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Ceramics Tasters: Pinch, Press, Trail, Extrude, Drop and Roll

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Drop and Roll, in mould example

We’re always up to something – come and join-in. We run Mini Tasters, Taster Days and Short Courses(Bundles) from our ceramics workshop in Leeds. We also showcase our activities at markets and pop-ups around Leeds and regionally - check our website for updates.

In this listing you will find tickets for individual bookings, here at the studio, onto our current range of packages: PINCH, PRESS, TRAIL, EXTRUDE, JOIN, DROP and ROLL. For more details review our full menu Dig-In: Ceramics Tasters 2017. There's also a brief description in each of the ticket types detailed in this listing.

At Sunken Studio we specialise in handbuilding and focus each package around a family of techniques. We cover the basics but also introduce more advanced methods of making to help introduce good practice and refine crafting sensibilities. You will start and finish pots in each session. We’ll then glaze your work and contact you when it is ready to collect - this bit usually takes two weeks but we ask that you allow 28 days before chasing us up. If it isn’t practical to collect we can arrange for your work to be delivered.

Hands Press Moulding Planters

Our Mini Tasters are snappy workshops designed to whet your appetite. They are typically two hours long and are often inspired by, or respond to, observances and celebrations throughout the year. Mini Tasters occur every fortnight, monthly or by appointment for group bookings. You should expect to make 1-4 pieces.

Taster Days are hands-on sessions providing insight into a focused area of ceramics and pottery production. Each Taster Day includes opportunities to build, adapt and embellish several pots. Taster Days are typically five hours long and occur monthly or by appointment for group bookings. You should expect to make 4-6 pieces.

Our Short Courses are bundles of Mini Tasters designed to provide an overview of different ceramic techniques and processes. Each bundle has a focus such as building, adaptation or embellishment. Bundles typically comprise of six sessions and occur weekly and every fortnight. Sessions are typically two hours long. Please see our separate Bundles listing to book.

All packages include:

  • Materials.
  • Refreshments.
  • Post production costs: firings and glazing (where needed).
  • Packaging.
  • Booking fees.

Taster Days also include an informal lunch. We like to add to your handmade experience with produce sourced from local bakers and independent caterers.


Finished works, fired and glazed (where needed), will be available for collection within 28 days after the session. If you are unable to collect we can arrange for your work to be delivered for £10 per address.

Hands making, compressing the rim of a pinch pot

Ticket types for individual bookings in 2017


PRESS is an introduction to small batch production. You’ll explore how to reproduce shapes using plaster moulds and then customise your pieces with wire loop cutting tools. This one is for biophiliacs: you’ll be making small indoor planters - ideal for succulents and other small plants.

  • Taster Day: Saturday 18th March, 10:45-16:00. Lunch included.
  • Mini Taster: Saturday 3rd June, 14:45-17:00.
  • Mini Taster: Wednesday 2nd August, 18:45-21:00.
  • Taster Day: Saturday 16th September, 10:45-16:00. Lunch included.
  • Mini Taster: Wednesday 4th October, 18:45-21:00.


JOIN is an introduction to the basics of building pots with slabs of clay. You’ll learn how to roll out consistent slabs and cut out pieces to assemble jugs. Joining clay is essential to successful slab building so we’ll show you a range of approaches to help keep your pots in one piece.

  • Mini Taster: Wednesday 5th April, 18:45-21:00.
  • Taster Day: Saturday 15th April, 10:45-16:00. Lunch included.
  • Mini Taster: Wednesday 7th June, 18:45-21:00.
  • Mini Taster: Saturday 5th August, 14:45-17:00.
  • Mini Taster: Saturday 7th October, 14:45-17:00.
  • Taster Day: Saturday 21st October, 10:45-16:00. Lunch included.

Drop and Roll:

To DROP may feel counter-intuitive, and even sound destructive, when it comes to clay – it can be, but not in this session. We’ll introduce you to drop moulds and show you how to use gravity to shape clay. We’ll show you how to ROLL out consistent slabs of clay and you’ll experiment with roulettes to create a range of textured patterns. You’ll then tease, stretch and tap, to form simple bowls and plates. You’ll also explore how to customise rims.

