Challenging topics in the new GCSE

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Challenging topics in the new GCSE

The Work Group will largely consist of pairs of teachers from up to half a dozen secondary schools. Ideally each pair will comprise one teacher with a curriculum responsibility within their department and one other teacher, perhaps a non-specialist.

What is involved?

  • The Work Group will meet half-termly throughout the year.
  • Participants will agree to focus on one (or more) challenging topics
  • Work Groups will develop and share teaching activities and approaches designed to have immediate impact with KS4 students
  • Work Groups will also develop and share teaching activities for KS3 students which better prepare them for the chosen topic
  • Participants will evaluate the success of the activities and approaches

Intended Outcomes

  • Participant teachers develop deeper understanding of why certain topics are challenging (for both students and teachers) including factors associated with student experiences in KS3
  • Maths departments in participant schools, through collaboration and experimentation, develop new and shared ways of preparing for, and teaching, challenging topics
  • Pupils become more confident in their own skills and abilities, developing a deeper and more connected understanding of prior content thus enabling them to better tackle the challenging topics.

Expectations of participants and their schools

Participating teachers will be expected to:

  • Share ideas and activities with others
  • Reflect critically upon their own teaching approaches
  • Trial a range of approaches, strategies and activities agreed upon by the Work Group

Maths departments in participating schools will be expected to:

  • Support the participants by allowing them to trial activities and to disseminate findings at departmental meetings


There is no charge for teachers and schools to take part in this Work Group. All costs are met by Maths Hub funds

Led by: Sue Southward, John Stevens and Darroch Allden


29th Nov 2017 @ Cambourne Village College

31st Jan 2018 @ King's Ely

7th March, venue to be confirmed

2nd May, venue to be confirmed

13 June, venue to be confirmed

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