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Cert. Agile Facilitator & Marketing (ICP-ATF/ICP-MKG) (22-25 Jun 2020)

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Talent Garden Isola Srl

via Merano 16

20127 Milan


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Refund Policy

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Overview of The Agile Facilitator (ICP-ATF) (2 days, 9:30am to 5:30pm)

Past Participant Feedback

"Amazing week with a beautiful group of people, a great deal of learning and experimenting - challenging and lots of fun.

--Luis Carvalho, Delivery Manager at Vodafone

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The Agile Facilitator

The Certified Agile Facilitator course will help you develop the attitudes and learn the skills of an effective Agile facilitator. You will learn and practice techniques and behaviours from the world of professional facilitation and creative problem solving, in the context of typical Agile-related meetings such as Standup Meetings, Planning Meetings, and Retrospectives. Participants will leave the course feeling empowered with skills, models and styles of facilitating in an Agile environment.

The Agile Facilitators

Course Content

In this course you will learn about:

The Agile Team Facilitator Role and Mindset

Agile Team Facilitators facilitate Agile practices, foster collaboration amongst team members, and generally support teams. Here we introduce you to the attitudes and behaviours that make a good (even great) facilitator. You will have the chance to reflect on your own personality characteristics and when certain characteristics are useful (or not).

Development Path for Agile Coaching

Additional skills are required as one advances along the Agile Coaching development path. These include not only facilitation skills but also professional coaching, mentoring, teaching, and consulting skills. In this part of the course, you will learn when to seek the help of more advanced Agile Coaches.

Designing and Setting Up Meetings

A lot of the work around facilitation is thinking work in advance of a meeting. In this part of the course, you will encounter tools and techniques for use before, during, and after meetings.

Facilitating a Meeting

As this training is particularly experiential, you will have the opportunity to facilitate part of a meeting and to receive feedback from peers, using the facilitation tools and skills learned.

Facilitating Collaboration

Maintaining awareness of our own style of working, and of other styles, allows us to facilitate more meaningful and inclusive intra-team dialogues. Here you will learn about your own working styles, and consider what changes you might want to make to your working style profile.

Facilitating the Agile Practices

In this part of the course, you will be presented with approaches to facilitating such practices such as standup meetings, planning meetings, and retrospectives. You will experience witnessing and facilitating these activities.

Skillful Facilitation Techniques

This part of the course offers approaches for working with different stages of team maturity and team development, and working with team dysfunctions.

Overview of The Agile Marketing Professional (ICP-MKG) (2 days, 9:30am to 5:30pm)

ICAgile Accredited Course

Certified Agile Marketing Professional ICP-MKG badge

Certified Agile Marketing Professional Workshop

The Certified Agile Marketing course is designed to cover all the basics of Agile as applied to Marketing activities and to better align the Marketing department with Agile techniques used by development teams.

Applying an iterative approach allows for rapidly discovering which marketing campaigns are most effective and which yield the highest results.

Keys to customer-centricity involve using analytics to navigate the oceans of data that exist, as well as tracking customer journeys and using other capabilities to deeply understand customers and uncover their desires and pain points.

In this Certified Agile Marketing Professional (ICP-MKG) course, you will learn:

  • Agile Marketing foundations and core values

  • How Agile is used in Marketing

  • Visual collaborative approaches for identifying customer needs

  • Adopting an iterative process applied to Marketing for fast results & sustainable growth

  • Focusing on the customer relationships that carry the most value

  • Moving beyond theory into real world application

Who should attend

This course is appropriate for anyone in a marketing role, including managers, project team members, stakeholders, and anyone who wants to understand how to apply Agile methods to get results beyond just IT and in the Marketing area.
Through an experiential, hands-on learning approach, this course provides a foundational education in Agile, including its values, principles, and practices, as applied to Marketing. This interactive learning approach will include a variety of exercises, activities, and discussions as well as case studies while providing first-hand experience for attendees to learn how to apply Agile methods to yield rapid results in Marketing.

All our courses are presented in English.

Course outline:

DAY 1:

  • Introduction: Why is it worth becoming Agile in Marketing

  • Business scenario: Agile Marketing in practice

    • Customer Centricity over Internal Organisational Focus

    • How to attract customers by building trust

    • The real relevance of customer stories and story mapping techniques

    • How to build and measure marketing results

    • Team mindset transformation

DAY 2:

  • Introduction: a quick review of day 1

  • Business scenario: Agile Marketing in practice

    • How to prioritize marketing activities

    • Setting up the daily routine: daily stand-up, iteration, and flow-based approach

    • Kanban vs Scrum discussion

  • How to set up your agile marketing path

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Is certification included in the cost?

Yes, all participants who attend and participate in a full course, and who demonstrate their knowledge during the course, will be issued with the relevant knowledge-based certificate(s) by ICAgile (either ICP-ATF or ICP-MKG, or both).

Is lunch included?

Yes, lunch is included, with a variety of options offered.

What language will the course be in?

All our courses are presented in English

Any further questions?

Please email us at info@touchthink.com or call +44 (0) 208 6096538

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About the Trainers

Ryan Behrman

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Ryan Behrman

Ryan's work is about coaching, mentoring, and training teams and individuals to work more effectively together. He's influenced senior stakeholders to adopt more agile ways of working, introduced widespread process change, and helped to align and coordinate teams in multi-team environments.

With a background in project and programme management in the e-commerce sector, Ryan turned to coaching, facilitation, and training after discovering the limitations of traditional management. He runs regular public and in-house trainings and workshops including Agile Coaching and Facilitation, Management 3.0, StrongSuits, Scaled Agile, Scrum, and Kanban.

His early education and work were in engineering and web development. He holds an MBA degree from Warwick Business School where he wrote his dissertation comparing agile methods to traditional methods of management and workflow.

Ryan is a certified coach (ICF) with Coaching Development Ltd and subsequently served as a mentor on their programme. He's trained in action learning facilitation with Action Learning Centre and he facilitates monthly coaching practice and peer mentoring groups for agile coaches. He is the organiser of the London Agile Coaches Circle meetup group.

Ryan's worked in the UK, South Africa, Canada, Spain, Poland and Germany with industries spanning retail, supply chain, publishing, government, travel, cloud software, education, investment banking, wealth management, FinTech, and Telco.

He regularly speaks and facilitates sessions at Agile conferences and publishes articles on topics around management, coaching and facilitation.

Deborah Ghisolfi

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Deborah Ghisolfi

Thanks to her technical background built on years of experience as an IT manager in enterprise environments, Deborah was able to deeply understand and cultivate a passion for technology and innovation.

Since 2004 she has defined herself as "Agile Addicted" because the mentality is fully aligned with her way of being and of building relationships.

Deborah has more than 10 years of Agile consultancy and training experience with companies in the digital products sector and now also in Luxury and Fashion. After having applied Agile ways of working to technical functions Deborah became a pioneer in applying the mindset to marketing and sales. She is the first Italian instructor authorised by ICAgile to provide the Certified Agile Marketing Professional (ICP-MKG) certification.

Deborah collaborates with Italian and foreign communities both as a speaker and as a researcher.

According to Deborah, Being Agile is that ability that people and organisations have to understand what can be done when nobody knows what to do.

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Talent Garden Isola Srl

via Merano 16

20127 Milan


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