Call for Abstract: 16th UK Care Annual General Meeting 全英中国资源与环境协会第十六届年会
Call for Abstract: 16th UK Care Annual General Meeting 全英中国资源与环境协会第十六届年会

Call for Abstract: 16th UK Care Annual General Meeting 全英中国资源与环境协会第十六届年会

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BOOTS Library

Nottingham Trent Univeresity

Nottingham, United Kingdom

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1. UK CARE and the AGM 全英资源与环境协会及其年会

The UK Chinese Association of Resources and Environment (a.k.a.UK CARE), founded in 2000, is a UK based academic organisation aiming at providing a high-quality International technical and information forum between China and UK in the areas of resources and environment, sustainable development, air and water quality and renewable energy. It seeks to promote the communication, collaboration, and consensus building among the Chinese and British research institutes and individuals for professional development and projects. More detailed information can be found on the official website of UK CARE at

全英资源与环境协会(UK CARE),是一个独立自主的、跨学科的自发性学术团 体。自2000年成立以来,在中国驻英使馆的大力支持下,协会一直肩负着联系祖 国和英国环境资源研究的桥梁作用,自立于可持续发展、大气、水质量、自然与 城市环境和可更新能源等课题的研究和探索,为资源和环境领域的研究工作者提 供 了 大 量 信 息 以 及 技 术 服 务 。 详 细 信 息 可 参 见 协 会 的 官 方 网 站: 2016 年年会将为在英中两地的中国学者提供一个良好的 平台,交流当前最新的研究成果和发现。目前,年会筹备工作已经全面展开。

2. The Themes of AGM 2016 2016 年学术年会主题: 脱欧后中英及欧盟科技关系变化和影响

Environmental and resource relevant topics include, but are not restricted to:


·Green Buildings 绿色建筑

·Eco-cities 生态城市

·Architecture 建筑学

·Urban and rural planning 城乡规划

·Water management and drought mitigation 水资源管理和干旱防治

·Mitigation and adaptation strategies of climate change 缓解与适应气候变化的策略

·Natural hazard assessment and risk management 自然灾害评价与风险管理

·Environmental monitoring and analysis 环境监测与分析

·Environment modelling 环境模拟

·Low carbon design and planning 低碳设计与规划

·Waste management and recycling 废物处理和循环利用

·Pollution remediation and noise control 污染防治和噪声控制

·Urban mobility and traffic management 城市运输和交通管理

·Sustainable development and the built environment 可持续发展和城市建筑环境

·Health and wellbeing 健康与舒适

·Energy systems 能源系统

3. Venue and time 会场及时间

Venue 会场地址

BOOTS Library BTS307, Nottingham Trent University, NOTTINGHAM, NG1 4FQ

Parking at nearby streets (£1/day, 5 min by walk).

GPS search: Gill Street NG1 or Dryden Street Nottingham (No.11 Newton Building)

BOOTS Library, Nottingham Trent University, NG1 4FQ 距离会场步行五分钟的街道周日停车全天一磅。 谷歌导航搜索 Gill Street NG1或者 Dryden Street Nottingham

更多关于行程方面的信息请访问诺丁汉特伦特大学市中心校区地图: (会议地点在图中 No.3 BOOTS Library, 停车地点在图中Hampden Street, Gill street或者Dryden Street)

Time 时间

10:30 am to 16:30 pm, Sunday 9th Oct 2016

10:30 am to 16:30 pm, 星期日,2016 年 10 月 09 日

4. Form of the AGM 会议形式

Oral presentations and discussions 口头宣讲及研讨会

5. Lunch and Refreshment 工作午餐及茶点

A Chinese buffet lunch and refreshment will be provided to all the registered attendees free of charge.


6. Travel subsidy 交通补助

Limited funding will be made available to subsidise attendees’ partial travel expenditure. Those with oral presentations in the AGM will be given a priority to reimburse their travel expenses. All other registered attendees may be able to get a partial reimbursement to their travel cost depending on the amount of the fund remaining and the number of applicants. The subsidy will be provided in the basis of equity and practical needs. UK CARE has the final decision on the subsidy scheme.

所有注册的与会代表可以申请部分交通补助。补助将会优先给予要进行口头宣讲 的代表。其他代表的交通补助则将根据资金剩余量、申报人数和代表的实际需求 来确定。全英中国资源与环境协会保留对交通补助方案的最终决定权。

7. Registration and submission 注册及论文提交

If you are interested in the oral presentation, please first submit an abstract (no more than 300 words) to: Mr Xianfeng Wu at It is noted that the submission of a full paper will be optional since some organisations may not want to publish the detailed information in the proceeding. Normally each attendee should not submit more than one abstract as the first author. Submitting an abstract/paper is not an essential condition to attend the AGM. Full paper can be submitted after the meeting.



·Registration and/or Submission of Abstract: Before Sunday 25 Sep 2016


·Notification of Acceptance: Sunday 2 Oct 2016


·Submission of PowerPoint presentation: Friday 7 Oct 2016


8. 2016 AGM Committee 联系方式

CARE AGM Committee 全英中国资源与环境协会年会组织委员会

Chair, Prof Dawei Han 主席 韩大卫教授 (

Prof Runming Yao 姚润明教授 (

Prof Jiang Kang 康健教授 (

Dr Xiangrong Jian 荐向荣博士 (

Dr. Lei Wang 王磊博士 (

Ms Hua Zhong 钟华女士 (

Local AGM organising Committee 年会诺丁汉组织委员会

Ms Hua Zhong 负责人 钟华

Mr Xianfeng Wu 武显锋

Dr. Lei Wang 王磊博士

For enquiry, registration and abstract submission:


Xianfeng Wu 武显锋 <>

9. Support and Advice 支持指导

Chinese Embassy (Education Section) 中华人民共和国驻英国大使馆教育处

Chinese Embassy (Science and Technology sector) 中华人民共和国驻英国大使馆科技处

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Date and Time


BOOTS Library

Nottingham Trent Univeresity

Nottingham, United Kingdom

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