Champion's Mindset Workshop - Belfast
£68.32 – £339.24
Champion's Mindset Workshop - Belfast

Champion's Mindset Workshop - Belfast

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Holiday Inn Express

106A University Street



United Kingdom

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Join me for a fantastic evening to get the insights on how to get a Champion's Mindset.




THIS IS THE PRE - EVENT for the two day Bootcamp


Winners and Champions Have Certain Personality Traits That Separate Them From The Rest of Us - Learn How To Harness Your Own Champion's Mindset By Reading Below...

Dear Friend,

Our world is becoming more and more competitive by the day. Whether you look at new startups racing to implement the next great technology, corporate employees positioning themselves for a better position or even new students looking to qualify for the school of their choice.

Competition is everywhere... and our world demands peak performance.

Whether you are are looking to improve your:

  • Financial situation
  • Career or business
  • Relationship life
  • Spiritual life
  • Health and fitness
  • Energy Levels
  • Overall happiness
  • or any problem that has been painfully nagging you

the fact of the matter is that you WANT and NEED your results to improve.


  • You are tired of trying and failing.
  • You are tired of setting unrealistic expectations only to be left disappointed.

You want something that works and helps create LASTING CHANGE

To quote the great Thomas Jefferson...

If you want something you've never hadyou must be willing to do something you've never done.” ―Thomas Jefferson.

The competitive world has created your DESIRE for CHANGE. 

To get that winning feeling. 
To feel like a “champion”.

With our Champion’s Mindset program today, you can begin to make changes NOW and start thinking and acting like the person you’ve always wanted to be.

Here’s what’s covered in this program:





This informative weekend will reveal to you the top 10 traits you need to develop in order to have that CHAMPION'S MINDSET.

A workshop based event to put one trait into action each session and see results happen right in front of your eyes.

Each section of this seminar will reveal one trait that you can work on.

In addition you receive quotes that you can use to motivate you on a daily basis and keep you on track with your goals, plus we highlight one famous person who has exhibited each trait and seen results because of it.

We also include exercises so that you can begin to build each trait into your own championship personality. Instead of sitting there feeling depressed about not getting what you want out of life. You can now take action today and start changing your life for the better.

Here's what's covered in the weekend:

  • Introduction
  • A Winning Personality
  • Persistence
  • How to Increase your worth through Story Telling
  • How to Market Your Products or Services
  • Fearlessness - Live Session on how to get rid of fears & fobias
  • Thinking Before You Speak - NLP Presentation Skills
  • Sincerity - Showing Your Passion
  • Having a Positive Attitude
  • Showing Integrity
  • Helpfulness
  • Ambitions and Healthy Lifestyle
  • Taking Personal Responsibility
  • Being Compassionate and Understanding
  • Conclusion


- Don't Delay -

Click the button below to get booked onto the Champion's Mindset Masterclass and please note that all bookings are non-refundable. 

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Date and Time

Holiday Inn Express

106A University Street



United Kingdom

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