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Alice Fisher Lecture Theatre

Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Addenbrooke’s Hospital Site

S Wards Building, Keith Day Rd



United Kingdom

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This meeting will bring together the vibrant and diverse Cambridge research work in prostate cancer. We will have talks from a wide field of researchers working in very different specialities (e.g. clinical trials, radiology, engineering, imaging, bioinformatics) but all focused on driving improvements in outcomes for men suffering from the most common male cancer in the western world. It will be a unique opportunity for networking and exploring synergies in ideas and themes to advance our research in (i) early detection of lethal disease (ii) better understanding of the biology of primary cancers and (iii) delivering individualised treatment & novel precision medicine approaches.

The draft programme is listed below:

Cambridge Prostate Cancer Research Forum

Research & innovation for early detection and treatment in primary disease - 18th Oct 2017 : 12-7.30 pm

12.00 -12.30 pm Sandwich Lunch and welcome

12.30 -1.00 pm - Prostate cancer research in Cambridge and the Urological Malignancies programme - Vincent J Gnanapragasam

Session 1 – Prognostic modeling and stratified approaches to disease classification Chair: Anne Warren

1.00 pm - Personalized prognostic modeling in newly diagnosed men D Thurtle

1.15 pm - Genetic stratification in prostate cancer - ICGC I and II A Lynch

1.30 pm - Using genetics to predict radio-toxicity N Burnett

1.45 pm - The Cambridge prostate bio-resource for molecular research Anne George

2.00 pm - Discussion

Session 2 - Novel imaging: from research to practice Chair: Tristan Barret

2.15 pm - Innovations in MRI and Cambridge imaging studies Tristan Barret

2.30 pm - PSMA and other PET modalities in prostate cancer I Mendichovszky

2.45 pm - Hyperpolarised C13 in prostate cancer F Gallagher

3.00 pm – Synergising imaging and molecules for early disease detection S Hori

3.15 pm - Discussion

3.30-3.45 pm Coffee/Tea Break

Session 3 – Technology and engineering to solve clinical problems Chair: Andrew Flewitt

3.45 pm - FBAR sensing devices in early cancer detection A Flewitt

4.00 pm- Applying analytical biotechnology for cancer biomarkers Lisa Hall

4.15 pm- 3D bone mapping from CT and MRI data G Treece

4.30 pm - The Cambridge prostate biopsy device V Gnanapragasam

4.45 pm - Discussion

Session 4 – Combinatorial therapies and window trials Chair: Simon Pacey

5.00 pm - Cambridge Neoadjuvant Cancer of the Prostate trials 02/03 S Pacey

5.15 pm- Matching in vivo and clinical models in window studies C Sandi

5.30 pm - AZ pharma pipeline for early disease therapeutics B Davies

5.45 pm - Therapeutics in Active Surveillance - TAPS01 V Gnanapragasam

6.00 pm –Discussion

Session 5 – The biology of prostate cancer Chair: Charlie Massie

6.15 pm - Signalling via PI3Ks in a PTEN-null mouse model of prostate tumour progression L Stephens

6.30 pm- Autophagy in prostate cancer M Narita

6.45 pm- Epigenetic profiles of ctDNA and application in early detection C Massie

7.00 pm -Manipulating DNA repair in prostate cancer H Dev

7.15 pm Discussion and close

Networking dinner

Date and Time


Alice Fisher Lecture Theatre

Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Addenbrooke’s Hospital Site

S Wards Building, Keith Day Rd



United Kingdom

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