Canoeing + Bushcraft Course | Camp Weekends: The Whole Deer

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Racquety Farm



United Kingdom

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Join us for an unforgettable long weekend of canoeing and bushcraft.  Learn how to skin, butcher, prepare and utilise a whole deer, which the group will then feast from during our journey down the beautiful River Wye......

Steve and Kirsty of Axe & Paddle Bushcraft have joined forces with their good friends Aubrey & Clare of Want to Canoe? and Ollie Sandeman, a freelance canoe instructor and expert on all things River Wye, to create an incredible weekend that will combine canoeing with a comprehensive bushcraft course and camping in one of the most beautiful regions of the UK. Not for the terminally squeamish, this course puts you to the test as you learn how to prepare a deer to be eaten and respectfully use the whole animal in your own quest to survive and thrive in the wilderness. Challenging, rewarding and a lot of fun, this course will open your eyes to both your own potential and that of the natural world. This is more than your average canoe camp...


Limited spaces are available for this weekend adventure. This is because we want each and every one of you to get as much out of the experience as possible, which means lots of one-to-one tuition, guidance and the chance to soak up skills and knowledge that will stay with you long after you get home, as well as the opportunity to forge lasting friendships with like-minded and equally adventurous people!

All welcome!

Whether you’re highly-experienced or a complete newbie, our expert instructors – bushcraft and canoeing - will gladly cater for all abilities, allowing you to practice and build on existing skills or learn completely from scratch. All we ask is that you’re mentally primed for an environment where animals are prepared from scratch; it doesn’t matter if the thought leaves you a little apprehensive – this is normal for most non-country folk!  By the end of the course you’ll have a new-found respect for the animals that end up on our dinner plates, on our feet and on our backs and be brought back to a time before supermarkets and shopping centres...

What's included in your weekend of outdoor adventure?

  • Canoe and kit hire
  • Canoe instructor and river guide
  • The Whole Deer workshop: deer skinning and butchering and all the venison you can eat!
  • 3 nights camping under highest-quality, handmade canvas tarps and bivvies, made by Axe & Paddle Bushcraft
  • 3 hearty, nutritious meals each day (made from local, organic produce and cooked over the campfire, including plenty of marshmallows for toasting!)
  • As much campfire tea, coffee and mineral water as you need
  • Oh, and of course the freshest air, the most breathtaking scenery and an abundance of diverse wildlife!


A bushcraft course with a difference...


Learn how to skin and prepare a beautiful local deer, utilising every piece of the animal (and not just because we're all about zero waste here on Racquety Farm – large animals are a bountiful survival resource in the wild, not just a source of delicious food!).


We'll demonstrate how to skin the animal and prepare the hide for tanning, teach you how to butcher it and provide tips on cooking and preserving the meat. We’ll also show you how to use the bones for tools and the sinew for string.  We'll then take our bounty on a 2 day paddle down the River Wye and eat like kings over our campfire!

What you can expect during the trip:


Day One:

  • Arrival and introductions
  • Camp tour
  • Trip to Glasbury and paddle back to camp
  • Campfire feast, made from local organic produce 
  • Bed down for the night in your cosy canoe camp


Day Two:

  • Hearty breakfast
  • Skin and butcher our deer, preparing it for travel
  • Lunch by the river
  • Canoe skills session on the river
  • Dinner back at camp using some of the meat we butchered and prepared earlier
  • A well-deserved night’s sleep back at base, in your canoe camp under the stars


Day Three:

  • Campfire coffee and breakfast
  • Paddle to a secluded beach spot down-river
  • Bone Tools and String workshop
  • Delicious lunch by the river
  • Paddle to Oakfield Farm
  • Overnight canoe camp, learning essential base camp skills and traditional fire lighting


Day Four:

  • Campfire breakfast
  • Paddle to Byecross Farm
  • Celebratory feast with some local craft ales
  • Shuttles back to base 
  • Farewells and departures



We regret that this particular experience is not suitable for under 18s.  If you'd like to arrange a similar experience with your child, please do get in touch as we have plenty on offer.


We look forward to meeting you!

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Date and Time

Racquety Farm



United Kingdom

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