Call of the Wild - A thousand years' healing

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Call of the Wild and A Thousand Years of Healing

Ten day experiment in ceremonial tribal living, sacred vision and a paleolithic freedom.

Featuring Men’s Lodge, Women’s Lodge, ritual, Paleolithic insights, breathwork, release, counsel in separate lodges and mending the damage of a thousand years together.

Spend time in separate lodges, men’s and women’s sacred houses, where the medicine, stories, challenge and magic of living being is explored in freedom.

Purify in sauna and sweat lodge.

Paint our bodies in ritual. Paint or bodies awakening its pleasure and knowledge and sensuality.

Dance on mountains.

Connect with primal feelings through dynamic breath work.

Heal and forgive ourselves and the world through breathe and prayer.

Sit in silence with nature.

Speak in circle and learn the high art of speaking in circle.

Walk at night as primordial hunters.

Long dance into trance night, with truly gifted drummers.

Draw on secrets of the spine in ancestor ritual.

Approach our sexuality through ritual in a sacred manner.

Court the body of pleasure and ecstasy and freedom.

Learn to respectfully support others with your conscious attention and touch.

Forge your own boundaries and invitations to intimacy.

Create your new personal vision for your sexuality, energy, feeling and passion body.

Meet as men and women in awakened bodies inside ritual space.

Honour the intense majesty and beauty of the other, male and female in mystery.

Speak in prayer words, praise words and ceremonial speech.

Cook on fire.

Bathe in waterfalls.

Birth a “tribe” that can work together to make this vision manifest in the long term.

After you have completed this course will be empowered and eligible and warmly invited to join a “Open Secret Lodge” that can explore intelligently and hands on, an ancient yet new way of life that reflects who we are, honours where we came from and is open to all we can be.


Anyone who feels the call. No special prerequisites are asked. Just listen to your body, your wildness, your naturalness. Is it calling?

You should feel called to break free of your repetitive emotion and thought patterns.

And want to;

: connect with the earth.

: get comfortable with your uncomfortable feelings.

: get comfortable with yourself, nature and others.

: get comfortable with the sexuality of yourself, nature and others.

: touch silence through being still.

: get natural and deep and affectionate with others without having to pretend anything.

: feel ecstasy of being but be prepared to feel grief, fear, anger and loss on the way.

: exult in an honest pride of being who you are.

: be authentic and be prepared to face yourself as a fake.

: welcome change.

: welcome the healer in you.

: be willing to welcome the Unknown!

Be prepared to laugh,cry, listen, give, support and dream wildly with others.


Where will we be living/keeping?

In the simple but beautiful sacred houses at Spirit Horse. Canvas covered lodges built like celtic roundhouses. And other really snug gorgeous temple spaces heated by wood stoves.

What does it cost?

£750. £650 if you are a Spirit horse Community contributor.

What’s that?

People who have a standing order of £2 a week or more set up to support the long term survival and flowering of the Spirit Horse endeavour. Become a contributor and receive the discount by emailing Robin: grandvizier51@gmail.com
(note: you must be a contributor for at least 12 months before or after the event to qualify for this reduced price)

Where’s Spirit Horse?

Near Machynlleth, Powys, Wales. Nearest station; Caersws.

What do I need to bring?

We will send you a list on booking - some special clothes, knife, warm bedding, things to make your special sitting space, a few ritual things, clothes, offerings, treats.

How do I get there without a car?

We will pick you up at an appointed time from the nearest station.

I’ve never done anything like this before - what else can i find about the experience?

You can email us with your questions, but most important is to tune into your own intuitive sense and see if there is a green light there. Know in your body. On this retreat we will practise listening to our soul in this way. Decisions come from silence. be quiet and listen to your inner voice.

I don’t really like groups and this is a long time...

Everyone says something like this.

On this adventure you will be supported in staying true to your own individual wildness and making you conform to anybody else’s idea is not the intention. You will be encouraged to find our who you really and and be it!

What sexual work do we do?

Ritual meetings after time of separation in the form of dance.

Bodywork to awaken subtle and sexual energy.

Fire breath - techniques to open our sexual energy.

Body painting - a delicious ancient art, tantalising and awakening.

Work on boundaries and invitations to intimate touch.

Tantric visualisation, breathing and meditation.

What is the age group for this?

Eighteen to ripe old age.

What previous experience should I have?

If you have a lot of experience working on yourself you will still find this deep and challenging, but very playful. If you have no experience of this kind of thing, dive in and we will love and support you through it.

Do you have flush toilets and hot showers?

No we have waterfalls, saunas, compost toilets, and wild woods where you can learn to be natural and be as private as you wish.

Is there flexibility on payment?

Yes but the course must be paid for in full by the arrival evening and you must pay a £200 deposit non returnable to secure a place a at least one month before.

How do I book?

Purchase yr £100 deposit before 8th of May 2017 from eventbrite:

Early bird before the 1st of April £690

Early bird before the 1st of April £690.


We live in a time of great privilege: who is really enjoying it? I, Shivam, suggest a vision of life where we stay at “home”, finding fulfilment in high and simple things; true meditation, in bodies that are pleasured, unrepressed, growing a little good food, playing great music, proud of each other and forgiving towards all the damage we have done the world, ourselves and each other. This vision might seem like a hippy dream, but it is based on my twenty five years of feet on the earth experimentation and exploration of sacred ways, indigenous deeply rooted pagan cultures, Spirit Horse Community/Tribe, many, many Enlightenment Intensives and the long years spent immersing myself to the best of my abilities in the highest spiritual traditions India and Tibet.

Crew Tickets:

If you have a proven ability to work and support events like this contact us for a crew price. If we don’t know you, or haven’t seen you in action you must pay in full and we will certainly consider you for future crew places.

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