  • Mini Taster: Wednesday 19th April, 18:45-21:00.
  • Taster Day: Saturday 20th May, 10:45-16:00. Lunch included.
  • Mini Taster: Wednesday 21st June, 18:45-21:00.
  • Mini Taster: Wednesday 16th August, 18:45-21:00.
  • Mini Taster: Wednesday 18th October, 18:45-21:00.


TRAIL is an introduction to decorative techniques - primarily slip trailing, but we also introduce allied decorative techniques too. You’ll experiment with viscous drawing materials and explore how to make marks with slip dispensed from squeezy bottles; drag to explore approaches to blending colours; apply areas of resist with stencils and scratch (sgraffito) to embellish simple plates.

  • Mini Taster: Wednesday 3rd May, 18:45-21:00.
  • Taster Day: Saturday 17th June, 10:45-16:00. Lunch included.
  • Mini Taster: Saturday 1st July, 14:45-17:00.
  • Mini Taster: Saturday 2nd September, 14:45-17:00.
  • Mini Taster: Wednesday 1st November, 18:45-21:00.


EXTRUDE is an introduction to shaping clay by forcing it through a die. We’ll show you how to form lengths of clay with different cross-sections. You’ll choose a range of shapes to extrude and then explore different approaches to making a cup or lidded jar. We’ll help you tackle the handle or lid and you’ll customise your pots with knobs, feet and rims - all extruded of course!

  • Mini Taster: Saturday 6th May, 14:45-17:00.
  • Mini Taster: Wednesday 5th July, 18:45-21:00.
  • Taster Day: Saturday 15th July, 10:45-16:00. Lunch included.
  • Mini Taster: Wednesday 6th September, 18:45-21:00.
  • Mini Taster: Saturday 4th November, 14:45-17:00


PINCH is a great introduction to the working stages of clay. You’ll work on a number of small bowls and consider the placement of your fingers, thumbs and hands to control form and surface. You’ll develop an awareness of how clay changes from plastic to leather hard and begin to adapt your crafting sensibilities to work with the material’s characteristics. In addition to pinching, you’ll also explore approaches to developing surfaces through pressing, carving and beating.

  • Mini Taster: Wednesday 19th July, 18:45-21:00.
  • Taster Day: Saturday 19th August, 10:45-16:00. Lunch included.
  • Mini Taster: Wednesday 20th September, 18:45-21:00.

Hands making, slab rolling.


Do I need to bring my own food and drink?

Tea, coffee and snacks at provided at all our Mini Tasters and Short Courses. We allow 15 minutes at the beginning of each session for arrivals, introductions and refreshments - you can also use this time to grab a bite to eat. Feel free to bring a meal - we will provide plates and cutlery and have a lovely dining room for you to use.

Taster Days include refreshments and an informal lunch. We tend to break for lunch at 13:15-13:45. All food is sourced from local bakers and independent caterers and served in the dining room. If you have any specific dietary requirements please let us know. Food is not consumed in the studio.

Do I need to prepare anything?

No, although it’s standard workshop practice to wear flat, sturdy shoes with covered toes. Please protect your feet.

Is there an age limit?

All events are for groups of adults ages 18+. Please contact the studio if you would like to include anyone under 18.

What is access like?

Sunken Studio is housed in a period property with steep steps leading into the property, and down to the studio. Unfortunately there is no lift access. If you have any concerns about specific access requirements please contact rebecca@sunkenstudio.co.uk or call 07739 079438.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

We are based in Roundhay, Leeds. We are close to www.roundhaypark.org.uk and easily accessible by car and public transport. To get here by public transport catch the number 2 or 12 and alight at Street Lane/Shaftsbury Avenue (W or SE bound). The studio is a 2 minute walk from Street Lane.

There is ample on-street parking.

I’m not local, can you recommend accommodation nearby?

We are currently reviewing places to stay and will provide more recommendations soon. In the meantime, there are several local www.airbnb.co.uk listings to fit a range of budgets. If you fancy staying somewhere a bit more central consider www.arthostel.org.uk - it’s the first social enterprise Art Hostel in Leeds.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Contact rebecca@sunkenstudio.co.uk or call 07739 079 438 with any questions.

Hands making, impressed decoration onto a pinch pot.

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Sunken Studio

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United Kingdom

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