel last minute then do consider gifting or selling your ticket(s) onto family or friends. The ticket(s) will still be usable on the day with the name of the original purchaser being mentioned.

Can I bring along other people who can pay on the day?

No : All tickets must be bought through Eventbrite, and visitor numbers is limited to 24 persons max per walk due to safety. No Cash will be handled on the day.

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Date and Time

Beginning at St Leonards Square, East Kilbride

Calderglen Country Park, East Kilbride.

East Kilbride

G74 2AT

United Kingdom

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