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Brunel University, Wilfred Brown Building

Kingston Lane



United Kingdom

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A two-day workshop at STEM Centre, Brunel University London 6th & 7th February 2020

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Day 1

9.30am Registration and COFFEE

10am -11am Keynote Speaker

Prof. Winnok De Vos - Antwerp University, Belgium

High-throughput profiling of nuclear envelope stress

11.00-11.30 Prof. Vicky Sanz-Moreno – Queen Mary University London

Unexpected roles of Myosin II in cancer

11.30-12noon Prof. Hazel Screen - Queen Mary University London

Tissue mechanics: Exploring and recapitulating the physiological cell strain environment

12noon – 12.15pm Prof. Rebecca Lingwood - BUL Provost

Welcome to Brunel University London

12.15 – 1.00pm LUNCH

1pm-1.30pm Prof. Martin Knight - Queen Mary University London

Mechanobiology and the Primary Cilium

1.30pm-2pm Dr Barbara Tanos – Brunel University London

Role of centriole and cilia in signaling in cell invasion

2pm-2.30pm Dr Victor Hernandez - Brunel University London

Ciliopathies and the regulation of the actin cytoskeleton.

2.30pm-3pm Dr John Connelly - Queen Mary University London

The role of nuclear mechanotransduction in keratinocyte gene regulation and disease processes

3pm-3.30pm TEA

3.30pm-4pm Dr Kazunori Tomita – Brunel University London

Telomere-mediated control of meiosis.

4pm-4.30pm Prof Viji Draviam – Queen Mary University London


4.30pm-5pm Prof Paola Vagnarelli – Brunel University London

Chromatin structure and Lamin A phosphorylation keep the nucleus “in shape”


9.30am-10am Dr Tobi Zech – University of Liverpool

The nuclear force bridge and its role in migration and ageing.

10am-10.30am Dr Joe Swift – University of Manchester

Response to mechanical demand: from nucleus to matrix

10.30-11am Dr Joanna Bridger – Brunel University London

Nuclear motors and active chromosome movement

11am -11.30am COFFEE

11.30am-12noon Dr Ruth Mackay - Brunel University London

Polymer micro-grippers for biological manipulation

12-12.30 Dr Patricia Davidson – Institute Curie, Paris

Microfluidics to squeeze the cell nucleus

12.30-1pm Dr Emmanouil Karteris – Brunel University London

Current and future landscape of liquid biopsies

1pm-2pm LUNCH

2pm-2.30pm Dr Victoria Ridger – University of Sheffield

The stressed neutrophil: the role of neutrophils in vascular inflammation

2.30pm-3pm Dr Elisabete Silva – Brunel University London



Our world, our lifestyles and our bodies assault our tissues, cells and genome constantly, over our life-span. However, we have evolved complex coping mechanisms that protect and repair damage. Nevertheless, excessive damage can lead to tissue degeneration, premature ageing and disease with the possibility of transgenerational effects. Understanding how physical constriction, environmental exposure and a cells' robustness withstand and repair external assault is a rapidly developing topic. It is the interface of biology with other disciplines such as engineering, chemistry, computing and physics.

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Date and Time


Brunel University, Wilfred Brown Building

Kingston Lane



United Kingdom

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