Child and Adolescent Schema Therapy Certification Training: Workshop 3

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Learn the techniques of schema therapy with parents specifically through practical exercises.

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By addressing early life traumas, schema therapists can guide recovery and help individuals between 0-25 years prevent long-lasting life patterns.


Schema Therapy, especially in the field of child and adolescent therapy particularly focused on action-guiding, diagnostic and therapeutic concepts.

The curriculum is comprised of:

  • Conceptual model and underlying theory (central importance core needs in the context of developmental tasks)
  • Assessment
  • Requirements in the therapeutic stance (e.g., concept of “limited reparenting” and “empathic confrontation”)
  • Temperament and personality factors in childhood and adolescence.
  • Treatment strategies (needs, schemas and modes)
  • Advanced and deepened work with parents in terms of “Schema Coaching” that include schema or mode specific transactional processes between child and parent and shed a light on mutual reinforcement’s processes of child’s and parent’s maladaptive schemas.


*Please check ISST's minimum training requirements for this certification before enrolment: https://schematherapysociety.org/Resources/Documents/ST%20-%20CA%20Guidelines%20and%20Content%20LoGrBFZa.pdf


*Participants who attended an introductory schema therapy workshop for adult Schema Therapy can join in directly into the children's curriculum, if they have informed themselves about the specific techniques for children and parents outlined in the book, "Schema Therapist for Children and Adolescents" by Loose, Graaf and Zarbock.


Workshop 3:

This workshop is based upon the content of introductory schema therapy workshops with adults.

The goal is to learn the techniques of schema therapy with parents specifically through practical exercises.

The parental mode work with chairs, finger puppets, imagery, schema and mode flash card, internal dialogue and schema diary are the central point of this workshop.

Case studies of the participants and role play in groups of two or three participants ensure the deepening of what has been learnt.

In particular, the content and methods are:

  • Therapeutic relationship with parents: "Limited Grandparenting"
  • Investigation of parental resources, needs and family structures
  • Testing of questionnaires
  • Education of the schema and mode concept in the context of parenting with exercises in groups
  • Creating a schematic therapeutic and systemic disturbance model
  • Adjustment of the parental schemas and modes
  • Mode feedback among family members
  • Schema pedagogy approaches (working with caregivers, teachers...etc.)
  • Collusion between schemas and modes between the therapist and the patient (child/parents)


Venue: Central London (TBC)

For further course info, visit http://www.schemainstitute.co.uk/child-adolescent-schema-therapy-certification-training/



Ida Shaw, M.A.

Ida is the Director of the Schema Therapy Institute Midwest, Indianapolis, USA, and Senior Clinical Supervisor at the Center for BPD Treatment and Research, Indiana University School of Medicine.

She is an ISST Certified Schema Therapy Trainer and Supervisor in Adult, Child-Adolescent and Group.

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Date and Time

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Refunds up to 30 days before event

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